Nov 24, 2009

I prefer not to dream


There are times when I have dreamless sleep but there were also times when I dream the most peculiar dreams that make me wake up in the middle of the night wondering what it means.  I always do believe that dreams have meanings and over the years I learn to know what objects means.  Like if I dream of feces it would mean money, Water or body of water would mean travel, lice would mean sickness especially if it is in your body and what really makes me terrified is when I dream of tooth or teeth that has fallen or extracted out of my mouth because it generally means a bad omen or death. This is really the reason why I prefer not to dream anymore because it is quite depressing when you are thinking about it but I think dreams are there to remind us to be cautious at all times. 

Nov 19, 2009

I feel for Jinkee


Like all famous and rich people controversy is normal because it is price of being famous.  Manny Pacquiao is not an exemption.  Even If I am so proud to be a Filipino because of him I cannot tolerate him doing something like being unfaithful to his wife because as a woman and a wife I feel for Jinkee.  I hope that it is just a rumor and that there is no truth to it but I think there is no smoke if there is no fire so I hope it does not apply to this affair.  I think it is just okay if he spent an amount of money to let the starlet and her family stay in Las Vegas to see the fight but I hope she has not done something inappropriate for the favor he is giving her.

It is okay for a married man to admire someone other than her wife but it is entirely immoral if he will consummate his desire for her.  I could not possibly give Jinkee an advised about this because I know that if that will happen to me I would really feel devastated and I will cry like her and even without pretense even if everyone will see me because I would really care less.  I think Manny’s situation is really tough because even if he is not handsome women would practically offer themselves to him.  You know money and fame has a way with most women especially those who like the limelight and the good life. I hope he should value his family above all because that is what matters more than money and fame.


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Reminder to everyone:

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