Mar 24, 2009

My baby girl has already started teething

I was really very tired and lacking sleep this week because my baby has already started teething. She has been very restless and crying more than usual. She was already 8 months and I can see that on her sore gums one tooth started to grow. I also noticed that her temperature is hotter than usual at 37.5 Celsius and I know that she is already on the borderline of having a fever. Fever starts at 37.5 up that is the main reason why I’m worried about her. At night she is restless and cries more often so I have to carry her in my arms to comfort her. That is the disadvantage of a working mom because you lack sleep and you still have to work the next day but anyway that is what a mother’s role is to be nurturing and be able to sacrifice just for her children.
If given a chance I would like to be a stay at home mom but that is only for the rich because we could not afford it. We could not afford to loss my income to be able to provide for the family. I don’t really like the Idea to leave the care of my children to other people but I don’t have a choice. I just pray everyday that God will be with them always because I’m not with them during working hours and that is 8 am– 5 pm. Anyway I hope my baby girl’s going to be okay. Her brother is already ok because his arms are not sore anymore thanks to the hilot.

Mar 20, 2009

My toddler fell of a chair.

Last Wednesday I was really terrified because my toddler fell off a chair while playing in his grandma’s house. Every morning I leave my son to my mother- in – law to baby-sit. That night after going home from work I went there to get him but she says it’s still too early so I left him there for awhile. Our house is just nearby from across the street.

After an hour while I was carrying my baby daughter, his grandma came to our house carrying him while he was crying and told me the incident. I was very worried and terrified thinking that he might broke his arms or something because he doesn’t want me to touch it. That night at around 9:00 pm I went to the hilot.

For info to the foreigners, Hilot is the Filipino ancient healing arts and the most secret arts in the Philippines. It is not learned in the schools but practiced by gifted persons and pass on to their children and carried over from their family for generations. It is commonly used today to relax stressed muscles and align broken bones or sprains.

Anyway I went to the hilot that night to check on him or to know if it is something serious that I might need to go to his doctor. The hilot was introduced to me by my papa many years ago. She was around her fifties and you can see in her facial features that she was a beauty in her younger years. She massaged my son’s whole body and told me that he had a slight sprain but nothing really serious. That night I gave him ibuprofen for the pain.

Today his arms are still sore and he still does not want me to hold his arms but I’m planning to bring him to his pediatrician tomorrow because it’s my day-off. I hope he will be okay.

Mar 18, 2009

You’ll never know what it feels like until you are there.

Last Sunday I went to the mall with my son because I have to make a mattress for the play pen of my baby girl. I have bought two meters of fiber fill and for the fabric I will just ask my mother for her spare old bed sheets. While there at the mall I was kind of having a hard time because my toddler is such a menace. He was running around the textiles corner laughing while grabbing the saleslady’s wooden stool. I was waiting for the sales lady to cut and measure the fiber fill while trying to discipline him but to no avail. I have observed that my toddler has become hyper and it’s harder to have him around at public places because he doesn’t listens to me.

We went to my mother’s home because she has a sewing machine and it would cost less if I will sew the mattress than to buy a new one. Unknown to me, when we got there I found out that my grandma, aunt and uncle was also there on a visit. We had lunch there and afterwards I went on sewing the mattress while my toddler plays. I locked the door so that he will not get out of the room. I was kind of afraid that he might fall of the stairs if I let him wander away from me while I get busy.

I’ve noticed that it’s really harder to sew a mattress because even if I’ve made it well, it takes a lot of effort than my usual job in the office. It demands physical strength especially if your using a manual sewing machine. I mean I’ve never gone to a sewing school and all I’ve done was to observe my mother and my aunt sew something and it’s easy to look at than to actually make it yourself. It’s kind of laborious and I can’t imagine myself doing it everyday. I thank God that my parents had sent me to college because all I have to do everyday was to encode in the computer, receives phone calls, listens to simple instructions and do paper works.

Even if I have only done these things I still have the nerve to complain, I know I have to pinch myself sometimes because whenever I think about complaining I should think about everyone who does laborious work because they have done a labor of love. Whenever I think about the things that I didn’t have I should think about what I have and be grateful.

Mar 17, 2009

Making the right choice in selecting a credit card

Having a credit card is not an easy responsibility because you have to discipline yourself not to spend too much. Having one especially with high credit limit is really a challenge because it means you can buy whatever you like at the moment. Anyway it’s really up to you to control yourself not to spend too much and think about paying the credit card bills as part of the monthly budget. You should only spend what you earn or else you will be swallowed in immense amount of debts which is not really a good way to live.

Having one is a responsibility and think about having more than one credit card? Yes it’s true there are people who just happen to have bigger income so they can avail more than one credit card. How can you handle that? Let’s face it temptation to spend more is always there if you have a credit card and it’s even more complicated if you have more than one. You have to pay for the membership fee as well as the interest. The easiest way to do is to consolidate your debts or balance transfer credit cards because in that way you can monitor how much you spend and also to save on membership fees.

This site lets you compare credit card offers from different financial credit card providers. Here you can also search by card types, search card issuers, search by brand and also read on latest news on credit cards. The best thing about it is that you can select the credit card that offers much advantage like lesser membership fees and lesser interest rates as well as providing incentives and cash back. You can also transfer your balance to another credit card that offers lower interest rates .

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Mar 16, 2009

Goodbye Kiko

This month was indeed sad because we lost another talented singer in the Philippines, our master rapper Francis Magalona. I’m not really a fan but I’m one of the thousands who admired him. He is just too young and handsome to die at only 44 yrs old leaving behind his eight children. Leukemia, the killer cancer was the culprit it was just days before he will have bone marrow transplant but it turns out that he was too weak because he got infected with pneumonia and died. He died eight months after he was diagnosed with cancer.

He is leaving behind the showbiz world and memories of his songs that are mainly hip hop rap and commonly depicting patriotism to our country. He also loves photography and shirt designs. Among his hit songs is Mga Kababayan Ko and kaleidoscope.

Mar 9, 2009

The warm Arizona weather

I’ve heard that the weather in Arizona is ranging from 60F to 70F and I think it’s similar to where I live. In the Philippines the weather ranges from 60F – 80F and I think it’s already warm not to have to an air conditioner. It’s also the main reason why I avoid getting out in the sun at around 11:00 am to 3:00 pm because it’s the hottest time of the day. In the early morning I do like to bask under the sun because I like to feel the natural warmth and gaze at the deep blue cloudy skies above. I like the warm season because it makes me feel so alive and I don’t like the rainy seasons because it’s wet and cold and I spend most of my time indoors while complaining about the weather. If ever I will live somewhere else abroad, Arizona will be the first thing on my mind because like the Philippines it has a warm sunny weather that I’m comfortable with. There is an Arizona real estate that sells and lease beautiful houses and I hope I could afford one if given a chance to live there.


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