Mar 18, 2008

A tribute to my loving husband

This post is dedicated to my loving husband. I know that like all marriages we are not always assured that we will stay the same in about 20 – 40 years together but my wish and prayer will always be for us to love and respect each other no matter what. We have known each other for four years already but been married only for about two years and five months so it’s still too early to predict what will become of our future together.

It’s really alarming when I heard of failed marriages that’s been built for more that 10 years and I’ve publish these thoughts about you now to always remember your goodness and to be reminded always of the things that you have done to our young family.
Now that I’ve been pregnant my husband has perform almost all of the household chores from cooking to doing the laundry and I have not heard him complain. He never smokes and never goes out drinking beer. Now that his doing the night shift in his job he goes home at 1:00 am just to be with us because he knows that I will go to work early in the morning. He takes care of our toddler when I go to work because we don’t have a babysitter.

I have realized that when a wife is angry with her husband she learns to forget all of his goodness and focuses more of his frailties, as much as possible I don’t want to be like that in the future.

“You are to me the most handsome guy that I have fallen in love with and am always filled with glee in anticipation that I will come home to you everyday. I’m so glad that you became my husband and I have not regretted doing so. Now that we have not enough riches in the world to live in a mansion and to go to exciting places I still am in love with you. Even if sometimes we run out of money to spend I still feel the same. "

"I have seen your reassuring smile that everything will be okay and that gives me the assurance and belief that we can still get through this. Your care, smile, support, respect, acceptance, trust and love have made me a better person. Thank you for everything. “

Mar 14, 2008

Surviving pregnancy

Thank God for Fridays, At least I got to rest for two days. Pregnancy as always is not easy to bear, I felt always tired and sleepy. I also have food cravings and it’s a relief that weight maintenance is always not my problem. I’m just gifted with a slender figure and I never experienced dieting and I eat anything I like. Since college I always has a slim figure, my average weight is 95lbs and at nine months pregnant with my first child I only weight 120 lbs.

This week I was having a hard time because I got cough and colds. My child also got sick so I have to take care of him especially at night because he perspires easily and I have to change his wet shirt often. You see we don’t have air conditioner and in our country the climate is hot even at night. At five months pregnant now I can sense my baby moving inside me and I can already feel my baby’s weight as I move around. My varicose veins also got worse and noticeable. It’s painful especially at night when I shifted my position as I lay in bed.

It seems that the biological features of females are built strong enough to carry a new life and that is also the very essence of a woman. It comes as a relief, when I think of my baby it seems to lessen the uncomfortable feelings that I’m experiencing right now. I’m excited to know the gender and to see the physical features of my baby. Will this baby get my features or his dad’s appearance? I hope he/she will not get it from his grandparents like my first child. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with my parents but it seems that when we went out to church or to other places people seems to notice the difference of our features to that of our boy. My son has a striking resemblance to my father and his Japanese ancestry. I get my features from both of my parents but much more from my mom.

Mar 7, 2008

Sacrifice as the exact meaning of love

For some people this phrase is not acceptable. That is because in their own perception love has more pleasing meaning than this but for some especially Christians this is easy to digest. Why? People have different reaction to every given situation. We have different life experiences that a simple idea like love has diverse meaning for every individual. This phrase I believe strongly applies to my life. Why do I say such things? Yes of course I know the meaning of sacrifice but everyone has different perception to this word but for me it means to yield, to give anything you have for someone you love. You see I have seen this from my parents and I’m very grateful for the love that they have given me. We are not rich but my parents strive harder to get me and my three siblings through college, because of their effort we have finished our degree and we became professionals.

I have seen their sacrifices; I have seen my father goes home tired at 2:00 in the morning and goes to work again at 8:00 in the morning. I have seen him trying to pass the Certified Public Accountant national board examination in order to get promoted to his job while working in the bank. I have witnessed him studying before I slept at night and again in the morning when I awake to go to school. I even wondered back then does my father ever slept? Yes he did pass the examination and get a license as a certified public accountant and get promoted. I can never forget that at an early age my father asked me to pray to GOD to let him pass the examination. He said God listens to little children’s prayer and I believed him because he did listens to me.

When I finished my studies, I got employed and eventually got married they were always there supporting me. When I had my first child I realized how hard it was to take care of my baby. I have to wake up every two hours just to feed him during the first month and I came to realize that my parents have done this to me as well. This made me even more grateful to them for they have loved me well and I intend to love my children the same way.

As Christians we perceive sacrifice as the meaning of love because of our belief that Christ has died because of our sins. We believed that GOD loved us because he sacrificed his only son for us.


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Reminder to everyone:

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