Mar 18, 2009

You’ll never know what it feels like until you are there.

Last Sunday I went to the mall with my son because I have to make a mattress for the play pen of my baby girl. I have bought two meters of fiber fill and for the fabric I will just ask my mother for her spare old bed sheets. While there at the mall I was kind of having a hard time because my toddler is such a menace. He was running around the textiles corner laughing while grabbing the saleslady’s wooden stool. I was waiting for the sales lady to cut and measure the fiber fill while trying to discipline him but to no avail. I have observed that my toddler has become hyper and it’s harder to have him around at public places because he doesn’t listens to me.

We went to my mother’s home because she has a sewing machine and it would cost less if I will sew the mattress than to buy a new one. Unknown to me, when we got there I found out that my grandma, aunt and uncle was also there on a visit. We had lunch there and afterwards I went on sewing the mattress while my toddler plays. I locked the door so that he will not get out of the room. I was kind of afraid that he might fall of the stairs if I let him wander away from me while I get busy.

I’ve noticed that it’s really harder to sew a mattress because even if I’ve made it well, it takes a lot of effort than my usual job in the office. It demands physical strength especially if your using a manual sewing machine. I mean I’ve never gone to a sewing school and all I’ve done was to observe my mother and my aunt sew something and it’s easy to look at than to actually make it yourself. It’s kind of laborious and I can’t imagine myself doing it everyday. I thank God that my parents had sent me to college because all I have to do everyday was to encode in the computer, receives phone calls, listens to simple instructions and do paper works.

Even if I have only done these things I still have the nerve to complain, I know I have to pinch myself sometimes because whenever I think about complaining I should think about everyone who does laborious work because they have done a labor of love. Whenever I think about the things that I didn’t have I should think about what I have and be grateful.

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