Mar 14, 2008

Surviving pregnancy

Thank God for Fridays, At least I got to rest for two days. Pregnancy as always is not easy to bear, I felt always tired and sleepy. I also have food cravings and it’s a relief that weight maintenance is always not my problem. I’m just gifted with a slender figure and I never experienced dieting and I eat anything I like. Since college I always has a slim figure, my average weight is 95lbs and at nine months pregnant with my first child I only weight 120 lbs.

This week I was having a hard time because I got cough and colds. My child also got sick so I have to take care of him especially at night because he perspires easily and I have to change his wet shirt often. You see we don’t have air conditioner and in our country the climate is hot even at night. At five months pregnant now I can sense my baby moving inside me and I can already feel my baby’s weight as I move around. My varicose veins also got worse and noticeable. It’s painful especially at night when I shifted my position as I lay in bed.

It seems that the biological features of females are built strong enough to carry a new life and that is also the very essence of a woman. It comes as a relief, when I think of my baby it seems to lessen the uncomfortable feelings that I’m experiencing right now. I’m excited to know the gender and to see the physical features of my baby. Will this baby get my features or his dad’s appearance? I hope he/she will not get it from his grandparents like my first child. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with my parents but it seems that when we went out to church or to other places people seems to notice the difference of our features to that of our boy. My son has a striking resemblance to my father and his Japanese ancestry. I get my features from both of my parents but much more from my mom.

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