Jun 30, 2009

Real Property Management

My younger sister managed my parent’s boarding house for them because she lives there with her own family. When I previously visited her she told me that it is difficult to manage the house because some of the boarders are causing her problems. The things that really bothered her are the waste management as well as maintaining the cleanliness of the place. My parents’ boarding house is a two storey bungalow style and contains ten rooms for rent and five common comfort rooms. She told me that she was the one who will clean the comfort room because they don’t clean it after using.

I think having someone to manage your property for you is a good choice and hassle-free because all you have to think about is your income. Have you heard about Real Property Management? If you have a house or apartment for rent in the U.S., you might want to check this link for more info. If you would also like to invest in Real Property this site could also be useful for you. Real Property Management manages more than 20,000 units in the U.S. and it was also featured in the Bizjournal of Cincinnati and Columbus.

Paracetamol and Decongestant for Swine Flu

The Department of Health had already issued a press release regarding the swine flu and its administration. They said that like other viral illnesses the flu will go away with time. They said that the A (H1N1) flu in the Philippines is only mild and can be treated with paracetamol and decongestant.. The DOH assured the public that these medicines coupled with plenty of fluids and bed rest can already alleviate the symptoms of the flu and led to a full recovery. They have released the press statement to educate the public and also to avoid the shortage of the Tamiflu and Oseltamivir. Only people who belong to the high risk groups such as patients who had pre-existing conditions, the elderly and the very young will be given with Tamiflu or Oseltamivir.

Jun 29, 2009

Travel to Okinawa Japan

I’ve always wanted to travel to Japan to visit my ancestors. It might be a dream come true for me if that happens. The problem is I really don’t know the surname of my ancestors, all I know is my Grand Father’s father is Japanese and no matter how my father ask about it, he doesn’t tell him about it even in death. May God bless his soul! My son get his Japanese looks from my father and my Grandpa while I get my looks from my mom so we did not really look alike.

If ever you want to go to Okinawa Japan like me you might want to check out this link. This site has valuable information on Hotels and Ryokan. You just have to enter the location you want to visit and it is there. You can choose the location and rates per person for the accommodation. This site also has valuable information on various Okinawa Beaches. If you want to have tour ideas on where to go in Okinawa Japan this site definitely has information on scenic locations.

Pictures from our Christmas Party

These pictures were taken during our Christmas party and well, due to time constraint and forgetfulness I was not able to post the pictures here. This is the bubble dance where an adult can go inside the bubble. There is also a pool for children with a technology where salt was added to make the water bacteria-free. My child did not go to the pool because he did not like the cold water. Anyway we had fun in the party because of the games for children. His father did not come with us because he had work during that time.

House Styles and Designs

Check out this picturesque house from winston salem custom homes. This house is like a dream and it will be nice to have one just like this. If you are interested to build your home then you can visit this site, they have hundreds of floor plans where you can choose and customize for your wants and needs. You can also browse for home ideas in their site as well as the interior design that I have posted here. You can choose between a one-story house and two story houses. There are also multiple styles such as craftsman, American tradition, French country, coastal and mountain cabin styles.

Goodbye to the King of pop

Michael Jackson, the legendary king of pop has finally bid goodbye to the world. When I was still in high school I have this close female friend that is really an avid fan of Michael. During that time my mother is a sales manager in encyclopedia books and I remembered that they have a brochure that mentioned the singer. I already know that Michael was already mentioned in their encyclopedia and I told my friend about it. She did not believe me because she thought only dead legendary people are recorded in the encyclopedia. So to prove to her that Michael’s life is already written in the book, I bring it with me in our school. When she saw the article in the encyclopedia she told me in awe that Michael is so great because he was already there even if he is still alive.

Jun 26, 2009

Buying a painting for your home

I have a painting in our house and I have this when I was still single. It is a painting of various fish swimming in the ocean. I think having a painting in your house is really nice because it would be a good complement to your furniture. I’ve recently visited an online gallery of Tim Rogerson and I think his paintings are nice and unique. The paintings are usually people depicting their career and leisure. There is a particular painting that I like that is entitled legends, this is a portrait of various music artist that the painter has personally chosen. What really gets to me is that part of the proceeds of the sale of this painting will be used for the expenses of public school students in their desire to further develop their talent in the arts.

A painting in your living room can really add to the sophistication and glamour of your house. It would also give you a kind of happy and light feeling knowing that you help someone by purchasing this painting. Nowadays, there are paintings that were just a duplicate of an original and finding a painting that is entirely unique and created with a purpose can really add glamour to your lifestyle.

Friday Reflections - Saving your marriage

I have a booklet in positive thinking and it really helps me a lot in the times that I’m down. You know our life is like a wheel, sometimes you are at the top and sometimes you are at the bottom. When you are there at the top, you don’t have any worries and your life is good but when you are at the bottom you want to grasp something to help you survive. That something is your faith in the Supreme Being where you surrender your life. One particular part of the booklet that really gets to me is the attitude of the wife when she finds out that her husband is having an affair. She did not confront her husband, instead she reflects on the reason why it happened. She had realized that she has become very busy with her work and social gatherings that she did not have time with him anymore.

One day her husband told her that he wanted a divorce and do you know what she told him? She told him okay, but told him to give her two months to consider it. She changed her behavior and decided to do the things that she had done early on in their marriage. She did not go to any social event and after work she stayed at home reading magazines and crocheting like she did in the past. She keeps on doing this even if her husband is going out every night. After how many weeks her husband also did the same, reading his newspaper in front of the fire while she did her reading as well. Then finally when the two months had passed she asked him about the divorce. He replied and told her that it’s just a crazy idea and he is not pushing through with it.

Jun 25, 2009

Beware of sex offenders

I’ve recently visited this site about sex offender online. This site offers free reports on sex offenders and all you have to do is enter your zip code. As a mother of two very young beautiful children, I’m one of those people who are constantly afraid of things or people that might harm them. This site helps a lot because you will be aware of people who have been legally charge with this kind of offense. The most important thing is that you will be aware if someone who has this offense lives in your neighborhood and by knowing, it can help you protect your family against these villainous sexual deviants.

Sleep and our dreams

I have dreams lately and I don’t know why I’ve always dream of my husband and most of the time it’s depressing. I don’t know why I dreamt of this things but I think our dream is a product of our subconscious mind. I have also read somewhere that it is during sleep that our subconscious mind takes over our thoughts. During sleep our body will restore our brain cells and it is also during this time that our brain will try to figure out strategies on what to do on every given situation. I suppose I think too much of my relationship with my husband that is why this is happening. Every marriage has problems and difficulties and ours is not an exemption. Anyway, as long as we both love each other, we always hope for the best. For more updates on sleep and it’s scientific explanation you can visit this link

Looking into International Trade

I’ve always thought about the international trade and believe it or not I even want to try selling abroad. I think selling abroad is not an easy thing to do because you have to think about customs and duties of the country that you would want to export to. I have also learned in the past that it is not easy to export food, beverage, medicine and cosmetics to other countries. Every nation has standards in food and drugs to be meet prior to acceptance to their country because of safety regulations. If you are interested to be part of the export and import industry there is a need to know about the food and drug regulations of the country that you are exporting to.

I think the safest thing to export is garments and accessories because all you have to think about is customs and duties. You might also want to check on harmonized codes for your products. In the import and export industry, you should be aware of the need in complying with the right classification codes for your goods. According to the web portal which I have mentioned earlier, they claimed that companies and the government are loosing billions in revenue due to the fact of classification errors. You can visit the link here for hts code lookup and hs tariff classifications.

Irritating habits that wreck a marriage

There are habits that should be avoided by couples to secure their marriage. There is also what we called a love bank to store the couples love feelings for each other. It is said that we are either making deposits or withdrawals in the account throughout each day. When things go well and we are loving, kind and supportive hundred of credits flow into our love bank and create the feeling that our partners are loved and accepted the way they are. When things go badly, huge withdrawals are made from the love bank. At times the account can be seriously overdrawn, and the relationship goes into serious deficit. When this withdrawal continues the couple can begin to hate each other and every action is considered a threat or interpreted as uncaring.

The habits that make frequent withdrawals from the couples’ love bank are stated here and this should be avoided by the couple to preserve their marriage or else their wedding vows will be broken. The first one is nagging. It means to torment by persistent faultfinding or complaining. This is the most common mistakes of a woman. A wife often complains about her husbands irritating behavior and wishes that he will change but the truth is the husband has a mind of his own. You can’t change him to be the perfect husband by nagging and complaining and the only thing you can do is accept his behavior and personality.

The second habit is angry outburst. This happens when our partner has done something that displeases us and we do this to punish or annoy them to get even. Some common mistake we make is shouting, put-downs, criticism or sarcastic name calling. Some couples resort to profanity, striking each other, throwing things, pushing, kicking and pulling hair. The third one is criticism, this is the worst part because you don’t only drain the love bank but you also drain your love one’s self esteem. If the person has done something that displeases us, an open talk is the key and understanding is what unlocks the door. We can hate the fault of our partner but we should never hate them and bear in mind that they are just human like us and prone to commit mistakes. There is always forgiveness and acceptance to keep the love flowing in the relationship.

The last one is irritating habits and annoying behavior. Some women marry a man and hope to change his annoying behavior while men marry their women and hope they will never change. There is some truth to this but husbands and wives should bear in mind that they should accept their partner including their annoying habits and focuses on their strengths and not on their weaknesses.

House Remodeling

I’ve currently visited a website about Minneapolis Remodeling and I’ve noticed that the site does explain about why people are remodeling their home. I think it would really appeal to the visitors if they have posted pictures of houses that they have remodeled. It would also be great if they posted their customer feedbacks at their site because it would help their visitors to know them better and also it would help build their trust on their services.

I think remodeling our home is really a necessity especially if there is an addition to the family. It would mean adding another room for that loved one. Today, we only have two bedrooms in our house but I’m thinking of adding rooms if my children have already grown up. Right now my husband and I slept together with our two children in our room. We arrange our two beds together so I can lie at the middle with my two children beside me. My son is still three years old and my baby girl is 11 months old. I think if ever I have extra money to spend I might also consider in remodeling our bath because it’s too small. Having a bath tub could be nice because it could be relaxing to enjoy a bubble bath after a busy day at work.

Jun 23, 2009

First confirmed death on A(h1n1)

First confirmed death on swine flu in the Philippines has landed the 1st page of most news magazine. A 49 year old mother died in their home after 3 days of flu like symptoms and was later confirmed to be the swine flu. The cause of her death was congestion due to heart attack and it was later found out that she had other pre-existing condition before the swine flu and the flu has aggravated her condition leading to her death. I don't really know if it is already time to panic because as of now the Philippines has one of the most number of infected patients now reaching to 400 up but it's comforting that 80% was already well. I think the only thing that can help us survive this kind of illness is to strive to be healthy and pneumococcal and flu vaccination for people who have pre-existing conditions to help avoid complications if they become infected with the swine flu.

Jun 22, 2009

Choosing the best webhosting service

Choosing the best web site hosting service is very important if you want to be successful in blogging. The best choice should be the cheapest and the most reliable webhosting service. If you are searching for website hosting service then you should check webhostinggeeks.com for top ten best web hosting service for 2009, Web hosting providers ranked by the best price to value ratio. Host reliability, uptime, key features, bonus features, customer support, past and current user feedbacks, user-friendliness and hosting awards have been taken into account as well.

Aside from the list of reviews of web hosting providers this site also has informative articles about blogging. The most important thing in choosing a platform for blogging is to choose a search engine friendly platform such as Yahoo or Google. This platform has an advantage because they have their own Search Engine and if you are using this one, you can easily create search engine friendly web pages to keep the spiders crawling to your site. In short your site has a greater advantage in terms of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you opted to have other platform aside from Yahoo and Google it can also be done but you need to install add on modules which makes it quite difficult for inexperienced user.

Jun 18, 2009

My son at the beach

Here is a video of my son on the beach. My parents and my other close relatives goes to the beach sometime last year and I was not able to go with them because I was on maternity leave during that time and I’m the one who takes care of my baby girl at home. My father is the one who has taken this video on his cell phone and transfer this to my cell phone. This was my son’s first time to go to the beach and at first he was afraid of the water but after awhile he was enjoying it.

Cheap web hosting

I’ve recently visited kvchosting and I’ve found out that they have cheaper domain at only 8.95 a year as compared to blogger. Having your own domain is really important if you want to excel in blogging because you will be given more opportunities and it would also be like an achievement for you as a blogger because you have purchased your own identity in the web.

kvchosting also offers free web hosting without banner ads, unlimited cheap web hosting, reseller hosting, vps hosting and dedicated hosting. They also accept payment like major credit card, google check out and paypal. Their costumer support is available 24 hours everyday and their response time is 30 minutes.

Jun 15, 2009

Join the Filipino Bloggers Society

There is a new social networking site for Filipino bloggers and I’m inviting every Filipino who loves to blog to join. This is entirely a useful platform for us bloggers because we will be able to promote our blog and be able to meet and chat with our fellow kababayans who has the same passion for blogging. So invite your friends and join.
Once you register, you will be able to create your own club, create a discussion and join in forums. You can also add the RSS feed of your blog on your profile page and download photos and videos. So join and discover more features that will be just right for you. Don’t forget to put the badge on your blog so other bloggers could join.

Jun 13, 2009

Food you can buy online

I’ve recently visited efooddepot.com and I’ve discovered that if you have passion for cooking then life can already be so easy for you. Have you experienced reading or watching the cooking of recipes from other countries? I have and one of the difficulties in cooking their recipe is you can’t find the condiments or other ingredients that they were using in your area. This site makes it easier for you because they offer various products and condiments from different countries and ethnicity. They offer 4,500 various ethnic food products and deliver it all over the world with a flat rate of $4.99. They also offer hard to find food products such as, snacks, sauces, spices, cooking mixes, sweets, beverages, wines and so much more.

This is also good for people who have migrated to other countries because they could buy online food products originating from their homeland. If you visited the site you can easily find the products that you are searching for because it is categorized based on the country of origin, ethnicity and the kind of food you are searching for. You can also search the products by brand and their top selling brand are Sadaf, Indomie, Rotary, ABC, Swad and Asian taste. If you like cooking new dishes then you can also browse their over 4,000 recipes of various food dishes. Good thing is if you like to try recipes from other countries; it will be much easier for you because you know where to find the other ingredients.

I’ve also noticed that they have various food products that I have not yet seen or tasted. This could also be a treat for adventurous people who would like to try out new food tastes. They offer various food snacks from other countries as well as wine for wine lovers who would like to try something new.

Jun 12, 2009

Celebrating the Philippines 111 years of independence

We are celebrating the most important event of our nation; the day the Republic of the Philippines was created and governed by its own people. I think by now we should have to be united to a common goal, and that should be to aim in making the Philippines one of the richest countries in the world. If the Philippines become rich then everyone in our country will be provided well with better social services, better employment, better education, better shelter and better opportunities for all. I’m thinking that there is a possibility that this could happen because our country is rich in natural resources. The most important resources are our people and to think it has become one of the most exported resources in our country. Sad but it is true. It has also become one of most abundant and I think inexhaustible because everyday thousand of babies are born.

Way back when I was still in college, I was a member of our school publication. I write most feature stuff like essays and interviews. I am a school writer for four years and during that time we were a member of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines or CEGP. One time when I was in my junior year we have attended the national convention that was held in South Cotabato, Mindanao. The President of the guild was a senior student in UP, Manila, one of the prestigious schools in our country. I’ve seen her on TV as one of the protesters against the Philippine Government. In fact almost all of the school writers are activist and I’ve seen it many times. During that time the president of the Philippines was Fidel V. Ramos and during our convention our guild leaders would discuss all about the issues and concerns against our government. I think whoever will become president of the Philippines there is still a flaw and there will always be issues. There will always be criticism about them and the way they handle the government.

I am not against protesters or activist in fact they help a great deal in preserving our democracy. What I mean is we are already a democracy and as long as they are there to stand their ground we will remain that way. A dictatorial President cannot come to power again because of the people who stood their ground and raise their voice.

Jun 9, 2009

Problems with unwanted hair

One significant attribute we have in my women relatives in my mother side of the family is having noticeable hair in our upper lip and legs. Yes, my female relatives and I have a thin upper lip hair and when I was younger I was very conscious of it. When I got older I’ve tried using hair removal cream, hair bleaching cream and waxing. What I really liked in the three different products is waxing because my skin has no allergic reaction to it unlike the hair removal cream. I didn’t like the hair bleaching because the lightened hair catches more attention than the normal hair. I think the best thing to do with unwanted hair is laser hair removal because it provides permanent results. I’ve heard positive and negative comments of laser hair removal and it is still best to know all about the service provider first before making a decision. I’ve recently visited lakeviewderm.com and they offer laser hair removal in chicago. Their site is very informative on unwanted hair and its’ causes and they give further details about laser hair removal.

Under the sun

I could still remember way back when I and my female friend were still in college we used to avoid the sun’s rays because we don’t want to get darker skin. Things do change as we got older because we got more comfortable with our skin. Today my female friend is working in Dubai and she told me that other nationalities like the color of our skin. Filipinas has natural tan skin and other nationalities do like our skin because of the texture and the color. Today like my friend I’m also comfortable with my skin but I still use moisturizers with SPF for sun protection and to delay ageing because I’m not getting any younger.

Jun 8, 2009

Travel destination in Faro, Portugal

Faro is a city in Portugal and the capital of the Algarve. There are many excellent beaches within this city that makes it a favorite destination for visitors in the summer. It has so many historical sites that will definitely catch the attention of tourist. One notable sight is the Baroque Igreja do Carmo near the central post office on Largo do Camo. It is open from Monday to Friday at 10:00 -1:00 pm and 3:00 – 5:00 pm and 10:00 am – 1:00 pm on Saturdays. A door to the right of the altar leads to a macabre Capela dos Ossos, its walls are decorated with bones from the adjacent cemetery. Another worthwhile attraction near the city is the Ria Formosa Natural Park, and a short distance to the north is the peaceful village of Estoi, boasting a pink Roccoco palace and Roman ruins dating from the 1st century. To enjoy the beach while on holiday in Faro, one has to travel a few miles; a long sandy spit lies across a bridge near the International Airport. Aside from the places mentioned here there are still many historical attractions that is very worthwhile to visit.

To enjoy your stay there you need to find good accommodation in Faro. The first in the list is Hotel Monaco. It is the nearest hotel from Faro airport which makes it the excellent choice for visitors. Its’ restaurant Primavera is a comfortable Bar with wide screen satellite TV and an outdoors swimming pool is other amenities available for the enjoyment. A comfortable and well-equipped bedroom provides a refreshing rest. All 64 rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, cable TV, radios, telephones, safes, mini bars, and fully en-suite equipped bathrooms. You can roam around the city and when it is time to go home you can get car hire for faro airport

My thyroid Check – up

Last Friday I’ve visited my doctor for my thyroid check-up. As you all know I had my total Thyroidectomy in the year 2002. I was advised by my surgeon during that time to have a yearly medical check up to monitor my thyroid but because of my busy schedule I was not able to do so. During the years that follow I’ve married my husband and have given birth to my two children. Last Friday I have my blood examined for ThT4, this is a procedure to know if my thyroid hormone levels are still normal and I’ve just found out today that it is not. My laboratory result says that I have low thyroid hormones resulting to hypothyroidism. This Tuesday I will have my follow up check up

Banking Investments

When I was still single, I have invested in time deposits in the bank. Investing in the bank is good enough if you still don’t have any plans to use it. You will be given certificate of deposit for your investment and in that document you will notice that the rates per annum will change almost every month. Nowadays it is a wise choice to look into banks with the best CD rates. CD rates or certificate of deposit rates determine the interest of your investment. A word of advice, you must be careful in investing large amount of money. It is much wiser to invest to multiple banks because of our ever fickle economy.

Influenza vaccine for my child

Last Saturday I went to the doctor to have my baby girl vaccinated with the flu vaccine for h1n1 and her second shot is on July 6, 2009. I’m doing whatever I can to strengthen my child’s immune system with her vitamins and the best milk supplement possible. I’m planning to have my son and husband get their flu shots next time. I’m also planning to have my husband vaccinated with pneumococcal vaccine because he has mild rheumatic heart and he is at risk with lung infections.

As of today there is still no vaccine for the ah1n1 flu a.k.a. swine flu and the number of infected persons in the Philippines is reaching 39 as of yesterday. As a mother I’m doing everything I can to protect my family in whatever means possible to prepare them for this disease.

Jun 5, 2009

Getting pregnant is so easy

I’ve recently visited this site and it had an Ebook entitled getting pregnant bible. To be honest I don’t need this reference because I easily get pregnant. This Ebook contains steps on how to get pregnant. I think mothers like me should be grateful that we were given babies with ease. I’ve been given two babies without even asking about it, I think I’m just one of the lucky ones. Anyway I can’t really tell you more about ways on how to get pregnant because I think that is one thing you should talk to your doctor. One advice though I’ve known so many mothers who have been trying to get pregnant for so many years and in the end they did get pregnant. I think getting pregnant has a time of its own and you can’t always decide to have a baby and expect to have it during that time. Anyway everything has a purpose so I’m telling every woman who wants to get pregnant to just take it easy.

Friday Reflections:truth and tenderness

Read I Thessalonians 2:1-13

Some parents raise their children with harsh authority, but wise parents exercise their authority with lots of tender loving care. It’s nicer and good for your children’s self esteem if you discipline them and encourage them with treats than threats. Parents can encourage them by giving incentives and not with punishments with every wrong deed they have made. Children will be encouraged to do good if they know that they will get something good in return and they get nothing if they do inappropriate deeds.

What wisdom lies in gentleness!
What force true meekness holds!
As truth combines with Christ like love,A tale of good unfolds.

Jun 4, 2009

Cool playroom for kids

I think as a mother and having two children you can’t just avoid the urge to buy beautiful stuff for your children. There are many cute outfits for kids in the market that you just can’t help but admire. Sometimes when I think about decorating their room, I would plan on buying Kids furniture. Some other times when I think about our dream house I would also think about this playhouse in the picture. It would be nice if we had a wide space in our home to have this kind of toy. I really think my toddler would like this playroom because when we are in the mall he would play with a toy just like this.

Jun 2, 2009

My two children have grown up so fast

Here is a picture of my two children; I shot a picture at them while they were playing. My son is already 3 yrs. old and six months and I can say that I’m so happy that he had grown up to be normal and healthy. He likes to ride in his bicycle early in the morning and goes around in the neighborhood. I’m just grateful that we live across the street to my mother-in-law’s house and she takes care of him everyday when I go to work. My baby girl is going to be 11 months this June and I can’t wait to celebrate her birthday this July.
Here is a picture of her in the walker; this used to be her brother’s walker too.

Here she is smiling and crawling towards me because she wants me to carry her.

This is our picture together can you see our similarity? Anyway I can’t wait for the day when my children will be all grown up and see their pictures here.

Jun 1, 2009

VoIP a new way to call your loved ones

Have you heard of VoIP? It is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol or Voice over Internet Provider. It is a technology where you can call anyone by using the internet. All you need is a broadband connection, a microphone or headset and a router then you are all set. If your loved one is working abroad then this could fit your lifestyle because most VoIP providers offer service packages which allow you to save money on broadband from your Internet Service Provider. There is also no additional cost for Internet services.

You don’t need to pay extra on your phone connection because in VoIP you can call your loved one 24/7 with only a flat rate. This technology also enables you to talk with as many as you like at the same time unlike the landline phone or cell phone where only two people can talk with each other. In terms of the monthly rate you should talk with your Voip Providers for more information on their charges and fees.


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