Dec 23, 2008

Christmas Greeting to all my blogging friends

I would like to greet all my friends " Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" Thank you so much for giving me link love this year and I'm so gratefull to all of you for making this year bloggin fruitfull year. I'm giving this card to all my blogging friends.
christmas card (Ornament) card
christmas card (Ornament) by fabulouza

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Dec 19, 2008

One of the largest church in the Philippines

I felt a sense of pride whenever I think about this church and I'm even happy to say that this is the church where my husband and I got married. It's even featured in our national tv that this church is the largest in our country. The new Christ the king cathedral is a catholic church and even has the largest rosary. You can just imagine that one bead of this rosary is the size of a wine barrel. So here are the pictures that I've taken on my cellphone.

Dec 17, 2008

Why do I feel depressed

I don’t know really but nowadays I easily get lonely, worried and hurt even with just petty causes. I also easily cry and get angry for some petty reasons and I just could not understand my behavior. I felt lonely maybe because I isolate myself from my friends and its maybe years already that I have not really get out with them and just talk. I’ve been busy with work and with my children that I have no time for myself. I realized that I am a person too who needed a break once in a while. I’m thinking ways to get myself learn new things and to have new friends even online for mothers like me. I also realized that maybe I’m suffering from post partum blues that mothers like me who had just given birth have experienced. I’ve also talk with my co-worker who has also recently given birth and she felt the same. I must pray always and calm down and condition my mind that god loves me. That I’m not omnipotent and that I don’t hold everything on my hands.

Dec 15, 2008

Our sad Christmas Party

What a busy day. Yesterday we had our Christmas party and it was fun but it was really tiring afterwards because we have to travel back and forth at 55 kilometers to the inland resort where it was held. I bring with me my son but I think we did not really enjoy that much because even if the place was scenic and beautiful I’m stressed because I am afraid if my son leave my side. I don’t want him to be out of my sight because I’m afraid that something bad might happen to him. There was a pool for children and there was also for adults with a depth of five feet.

The children’s pool was really nice because there was a slide on it and there was also a fountain. My son looks at it with delight and I took a picture of him and I promise I’ll post his pictures here next time. I have him ready to swim in the pool but he did not want to come to the water because he said it’s cold. So I just look at him waiting that maybe he will change his mind but unfortunately he just don’t like to swim in the pool. He did not really enjoy that much because he told me that he wanted to go home. I think the place would be great if there was a playground so that my child and I could at least pass the time until it is time to go home. We will have to wait for my colleagues because it’s a company policy to join the party and we have to travel back home together.

There was a bubble show there and it was also nice. Sexy ladies danced while they form a giant bubble and kids were really glad to see the big bubbles. Thank god I won a gift check that day and I exchange it in the mall for his milk. . Our Christmas party was held simultaneously nationwide and the different branches had their own party in their chosen place.
That day was also tragic because a child of our colleague assigned in our other branch died on their Christmas party. The child aged 10 years old drowned in the pool. It was really sad that it happened.

Dec 11, 2008

What to do with annoying phone calls

Have you received annoying phone calls recently? If you have then let other people know about it. You can visit and post your comments about that number. Just imagine if everyone reports all annoying calls then you can already ignore that call better yet you can initiate call barring in you phone.

Dec 9, 2008

What sign do you look like?

I’ve answered a few questions at and here are the results:
The funny thing is my zodiac sign is really Aquarius and I was born in the month of February.

You Look Like an Aquarius

It's likely that you are very striking. You stand out in a room.

You are probably also taller than average, and that also helps you get noticed.

You have classical facial features... what some might call a handsome face.

You have are attractive in a cool way. You're so attractive, it's intimidating.

Like most Aquarius people, you are probably extremely independent... both in your thoughts and actions.

You find other people fascinating, and you develop deep, long lasting friendships.

Dec 8, 2008

Our City's 100 feet Christmas Tree

Once again our city has recreated our Christmas tree. It has been a yearly tradition and people from all over our city gathered just to witness the lighting of this 100 feet Christmas tree. There were musical performances and it was even featured in our national television. I have shot a picture of this on my cell phone and here it is

From A Woman's Perspective

From A Woman's Perspective

From A Woman's Perspective

From A Woman's Perspective

From A Woman's Perspective

Dec 4, 2008

Please Link with me

Hello fellow bloggers as you can see I already have a blogroll on my homepage those are bloggers that I have exchange links with manually. This page is for bloggers who happens to just surf the net and found my site.
After linking on this blog, please do add my link on your site too THANK YOU!!

Dec 2, 2008

About me

hello friends just for fun I answered a few questions from dneero

Nov 28, 2008

How to get rich

Have you read the book entitled the science of getting rich by Wallace D. Wattles? I’ve read about this book two years ago and like every good book that I’ve read it remains in my memory. No I don’t own the book I’ve just read it in the house of my In-laws. During that time I don’t have a job and I’ve just given birth to my first child. I applied to business institutions and schools in our City and it took me about 6 months to get a job.
My primary concern is to get a job within the City only because I want to be near my baby and my husband. It took me about more than eight job interviews to get a job. So just imagine the rejections that I have experienced before getting the job that I have now. Anyway reading that book has in a way empowered me to go further or maybe I was born to think positively.

These are the points that I got from the book. It says that we must use our mind and imagine what we want. It is through imagining that things that we want that drives us to push farther. It also says to have a creative thought in using the formless substance around us. We must also think positively and surround ourselves with great things to achieve more. We must always be grateful with what we have and what we will have and become because all great things comes to those who are grateful. Never worry or think negatively because it blocks creative thought. We must also be efficient in everything we do and never hurry but take one step at a time.

If you fail don’t dwell on your failure but move on and forget about it. You might not realize that it happened for a purpose and that something much greater is coming your way. Never be competitive because it will block creative thought. What you do or sell should enrich the lives of people you deal with. Aspire to be rich and never ever accept that it cannot be done. It is only your will that can make you what you will become. Your will cannot be impose to other person because that is coercion and you can only impose it to yourself. Prayer can strengthen your faith but it is only you who can answer your prayer. Click here to get your free copy.

How I got my Job

I got my job two years ago and this is how it happened. One day my husband and I was just strolling and then we came by a new three story building of a financial institution and he said to me why don’t you try to ask if they are hiring? So we went inside and I asked an employee there if they are still hiring. She told me to submit an application to the manager and the next day I applied. After one month I was called and informed that there will be an examination. When the day of the examination arrived I was prepared because I reviewed on my own. I know that job examinations required basic skills such as IQ, abstracts, Grammar, clerical skills, mathematical equations and personality tests. The examination was hard because we were given minutes only to answer many questions. To top it all there were about fifty applicants taking the test and I know from experience that only the top ten passers will be interviewed. So there I was praying and hoping to pass the examination and eventually get hired.

A month after the test to my surprised I was called again for a panel interview and I was prepared. Thinking beforehand what are the supposed to be questions that might be asked from me and practicing what is my possible answers. There where about ten applicants that were interviewed including me. Weeks passed by and I was called again and informed that I was hired. My husband and I were very happy for the news because that would mean that we can already rent a house of our own. During that time we lived with my parents because his income could not suffice if we live on our own. I later found out that there were only two of us who got the job and thank god I was one of the two.

Nov 26, 2008

My friend comes home from Dubai

Finally I’ve found the right template for my two blogs from blogger buster and I’m finally satisfied with the lay out. Now that I have finalized the look of my blog I will have to concentrate more on posting and promoting. Yesterday my best friend arrived from Dubai and as usual she gave me a box of 400 grams of my favorite chocolate to my delight. She surprised me in the office and she asked for my help because she wanted to buy a house. She said that she will be coming back to Dubai after two weeks time to resume her job there and she will leave behind her two children here in the Philippines.

We have been friends since sixth grade and it’s true that friendship lingers on even if we don’t communicate often. Even if we have taken up different college degree in the past we went to the same school and still hang out often during our school days. After college we went our separate ways because of our career but our friendship is still there. When I think about it we have been friends for almost 18 years already. When we were still single we slept in each others house when we have time and it only stops when she got married. There was period of adjustment when she got married because she could not be with me most of the time, I know that family comes first. Now we both have two children and we don’t hang out anymore because she is working and living in Dubai. We have occasional emails and greet each other through yahoo messenger.

Nov 21, 2008

Trade shows is a must if you are starting a business

Practical things are needed if you are starting in the business. First of all your main concern is to let people know of the products that you are selling. One of the most important things that you can do is to participate in trade shows where you can showcase your products to the market. If you are selling food products then it is also necessary that you bring with you samples for free tasting. This method is the most effective in selling your food products even I can become one of your customers.

In your trade show booths you can display your products in a decorative manner so that you can attract buyers. You need pipe and drape on your booth and for added effect you might need banner stands and table skirts. Banner stand can also act as an advertising promotion.

Nov 20, 2008

What is Christmas for you?

Hello fellow bloggers I've joined the conversation. Please answer a few questions about christmas thanks.

Nov 18, 2008

Recycling a social responsibility to nature

Uncontrolled waste is one of the problems in our environment today. There are a number of things that we can do to help and the only answer is to recycle. In waste disposal we have to segregate the biodegradable from the non-biodegradable. Biodegradable wastes are garbage that is eco-friendly that eventually becomes part of the earth and soil. These are compost materials such as fruit and vegetable peels, paper and etc. When these wastes decomposed and mixed with soil it becomes quite useful in gardening because it can make the soil more productive. Non-biodegradable waste on the other hand is garbage that cannot possibly turn into dirt for a long period of time. These are waste such as grocery bags, plastic and Styrofoam. These non-biodegradable materials can be recycled to help our environment and to minimize our waste.

How about waste solutions? There are many companies that use solvent to create their finish products and it is also a known fact that the wastes are also harmful to the environment. There is such a thing as solvent recycle. The solvent recycler utilizes distillation to separate a process solvent from its contaminant for reuse. The process consists of heating the mixture until the solvent reaches its vaporization point. Once the solvent vaporizes, it enters a condenser unit and then it cools down into liquid form leaving the contaminant behind. What is so great in these solvent recyclers is the volume of usable solvent from the mixture will nearly approach 99.9% and reach purity levels equal to virgin product. It is cost effective and at the same time we are exercising our social responsibility to nature.

Nov 14, 2008

A thought to Ponder 2

It’s Friday again and it’s time to think spiritually. Today let’s think about a love of a parent to a child. As we all know we loved our children they are a miracle from God. We can just imagine how could a single cell become a person slowly and grows inside you for 9 months it’s really awesome just thinking about it. When I think about my child today I still can’t believe how she became what she is today so full of life. When I think about it I still can’t believe that my body could supply all the necessary nutrients to build her body when she was still inside of me. She and her brother are like angels sent from heaven and the source of my happiness. Like all parents before us we still have to think of the future ahead of us what will they be like in their teens and God forbid could they grow up to be rebellious like other sons and daughters?

How does one react when the child grows up to be rebellious? What would you do if you were in that situation in the future? Please post your comments on your blog and let me know thanks.

Nov 13, 2008

Our rage makes us just like the Incredible Hulk

My husband and I watch the movie entitled the incredible hulk 2. It stars Edward Norton and Liv Tyler. The movie was really fun to watch because of the action packed story. It never has any dull moments because Hulk is always on the run to avoid the soldiers who wanted to capture him. Anyway I have seen the first movie but this one is much better than the first. Aside from the visual effects the leading man and woman is much well known than the first installment.

The story focuses on this young scientist escape from his adversaries who wanted his invention for biological weaponry. His scientific discovery is altering the DNA of the person administered with the chemical making the person hundred times stronger, much faster and having unsurpassed agility. The bad thing is that aside from transforming into a monster he gets his strength from his uncontrolled rage which is actually dangerous to anyone who comes his way. This 2nd installment is actually fun to watch because he has an adversary who equaled with his strength and ugliness whom they called abomination. Anyway to make the story short in the end Hulk annihilated his opponent and escaped again.

Well like hulk our rage engulfs us and turns us into a monster enabling us to crush the heart of anyone who comes our way. Uncontrolled rage is also one of leading cause of murder in our society today. I for one have experienced it and even if I never murdered anyone I have hurt anyone’s feeling who comes my way. Even if tongue lashing does not hurt the person physically it does wound the heart and leaves a scar that they can remember as long as they live. That is why I hate fighting it brings out the worst in me and makes me do or say things that I later regret. There is always a moral way to settle arguments without bickering and that’s what I am trying to install into my character to prevent guilt from torturing me again. It is always a must to control our rage and let it all out in a civilized manner and the only thing that can make it happen is to talk to our opponent in a soft spoken manner so as not to provoke them as well.

Nov 10, 2008

I have been tagged

Here it goes:

A. Attached or single ? --- Attached

B. Best friend? --- Ron

C. Cake or pie? --- pie

D. Day of choice? --- Sunday

E. Essential item? --- computer

F. Favorite color? --- pink

G. Gummy bears or worms? --- worms

H. Hometown? --- Tagum city

I. Favorite indulgence? --- chocolate

J. January or July? --- January first month of the year(new hope and new challenges)

K. Kids? --- 2

L. Life isn't complete without? --- Jesus Christ and my family

M. Marriage date ? --- 10-15-05

N. Number of magazine subscriptions? - none

O. Orange or apple? --- orange

P. Phobias? ---- criminals, accidents

Q. Quotes? –All things work together for those who love god and are called for his purpose

R. Reasons to smile? ---thinking of God's blessings - my job, my family and friends

S. Season of choice? ---- summer

T. Tag 5 people - jonife, wenlopred,monliam,rose and poshpost

U. Unknown fact about me? - i am a jolly person

V. Vegetable ? --- moringa oliefera or malungay in tagalong, squash, okra and seaweeds.

W. Worst habit? --- I easily get worried

X. X-ray or ultrasound? - ultrasound

Y. Your favorite food(s)? – chocolate, dried fruits, adobo, pancit, malunggay soup, roasted chicken, Halo-halo and all kinds of fruits.

Z. Zodiac sign --- Aquarius

Nov 7, 2008

A thought to ponder#1

It is very important to ponder on our life even once in a while because it is by thinking about it that we will come to realize whether we are in the right track or not. It is through reflection that we will appreciate the graces that came to us and also to recognize our faults and learn from our failures. It is also through it that we realize whether we are living the life we want and also to know if there is still something that we want to achieve.

Having time to sort out our mind and feelings are very beneficial for us because it will affect our choices in life. Our choices can make or break our present and future lifestyle. So I am making a post every Friday entitled a thought to ponder and I’m inviting my friends to comment and link on it.

So to start of here is our reflection for today. What makes Christianity different from all the other religion in the world? You can also read on Timothy 3:4-7 for guidance. I know religion is the subject of most heated debates but there is no wrong answer here and your comments are highly appreciated.

Nov 4, 2008

Will you buy a PlayStation online?

On my internet surfing I have stumbled upon This site sells anything and everything shoppers search online. One particular thing that catches my attention is the PlayStation3 by Sony. The machine has so many cool features such as it plays all PS2 and PlayStation games. It features 1080 p HDTV compatibility and plays DVD as well as Blu-Ray Discs and CD’s. You got to have Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray remote control to play Blu-Ray discs on your HiDef – TV. This will definitely be a treat to those who love gaming and watching movies.

As a mother I often bring my child with me in the mall to play video games. It’s our bonding time together during weekends. Our favorite game is car racing. I push the pedal while he stirs the wheel. We had so much fun together. It would be great if we have our own PlayStation so that his dad will also play with us. He has a busy schedule that is why he cannot play with his son. I will definitely buy a PlayStation3 in the near future if resources permit.

Nov 3, 2008

A Halloween to remember

Last October 30, 2008, the company I worked with held a children’s Halloween party with jollibee in our office. It was really fun because there was also a Halloween decoration contest for every floor in our building. The decorations were ranging from spiders on the web, bats, hanging witch on a broom, different monsters and a wall filled with information on Halloween and creatures from Philippine Mythology.

We also have fun dressing our kids with a costume for their trick or treats because there was also a costume contest. I dressed my child with Chinese attire in the mano po movie because it suits him well because of his eyes that he inherited from my father. We had a Japanese blood in our veins on my father’s side of the family due to the Japanese occupation in the Philippines in the past.

It’s funny because I didn’t get my father’s eyes but my younger sister did and we don’t even look related. My sister and I don’t look alike at all. Although I get my fathers forehead and dimples I get most of my looks from my mom. This is also true to my son because he and his sister don’t look alike at all. My daughter gets most of her looks from me especially my eyes, nose and the shape of my face. So even when he was younger until now anyone who looks at my child ask me why he had those eyes and I always explained to them our lineage.

The party was so much fun because there were games and giveaways. At the end of the program the Jollibee mascot arrived and danced to the children’s delight. My child really likes Jollibee so he was very happy when Jollibee arrived that he pulled my hand to come nearer to the mascot. When the mascot finished his dance the children where ushered for a picture taking with him. So the mommies where very busy taking pictures with jollibee and their children. I shoot a picture of my child hugging Jollibee and it was a priceless sight looking at him smiling while looking at the mascot. After the party the children were lead to roam around the building clutching their goody bag for trick or treats. So there we were hiking from first floor to third floor leading our children to ask goodies to our colleagues. We had so much fun I hope next year’s Halloween will be as good as this.

Oct 29, 2008

How to remove baby's birthmark safely

After my baby was born I noticed that she had a birthmark on the left side of her forehead and it worries me because it was very noticeable. My Mother in law advised me to lick on her birth mark every 1:00 am or 2:00 am every day until it is gone. She said that her daughter also has a birthmark when she was still an Infant and she noticed that it grows larger so she licked it every morning before she brushed her teeth or eat anything. She was also advised by someone during that time and she couldn’t explain why it works but maybe there was a chemical in a mother’s saliva that can erase a birthmark.

It is a proven fact and today her daughter and my sister in law did not have a birthmark on her face. It should be noted that you can only erase the birthmark of your child when you started to lick on it while they were still a new born infant. Now I have also proven it because the birthmark of my child was also gone.

A birth mark will not cause a problem if it is not noticeable or if it is just in the body and can be hidden on their clothes. It can be a problem if it is spreading, growing or thickening. My first child has a birthmark too but it is just a small black spot on his left arm and it looks like a tattoo. The funny thing is that his aunt also has the same birthmark located on her right arm. I and my baby girl have the same birthmark located on the same spot and guess what it is located under our nose.

Oct 28, 2008

Baptismal Celebration

Last Oct. 19, 2008, my baby girl was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church. We invited four godfathers and four godmothers but there are only two godmothers and three godfathers who attended the event. There were about six children who were baptized during that day. My parents, In- laws and my siblings with their own family also attended the event.

While we waited for the priest to arrive the sister told us the importance of baptism and also the relevance of choosing the right godparents for the child. She said that the godparents should be a living example for the child. She explained to us the meaning of the lighting of the candles, pouring of the holy water on the head of the child and the applying of the holy oil on their forehead.

My own understanding of baptism is that when my child will be baptized it would mean that the original sin of Adam and Eve will be washed out and she will start out in a new life.
I also do believe that in baptizing her she will be open to the graces of God and her angels will look after her and thru their guidance she will grow up to be a good person. It will also mean that she will be given my religion and she will belong to something other than us. She will also belong to a community of worshipers sharing a common faith.

Oct 17, 2008

My baby girl got sick

Just last Saturday my baby girl was confined in the hospital with pneumonia and hyper active airway disease. It was the second time she was confined since birth, last August at one month old she was also confined in the hospital because of pneumonia and septicemia. Last August was really hard on me because my husband, my son and my baby got confined in the hospital. I mean not only is it difficult physically but financially as well.

Last Saturday we were with her to take care of her health. His father also takes a leave of absence because of his upper respiratory tract infection. Our whole family is sick of this kind of disease while Zen and I have colds as well. Zen has fever for three days and I presumed that it was due to his cough and colds but I later found out that he had a viral infection and thank god he is okay now. It really helps that I have him immunized last September with IPD vaccine because he easily recovered with his upper respiratory tract infection. At his age it cost less than the I.P.D. vaccine for infants and the interval of the vaccine is three years.

I have my baby girl immunized with h.i.b. vaccine but it was still a first dose so maybe her immune system is still not good enough to fight diseases. I could not afford to have her immunized with I.P.D vaccine because at her age it’s very expensive at three dosage and two months interval.

She was discharged from the hospital just last Tuesday and right now she is still sick with upper respiratory tract infection. Her doctor advised us to have her inhale with a nebulizer whenever she has difficulty breathing. Right now she is on medication with ambroxol and antibiotics.

Sep 23, 2008

Having my baby girl

There is a period of adjustment in our life as a family when my baby girl arrives. First of all my first born doesn’t understand why he is not the center of attention anymore and the first day that I have arrived from the hospital he doesn’t want to go near his baby sister. At night he doesn’t want to sleep with us and insist on sleeping with his grandmother this go on for one week. It is also a challenging role for me because I have to make time for the both of them. During the first month almost all my attention was on the baby and my toddler has a hard time adjusting to this new situation because he was accustomed to being the only one. There were times where he cries in his sleep and I was not available to comfort and hug him because I was busy feeding his little sister. He just cries and calls mama to no avail. I’m just so relieved that at least now he has already adjusted to our present condition and now he kisses and loves his baby sister.

I have come to realize that the more you have kids the more your attention and time is divided to cater to their needs. I suppose that is what a woman’s purpose is to give love provide comfort and take care of her children and husband. Having all of them, my husband, my son and my daughter makes me happy and content. I just smile just thinking of them and even feel energized everyday. I also realized that having a family especially having children has given me a purpose and direction in life. When I was single I did not have a goal and I feel like I was just floating with no direction and purpose. Life is so unfulfilling if you live only for your self but when you live it for others it becomes meaningful and gives you purpose. To my understanding it also explains why congregation of different sects of religion survives to this day. It is a human condition to belong somewhere, to be needed and loved.

Sep 11, 2008

In the delivery room giving birth to my 2nd child

According to my ultrasound report my expected date of delivery is on July 22 but I know that it could be earlier than that so I’ve decided to have my maternity leave on July 7 so that I have already turn over all my work responsibilities before labor begins.

Labor begins on July 14, 2008 at 1:00 am. I was not sure that this could be it but I could not sleep because of the pain. Painful contractions come and go at 20 minutes interval then finally at 3:00 am the interval is already 10 minutes apart. At 5:00 am I text my father to give me a ride to the hospital at 8:00 am because it’s already very painful. At 5:30 am I called him to deliver me to the hospital right away because I felt the pain getting stronger. I was admitted in the hospital at 6:00 am and the doctor IE me to check the opening of my pelvic bone and she told me that it is still 3cm. I know that in order to deliver my baby the opening of my pelvic should be 10cm so it means it is not time yet. I was then brought to the labor room and wait for my personal doctor to arrive. I was admitted to a government hospital so as expected there are about ten pregnant women there awaiting there turn in the delivery room.

While there a gadget was fastened around my belly and I was asked to push on a button every time my baby moved. A midwife asked me personal questions to be filled up on my baby’s birth certificate. During that time the painful contractions got stronger and the interval got closer. Finally I was led to my bed while waiting for full term labor. While waiting I could not sleep because of the pain. I mean it is very painful unlike anything that I have experienced before. A student nurse assisted me during that time and when there were painful contractions I would put my hands on her arms and grip it just to lessen the pain that I am experiencing. I even asked to be sedated but they refused to do so because they have to wait for my personal doctor to arrive. So there I was bearing the pain and then finally there was little blood coming out of me. The painful contractions seem to be endless and there was no interval anymore just the pain until finally my water broke. During that time the resident doctor IE me and it turns out my pelvic was already 10cm fully dilated. I was moved to the delivery room and was told that my personal doctor is already coming.

I lay there in the most uncomfortable position that I ever have in my entire life. Fully conscious of what was happening to me. There were about 10 nurses and midwife including the resident doctor looking at my “you know what” while waiting for my doctor. My legs were widely spread apart and I was trembling because of the cold and the pain. My clothes were wet when my bag of water broke. Finally my doctor arrived and she told me that it is already time for me to give birth to my baby. Whenever my contractions come I push hard so that my baby will come out but it seems that I’m running out of breath. Each time I push harder I felt that I could not get her out of me. I’ve told myself that I should do this so that the pain will be over. One midwife helped me by putting pressure on my upper abdomen while I push then finally my baby come out of me. I felt relieved at last it’s over. I felt the needle while my doctor was stitching on my cut. I was then moved to my private room together with my baby. She was laid beside me and I could see her hands moving. I did not dare to sleep because I’m afraid that if I do she might fall. While we were on the way to my room I could overhear people say that my baby is cute. When we were already in the room I have seen my husband waiting there and I slept knowing that my baby is safe. I was admitted in the hospital at 6:00 am and gave birth to my baby at 10:15 am this four hours is one of the most memorable event in my life.

Sep 10, 2008

Back to work

Hello friends it has been two months already and I’m back. So much has happened to me in the months that I’m on maternity leave. I have given birth on the 14th day of July at 10:00 am to a beautiful baby girl who has a striking resemblance to my husband.

Last Monday I went to work and it was my first time to wear our new company uniform and thank God it fits me well. Like my first child I have not gained so much weight so my colleagues kept telling me that I look like I have never been pregnant. My lady co-worker even told me that I looked good like I was still single.

As soon as I’ve given birth to my baby girl I have used beauty products again to remove discolorations on my skin and finally I have my hair done. It feels good to see my old self again. Every woman likes to look and feel beautiful and I’m not an exception. I like to use beauty creams on my face especially a product that can make my skin whiter, fairer and younger. I have to face it that I’m not getting any younger so as much as possible I want to protect my skin from harmful rays to prevent wrinkles. Also moisturizer is really beneficial in preserving the youthful glow of our skin as well as SPF.

When I was pregnant I have avoided beauty products because I know for a fact that it can be harmful to my child. Beauty products in the Philippines are all loaded with whitening ingredients because that is what most women and man want. These products include whitening soaps, toners, moisturizers and lotions. I mean even underarm deodorants have whitening properties. So when I was pregnant I only use a mild soap and mild deodorants. I don’t even use make up or face powder the only thing I put on my face is a lipstick.

Jul 4, 2008

At 9 months pregnant and on Maternity leave

I'm already at my 9 months and believe it or not, I feel relieved and at the same time anticipating the pain of labor. Finally I will be able to wear my sexy clothes again after giving birth to my baby. I will also be able to get my hair done and also to be able to use beauty products again. I'm anticipating my baby girl and I hope everything will go well during labor. I pray everyday that everything will be fine for the both of us.

Starting monday I will have my Maternity leave, meaning I will be in our home until September taking care of my toddler and soon my baby girl. I hope my friends will still visit my blog even if it is still not updated until then. I'll miss you all..Take care and hope you will pray for me and my baby.

Jul 1, 2008

Could there be a world war III?

I and my husband have this topic one night, he ask my opinion on this. Well there is always a possibility but maybe never in our lifetime. I’ve told him there is already an endless war in the Middle East happening so there is a possibility. Looking at our advance technology today it’s a possibility that if world war III comes it might be the end of the world. I’ve asked my mother when I was just a child why there is a war and she told me a simple question as an answer. She said why do you and your brother quarrel? So at an early age I know that war happens because people don’t get along and decides not to compromise. Throughout history war happens because another wants dominion over someone’s property and it’s even true until today.

Another question is why do national leaders and presidents do this and decide to make war among nations? There is still a simple answer that is just human nature; they are just like us the only big difference is that they have the biggest responsibility that their choices and decisions can affect a whole nation. Their decision can affect a million people. Like us they are not exempted from human error. They are not exempted from anger, frustrations, greed and pride. So let’s just hope that the next time they make decisions they will think of their constituent before anything else.

Jun 30, 2008

Dealing with anger

Why do people get angry? Well people just get angry if they don’t get what they want or they did not get what they have expected to get. People get angry if they don’t get others to do what they want them to do. We may also get angry if we think that we have been dealt with unfairly but I supposed that is what life is.

How do you deal with anger? Some people whine, shout, cry or do terrible things but who do you think gets hurt in the end? Well it is still the one who gets angry. We may shout that life is unfair but does it change anything. Well nothing can really hurt you but yourself. Acceptance is the only key to this dilemma. Acceptance that you are not omnipotent but you are just one of the characters in a story called life. Accept life as it is and do what you can to change what you can. Just remember you can’t change anyone the only thing you can change is yourself. You can’t change the weather for one thing and certainly you can’t change someone because believe it or not they have a choice of their own. Their personality is a product of their life’s experiences, upbringing and even their inherited genes. Look at life positively; change the things that you can and accept the things or situation that you can’t change.

Jun 29, 2008

Marriage, Career and Motherhood

What I really liked about my job is it doesn’t require too much of me and it is not so stressful. It also gives me financial capacity to buy what I want for myself, a kind of freedom that I don’t have to ask my husband for everything. It is also an outlet entirely different from the home. It is a social surrounding for me where I get to interact with other people and to learn new things.

Marriage is one of my goals in life, why? It gives me a sense of direction and purpose. It’s a feeling that you belong to a family of your own and it offers me security and contentment. It is a feeling that at the end of the day you have someone to go home to and give you love and comfort. Motherhood makes marriage even better because a child binds you together even more. I noticed that a child can lessen stress in marriage especially in our relationship.

Balancing marriage, career and motherhood is not always easy but it can be done. When you are working you have to focus your mind in your work and do it well. When you go home you have to forget your work and focus your attention to your family. I’m a working mom so I don’t get to be with my child from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm five days a week so I make it a point to go straight home. I also noticed that when you spend quality time with your child it really matters. I have to feed him dinner and watch TV with him afterwards give him his good night hot bath and we sleep together. We have fun having pillow fights and I give him his nightly aromatic massage. In the morning when he wakes up he comes to our bed to lay with me and his papa for awhile and I hug and kiss him. I feed and bathe him before I go to work every morning. It becomes a routine for us. In this way he still feels me and my love for him.

In marriage the most important thing is communication, endearment and physical connection. Your career and motherhood takes your time away from your husband but quality time spent is more important than quantity. A simple call and text will do just to remind him that you are thinking of him. A kiss and hug every day is enough to make him feel that I love him. I make it a habit to say “I love you” in the morning and say it again in the evening when we went home from work.

Jun 28, 2008

Sudarshan Kriya – Breathing technique

Have you heard of Sudarshan Kriya? It comes from the Sanskrit words su (right), darshan (vision) and kriya (purifying action), It is a rhythmical breathing that allows a healthy and pleasant mind to produce positive chemical messengers that travel from the nervous system to the immune system. It is a fact that breathing reflects how one feels; it is affected by emotions. Breathing when happy is never the same when one is frightened. The Sudarshan Kriya reintroduces the natural rhythms of breathing before it was disrupted by a surge of negative emotions.

It’s quite true that thoughts and emotions have a powerful impact on the brain, affecting endocrine and the immune system. Chemical messengers called neuropeptides are released with each emotion. So a positive emotion affects the body in a positive way, improving resistance to disease and well-being. As always stress is a culprit to certain diseases so it’s important to fight it. Usually stress comes to us if we think to much of our future and the outcome of what we are doing today. We need to relax and be positive that everything will be okay. That is why I also like yoga exercises although it is entirely different to Sudarshan Kriya. One of its similarity is it promotes peace and relaxation.

Jun 27, 2008

Finally my 36th weeks

I’m so pleased that finally I’ve reached my 36th weeks and my baby will be okay if I give birth after this. My maternity leave will take effect on July 7, 2008 and according to my ultrasound report I will be expected to give birth on July 22-25, 2008. I will be expected to get back to work by September 8, 2008. I think I will give birth a week earlier like my first child. I have mixed emotions now as it comes nearer and my anticipation to see my baby is making me a bit nervous. I’m again thinking of the pain that goes with labor and as always I’m afraid of it. Well at least I’m not the only one who is afraid of it. I’m just hoping for the best and pray that everything will be alright and that the pain will be tolerable. I also hope and pray that my baby will be okay and normal. Finally I will see my baby girl in about 2-3 weeks from now.

Jun 24, 2008

Pregnancy at the 8th month

I’m already 8 months pregnant and will be at my 36th week this coming Friday. I will be relieved if I surpassed my 36th weeks because it would already be safe for my baby to be born after that time. This month is so uncomfortable because I can feel her weight and I already have backaches. It’s also difficult at night because I already have contractions and sometimes when she moves inside me I can feel pain. At night I often wake up because I have to urinate often because my baby already crowds my bladder. My varicose veins also got worse as my pregnancy progresses. My ankles and my feet swells and there is nothing I can do about it. It’s also difficult to pick up objects during this time and cleaning my nails on my feet is an acrobatic move. I’m so relieved that at least I have not experienced hemorrhoid again during this pregnancy that is because I eat papaya and avocado always. It helps prevent constipation aside from giving you vitamins, beta carotene and folic acid.

What I always dreaded about my pregnancy is that after 36th weeks my doctor will already perform IE and for me it’s the most painful and uncomfortable procedure aside from giving birth and pop smear in pregnancy. IE is a procedure where the doctor inserts her hand into your cervix to measure if it is already fully dilated. At 10 cm wide it is the right time to give birth to your baby. In my first child I have experienced my first IE and it’s very painful that I bleed a little and after two days my water broke and I give birth to my baby. I was administered with a medicine to induce childbirth because it would take to long for me to give birth naturally.

Anyway, even if I’m afraid I have to face this because there is no other way to get my baby and besides every mother have experienced it. My mother once told me that when you give birth to your baby it is like having your other feet buried six feet below the ground because just one mistake and you are dead. She told me that and I have four siblings so even if she knows the risks she still did it.

Jun 11, 2008

Strengthen your heart

Stress is the main culprit of heart diseases but we can’t deny that our lifestyle also contributes to it. There are just simple steps to maintain a healthy heart and here it is. Consume high concentrations of alpha-linolenic acid- a polysaturated fat from the same family of fatty acids found in fish. This good oil may decrease the risk of stroke and improves viscosity and clotting of blood.

You have to eat right the easiest way is to remove saturated fats also known as fats from animals in your diet and load up on vegetables and fruits. You can also eat oats because this fiber is proven to wash out bad cholesterol in our system. Drink plenty of water it helps maintain your body’s right ph. Did you know that dehydration and high levels of acidity in your body is a symptom of innumerable diseases?

Try to relax and don’t let stress get into you. You can try to take up a hobby, exercise program, meditate and relax or get yourself a pet. It will draw your focus toward affection and caring. You also need to have a regular exercise program. I can honestly say that I liked yoga because it’s stretching and breathing exercises helps me acquire balance. The meditation also helps calm my nerves and expel stress. A way to strengthen our heart muscles is to exercise so just make sure that you like your exercise program so you can stick to it.

Jun 1, 2008

My top ten list of father’s day gifts

I have a few suggestions for father’s day gifts that I know will make them feel special during this day. Here are my top ten lists:

1. Wrist Watch – You can choose a watch that can match up to their personality or it also depends on what occasion that they choose to wear a watch.
2. Neck tie – Choose color and design that match their work and interest, Don’t forget their favorite color
3. Perfume – I specially like a combination of musk and citrus scents but anyway choose a scent that you know they will absolutely like. Don’t forget they like scents that a woman would also compliment on.
4. Belt – I like leather belts, It looks good on anything and It’s classy too. Brown or black would complement any clothes. Combination of black and brown will also be classy.
5. Leather Wallet – Looks good and beneficial.
6. Cell Phone – It’s pretty expensive but I’ve receive this gift from my husband and it feels so good to receive this kind of gift. It’s quite useful too.
7. Handkerchiefs
8. Polo Shirt
9. White Shirts or White sleeveless shirts – He can use this every day
10. Brief or Boxer shorts

Don’t forget the most precious gift that you can give them is your time, love and affection. Actually hugs and kisses will do.

May 30, 2008

Upload or watch sermons online

This computer age has made communication easier for everyone because of the technology we have particularly the internet. Here we can easily get updated even if we don’t get to see television that often. I even noticed that the internet has become the source of news information in our local media television network. I’ve read and seen it first online particularly new innovations, scientific research and even international news. Now it even gets better because you can already hear and watch sermons online. This is beneficial to those who have a busy schedule because they can still hear the word of God by just a click of the mouse. If you are a pastor or if you want to spread the word of God thru your ministry you can upload sermons online. You can check the website click here

May 29, 2008

Love Q #5

Do you think a man should pay on the first date and if he doesn’t, what would be your impression of him? This is Love Q #5 and here is my comment. Once again this love Q was created by Tot’s mom on Love Q. let’s give mountain girl some link love.

Well, I think it really depends on who made the invitation. If the lady invited the man then she should initiate to pay but generally if the man is a gentleman and likes the girl romantically he will pay for their meal. If they are just plain friends they will pay their own meal regardless of who initiated the invitation. If a man invited a woman for a date then he would pay for their meal because he wanted to please his date. If he doesn’t pay for their meal then he blew his chance of dating her again. Honestly my impression of a man who will invite me for a date and expects me to pay for our meal is that he is a cheapskate and it will definitely be our first and last date.

May 28, 2008

Beauty Fixes found in your kitchen

Hello my fellow females and all beauty conscious out there. I have listed here some recipes that are very beneficial to our skin. It’s very easy to prepare right in your own kitchen at just the right budget.

Whitening Mask

Mix powdered milk with fresh lemon juice and leave the paste on your face for 10 minutes.

Detoxifying Body and Foot scrub

Mix honey with fine salt and gently rub in circular motion to your body and feet. Wash off after five minutes.

Moisturizing Facial Mask

Mix two tablespoons of mashed avocado with a tablespoon of honey and egg yolk. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Face Mask for oily skin

Mix oatmeal and water and apply on face. Leave on to dry and remove by gently rubbing off with fingers.

Relaxing bath soak

Mix 1 cup of water with 2 cups of milk and put to a boil. Then add honey to hot mixture. Mix ½ cup of fine sea salt and baking soda. Add some vanilla to mixture. Place in bath water and feel the calming soothing benefit of this relaxing bath.

Cooling astringent

Mash cucumber and use the juice as an astringent apply on to face using a cotton ball. You can gently massage the pulp for a cooling and soothing effect.

Conditioner for dry hair

Massage mayonnaise unto dry hair and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Shampoo after and rinse off with apple cider vinegar and water solution.

Relax and enjoy.

May 27, 2008

Common problems in pregnancy at 7th month

I’m already 31 weeks pregnant and I felt so much discomfort at this stage. My movement is already limited and my varicose veins are very painful especially when I stand up from a lying position at night and in the morning upon waking up. My varicose veins are at its worst condition during this pregnancy that my doctor opted for a cesarean section because there are also visible veins on my perineum. My first baby is delivered naturally and I had a quick healing recovery. I know that cesarean operation is a different story in terms of recovery because the wound is deeper and it will also leave an ugly scar. Anyway I have no choice but to accept it, it is an exchange for having my baby girl. Also I have to think about what’s best and safer for me.

At this stage I also noticed I easily get tired and out of breath especially when I climb the stairs to our office. My leg cramps also got worse especially at night when I stretch them. Also I can already felt the weight of my baby because of my backache and the pressure whenever she moved inside my wound. I can now easily see and feel her movement inside me. I have difficulty in my movements during this stage especially when I took care of my toddler because he is very active and playful I can’t seem to catch up anymore. It is also not easy to bathe and feed him the way I used to because my bulging tummy gets in the way. When I bathe him I squat and cautiously maintain my balance and also it’s harder to put him on my lap when I feed him because he would lean on my belly. Anyway I trained him to sit on the chair at meal time so that it will be much easier for the both of us.

May 23, 2008

Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?

This is my comment on a question posted by Tot’s Mom on Love Q. Well on my part it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all because what is the point of living if you have not experienced loving someone. Naturally it would hurt because it is the price of loving. Loving someone means to open up our self emotionally and in the process leaving us vulnerable.
It is when we care for that someone that we wanted to be involved in their life because we want what’s best for them. Sometimes we forget that they have a mind of their own and it is still their life and in the end it is still their decision that matters. It is also true that people just change their mind including their heart in loving someone. There are factors for these but the person who knows the reason is the one who have a change of heart.

These could be acceptable if there is still no marriage but once married it is a different story. The vow that the couples exchanged on their matrimonial ceremony is a pact for life. It is a decision that mirrors the person doing the contract and they must mean what they said during that day and their commitment must stay even if the feelings change. If love is just a feeling it is not considered true and it could just be lust and sexual attraction.

Now let’s get back to the main point why it is much better to love and lost than to never to have loved at all? I could not imagine my life without love because first of all I was born out of love. My parents loved each other and decided to have a family to love and cherish. Having me as a child brought them joy just like what my son has given me. So if my mother was a coward and decided not to marry my father then she could not have experienced the joy and the pain of motherhood. The joy and the pain of loving and be loved by someone who means the most to us. Although it may not last forever but what matters most is that we experienced it in our lifetime.

What I mean by this is I understand that we only have one lifetime to live when we die what will become of us? If we are Christians it is written in the bible that if we are faithful we will be given eternal life to live and serve the lord. It is also clearly stated in the Holy Scriptures that the eternal life that will be given to us will be different from that of our life here on earth. Entirely different that we will no longer need a husband or a wife, or a son or a daughter but we will live as one family of God.

May 22, 2008

Accidents happen

This morning on my way to the office I’ve seen the wreckage that is caused by the collision of an ambulance and a bus on our city’s busiest crossroad. It’s so sad whenever accidents happen because it would mean another life lost. Sadly accidents happen like a blink of an eye, it could have been avoided but it is too late because we could not change the outcome of our actions.

Last March I have also seen a motor accident when we were on our way to the hospital for my son’s check-up. I see a man carrying an unconscious boy soaking on his own blood into a public vehicle. When we were in the emergency room in the hospital waiting for my son’s doctor (her clinic was closed on a Sunday) we found out that the boy aged approximately 10-13yrs. old was also taken there and I could see her mother hysterically crying. A four wheeler truck and their motor vehicle have collided on the road. They said that an uncle and the boy were riding on their motorcycle when his uncle took a wrong turn. Sad to say that when his uncle found out about his miscalculation he jump away from the motorcycle leaving the boy behind. So the outcome the four wheeler truck also unaware of the impending obstruction hit the motorcycle with the boy in it. We also find out later that day that the boy died of multiple internal organ injuries.

Accidents happen when we are not taking precautions and we take a wrong turn or make miscalculations in our driving. We may also be driving too fast that we may not be able to foresee obstruction on our path and when we do it’s too late to stop. Sadly some vehicles are just a victim of other driver’s inaccuracy, it just happen that it was in the vicinity when the miscalculation occurs.

May 16, 2008

Staying Power

I have a book that I read when I want to be inspired. It is a compilation of inspirational articles by reader’s digest entitled “Keys to happiness” a guide to successful living. One of its articles entitled the way back by Fred Raymund Gilpatric discuss about his experience on a mental institution. He narrates that he was successful in his life until a tragedy struck his family that makes him stop living a normal life  and he chose to be locked up in a mental institution. He had it all in the past a successful career, a good reputation, an intelligent wife and two sons but all changed when his son committed suicide. There was no clear reason why it happened but later on his wife also committed suicide. After his wife died he left his friends and his career and locked himself up in a mental institution doing nothing. His other son went to the marines.

The doctors in the institution tried everything they can to help him but to no avail, until he was asked to stack up old books there. He was just doing what he was told and stacks the books on the shelf when a name caught his attention. A book by Dr. Fosdick interested him because he met this man before in his childhood years. He read his book entitled ‘The power to see it through every day until he came to the chapter entitled “staying power.”

It states that staying power is always associated with a certain integrity of conscience. Whatever else life may give or deny, one thing is absolutely indispensable – that a man should not break faith with himself; that he should keep his honor bright in his own eyes. He realized that he blamed himself for what had happened. He drowned in self-pity and broke faith with himself. The book also states that “Staying power is always associated with something greater than oneself, to which one gives loyalty – an object of devotion. He also realized that he has became selfish in just thinking of himself he forgot that his son had also experienced the tragedy but choose to continue on with life. He finally realized that he was such a coward to lock himself up. He decided to volunteer for a job in their local library and live his life again. This time he has no intention to earn more money but to continue living with a renewed purpose. When someone ask him if he will return to the mental institution again? He said that it will never ever happen because he will not break faith with himself and will always keep his honor bright in his own eyes.

Nowadays you will hear news about people who just give up on life and commits suicide. Whatever is their reason there is always hope and I wish that they will realize that they are not the only people who experience hardships and trials. There are people who experienced far worst in life but they remain steadfast and faithful. It is quite true that people became unwavering in the test of life if they have dedicated their life to others because they will think of the people that depended on them. Their main concern is the outcome of those people who needed them if they are already gone in this world.I am not here to judge but people who usually commits suicide are selfish because they only think about themselves.

“ A vital faith in God gives a man internal power, a spiritual vision from which divine companionship he draws replenished strength” taken from a book “The power to see it through” by Dr. Fosdick.

“All things work together for those who love God and are called for his purpose” taken from the bible Romans 8:28.

May 15, 2008

Our decisions and the path that we choose determines our life

Last May 1, Labor Day and also non working holiday, I went to my parent’s house for a visit. My older brother asked me this question during one of our conversation there while he was preparing our lunch. “How do you know that you love the person?” It’s quite normal for us to talk about anything because he knows that I have an opinion for everything. I told him my perspective “You know that you love someone when you are willing to sacrifice for that person.” He asked me again what I mean with sacrifice. I told him that you are willing to sacrifice your time, effort even money for that someone. You are willing to be selfless if need be.

He told me that he was in love with his girlfriend now and he is just wondering if she feels the same. Well I can’t answer his question because the person he should be asking is the girl. He asked me again “can long distance love affair work?” I told him that it really depends how much you trust the person because I cannot say that it won’t work or it can work out. I have a female friend and her husband works abroad and they are still together and I also know someone, her husband works abroad and now they are separated. You can never really know what will be the outcome of your relationship because people have a mind of their own and you can’t dictate their actions and that is just the risk you have to take.

I told him that he has some trust issues and I asked him frankly if he is insecure. My brother’s life is really complicated because he has been married before and he has one son. He has a problem with trusting his wife and frankly I can’t do anything about it because I can’t change his views. I know his wife because they lived with us during the early stage of their married life and I can’t say that she was unfaithful. Anyway I can’t also say that my brother was wrong with his views because I was not in his shoes. I know how she tried to save their relationship because my brother doesn’t have a regular job that pays well. She has to spend her earnings for their needs as a family from providing milk to my nephew to paying for the babysitter. Anyway to make this story short they have tried to save their relationship more than once but in the end they have parted ways. I don’t think they will ever be together again but who knows. I felt sad for our nephew but I can’t do anything about it. It’s not my life and whatever I say to my brother it is still his life and I can’t make choices for him.

Right now my brother stays the same, without a regular job and without a family of his own. He still lives with my parents. He has a job but it is not a stable company and he always complained about it. I tried to help him out in finding a well - paying job to the point of searching job opportunities on the internet and cutting pages on the classified ads on our local news but still he does not apply to any of them.

He told me that he is tired with his life and he wanted to settle down with his new girl friend. I told him to fix his marriage legally otherwise it would be impossible to marry his girl. I also told him to find a regular job to provide financially and stability to his new relationship. I hope he will change for the better and make the right choices to fix his life but unfortunately it was not mine to decide.

Update on my brother's career he already got a regular job.

May 14, 2008

Send a gift for Baby Marianne

This is just an experiment, I have not done this before but I’m just wondering how many people will respond to this and share their blessings to others. Any amount will do as long as it is given by the heart.

May 13, 2008

7th Month - Expecting my baby girl

Last May 3, 2008, I have my ultrasound and guess what I have a baby girl and I’m so happy because we already have two children a boy and a girl. My husband is so happy to know that finally he had a daughter. My father is also glad to know because it would be his first female grandchild considering he already had three male grandchildren.

Our doctor told us that we are so lucky to have her and indeed we are truly blessed to have children. I’m so excited to see her and at last I’m going to name her Marianne. I have told everyone that I was having a baby girl and they were all glad and told me that I’m so lucky. We already have her clothes and crib thanks to my sister for providing these things. Her baby is already 11 months old and no longer needed it. We have decided to add another bed in our room because we want our children to sleep with us. We only want two children to rear because we want them to share our love fully. It is so hard to raise more than two children nowadays because of our economy so we thought this is a wise decision. Money really matters in raising children because you have to provide for their needs especially when they will get to school. So we are just planning ahead.

May 12, 2008

Love Q

This love Q is created by tots . The question of the day is when it comes to love is it better to follow your head or your heart? Well, in my opinion it is wiser to use both. When I choose my partner I use my heart and my head because I was hurt before and I know how it was to lose our reasoning in terms of loving someone for the wrong reasons we ended up hurt. During our first meeting I was already attracted to him because he was chatty and handsome so I was using my heart in having a relationship with him. Early on our relationship when we have started dating I have already assessed the outcome of our relationship. In using my head, the qualities that I want for a partner are the following first of all he must be single, we must have the same religion, he must have a regular job, he must have a good reputation and a good family background, he must not smoke or gamble and lastly he must not be an alcoholic.

He has complied with all of these so we became what we are today. In the past four years that we have been together I cannot say that our marriage life was perfect. There also comes a time when I wanted to give up on us because of what I have gone through with him. I have experience heartache and failed expectations but still I kept my promise to God and to him to stay together as what we have exchanged in our marriage vows. I cannot say that I was happy all the time but I cannot also say that I was unhappy because life is like that it has ups and down. I have fully understood that we are only human and we have weaknesses and frailties. It helps that I use my heart in marrying him because I learn to forgive and accept him for what he truly is including his shortcomings and I can honestly say that I love him dearly and my love for him still stays the same. I can sincerely attest that having children really helps in strengthening our relationship because they are the first thing that comes to my mind whenever we are tested.

Apr 30, 2008

International Linkages

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Apr 29, 2008

To my fellow bloggers and friends

I'm trying a new look for my blog and I've downloaded a blogger template from an eblog website. I've tried to download it on blogger html but I'm still not skilled enough to know all the techno stuffs so I've lost all my widgets. This is for your information my friends so sorry for the inconvenience, right now I've settled for this template made by blogger. Atleast I have not lost my links. ,")

Apr 28, 2008

Extreme variation of poverty to riches

Yesterday I’ve watch Korina on television and I really like the house of Aramina (sexy actress) it’s so huge and colorful. If you ask me I would like to live in that house but I don’t think I could do the things she have done to get it. I know it’s more than hard work it involves being half naked in front of the camera and I could not do that I just don’t have the guts. There are a million ways to get millions but you just have to be brave, hardworking, determined, gutsy, and wise to get there. Hard work is not really enough you just have to be wise because I have seen people who are hard working and who grows old poor. Some people get rich because they grab the opportunity that was shown to them. Some people get rich by chance while some people get rich by their decisions in life.

Everything that we do has a trade off or exchange. People get what they want by trading something for it. If they work abroad they will trade off their time for family and friends. Here In our city you will notice that some huge beautiful houses are owned by a Japayuki (Filipino entertainers or workers in Japan) while some are owned by people who are working abroad or who have married a foreigner I would like to clarify when I said some, because not all Japayukis have a property worth millions. I asked several of these women why and they said that you could not get millions by your salary alone. So it would mean that it would require you to do some extra efforts to get more tips from your mostly male costumers. There are also some huge beautiful houses worth millions that are owned by well-known successful businessmen or women.

Let’s get to the most interesting part, today I just read on our local news and it upsets me that some families are homeless and every night they will sleep on the park. I often wondered why there is a vast variation of poverty to that of the well-offs. I cannot say that opportunities are only given to some people and life has a way of choosing which one to give blessings to. The air we breathe and the life we have are already blessings and a chance to alter our life. I have seen the movie “the pursuit of happiness” it is so inspiring because it narrates about the true story of a once homeless man who became rich. I have seen his courageous efforts, his firm determination and the risk he take to get what he wanted. Truly Self-confidence and our life’s decisions can get us to where we want to be. There are countless stories of people who have nothing in the beginning and who have something in the end. My grandmother’s story is one of this and I think I’m going to bore my readers by narrating her story here. So the main point of this post is we are the ones who make our life, situation can hamper us but we are the ones who can stop the journey of our life. Life can close its door on us but we can open the window and if there is no window we can always dig a hole for our way out.

Apr 24, 2008

At 6th month pregnant

I want to record my pregnancy stage by stage for my future reference. So since I haven’t recorded the 1st month up to the 4th I’m taking this opportunity to write about it. I think it was sometime in October that the 1st stage of conception happened. It was during that month that we transferred to another bigger and much comfortable house near my In-laws. I found out that I was pregnant sometime in November. I wondered why I haven’t had my menstruation since October so I purchased a pregnancy kit. I have mixed emotion during that time when I found out that it was positive because I think it was too early to get pregnant again. My son is just one year and ten months old that time and I thought we are not yet financially capable for another responsibility. I was worried of the additional expenses that this would cost us. I’m thinking about the hospital bills, cost of the infant formula and babysitter. Worrying doesn’t solve anything so there is no other way to deal with this but to accept and to find other means to support this family.

On the 1st month I noticed that I crave for barbecued chicken liver and I easily get cough and colds. I also observed that I like to sleep a lot. I have my medical check-up during this month but the baby’s heartbeat is still not visible so my OB-Doctor advised me for an ultrasound. It was in February on my birthday that I decided having the ultrasound. The baby is already at its’ 3rd month and I can see its’ heart moving with every beat on the monitor. It is my first sight of my baby and I can’t explain how it feels like, all I know is my happiness is beyond compare. Its’ gender is still not visible according to the doctor so I still don’t have any idea.

At the 6th month I have my medical check up just last Saturday and I have heard my baby’s heartbeat and it moves inside my womb as my Doctor inspected my belly. My Doctor smiled as she feels it moving and upon hearing its’ heartbeat she told me that the vital signs of the baby is very good. She injected me with anti-tetanus vaccine and prescribed Daflon that I should take in one month for my varicose veins. She also advised me to have another ultrasound next month.

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Apr 23, 2008

My toddler learns to say mama

This week I have a very nice surprise when I got home from work. My toddler called me mama for the first time. He used to call me and my husband papa but now he already knows the difference and it feels so good to be called mama. He also learns some additional words like bird, milk, shoes, nanay, tita, lolo and jollibee. I placed an alphabet poster in our bedroom and from time to time I read it loud to him while pointing at the alphabet and the visuals that it represents. I said A as in Apple and so on. I was really amazed when he points at the milk and said milk and points at shoes and said shoes. I’m so glad that my son is learning to talk already but in other times he just babbles. There are also times when he talks to me and I don’t really understand anything he says so I just nod like I understand him just to encourage him to talk more.

Every morning when he wakes up I smiled at him and he smiles back at me. I ask him how his sleep was and he kisses me and I also tell him to kiss his papa and he does. Having a child is the best gift life has given me and I thank God everyday for this.

Apr 21, 2008

Self-Healing facts

Healthy lifestyle is needed to maintain good health. You have to watch what you eat and don’t let stress affect your life. These are just some of the basic facts about health, beauty and wellness.

Vitamin c is needed to maintain healthy skin and avoid scurvy and since Vitamin C is water soluble there is no real overdose because it can be released through our urine within an hour. It is also proven to boost our immune system and prevent mild infections like colds. Another point to remember Vitamin A is our best protection from cancer.

The human body is also capable of self healing provided that you have a healthy lifestyle. It is said that our lifestyle can cause or prevent a disease. In prevention natural medicine may enhance a person’s general health and longevity. These are the factors that contribute to greater well-being: Stress management, high-nutrition diet, exercise and a proactive health regimen.

The main food of the brain is glucose that comes from carbohydrates. Other food for the brain are fruits, vegetables, Poultry (lean meat) dried beans (legumes and peanuts), walnuts and almonds, fatty fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel, shellfish); and fish oil capsules. Limit consumption of the following: sugar, sodium, processed foods.
Fight depression by eating more fish. Moods are directly influenced by fish oil. High levels of fish oil like Omega 3 fatty acids in the blood resulting from eating more fish lead to high levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a feel good hormone released by the brain

Apr 18, 2008

Of Life and death

This year I have visited two funerals but it’s not from my own near relatives. It’s the interment of my husband’s grandma and also from his aunt. Their death happened just two to three weeks of each other. His Grandma died from old age while his aunt died from a car accident. I peek from his grandma’s coffin but I did not dare to look at his aunt’s. I’m afraid to look at death’s worst angle I suppose. At these funerals there are three of us who are pregnant; they are his cousin and his sister-in-law.

Life has really a way of replacing the old with the new. Just this month his cousin and his sister-in-law gave birth to baby girls. If we don’t have a religion we might never have an idea where do souls of the dead go and where the souls of new born came from. Then again it is just one of the mysteries of life and since we are to busy dealing with our day to day living we don’t have time to know everything about it. If we have time we may never really solve life’s mystery while we are still alive and the only way we know about it is when death comes to us. If that happens the mystery of life ends with us because we can’t tell anyone about it, because dead people don’t talk to the living. If they do no one still believes anyway.

Apr 9, 2008

Banana shake

Banana shake

1 cup peeled and sliced bananas
2 cups crushed ice
½ cup simple syrup( equal parts of sugar and water, heated until sugar dissolves)
½ cup milk
2 tbsp. chocolate syrup

Place all ingredients except chocolate syrup in a blender. Blend until mixture forms a thick icy slush.
Swirl chocolate around inner walls of a shake glass. Pour shake into a glass and serve with a straw.

Bangus Salad

Bangus Salad(Milk fish)

Made from sweet potatoes and mixed with smoked bangus

25g Kamote, Yellow
25g Kamote, Violet
25g Baguio beans
25 g tomato
15 g shallots
½ pc red egg
75g bangus fillet
5g iodized salt
5 g ground black pepper
50 g lettuce (lolo Rossa)
75 g Vinaigrette sauce

Vinaigrette Sauce
200g corn oil
20 g garlic
5 g iodized salt
5 g ground black pepper
20 g vinegar

Mix all boiled vegetables together with chopped shallots and add half a cup of vinaigrette sauce, season with salt and pepper and serve on a bed of lettuce

Parent's Responsibility

I can still remember when my papa and me debate or discuss on issues. We always have different views on things and we discuss it without having an argument even if we don’t settle on the same beliefs. One particular issue that proves that he is correct but I suppose during that time I disagree with him is the fact that a parent’s responsibility to nurture or care for his/her child continues as long as the parent is alive. I disagree with him during that time because I presume that when the child grows up to be mature individual, one is already capable to care for her/his life and does not need their parent anymore. Through my experience it only proves that my father was right. It happened when I have undergone operation on my goiter, I was single and 22yrs old then. I already have a regular job and the operation was paid for by my insurance.

It was the time I felt so helpless because my mother takes care of me in the hospital to the extent of changing my diapers. I don’t want that to happen to me because I always want to be independent but sometimes life could be harsh just to prove a point.

We always need guidance and the person who knows best is the ones who experience life before us. I have read on the news and seen on TV, stories of rebellious and misguided teenagers and reading on their profile I realize that they have become like this because their parents are just too busy to provide them everything material. It is always a responsibility of the parent to provide for their children’s needs but sometimes they overlook the most important part. Attentions, affection, touch of endearment and guidance these are the most important elements of raising a child. I remembered when I was still in high school when my papa comes home everyday he always look for me and hug me tight this only took him just one minute and even for just a little of his time I felt his love. Even today when I come to visit their home he would still embrace me and my child and ask me how I was and it still means a lot to me.

I have done this to my child and to my spouse as well. Everyday when I came home from work I make it a habit to embrace them just to make them feel that I love them dearly. I am also certain that my child will learn from this and will also shape his character into a loving person.

Taking care of my toodler

My son, Zen is already 2yrs old and 3 months now. He is such a sweet boy and I still call him baby. Every morning when he wakes up, he hugs and kisses me even if we are still in bed. His frequent word is Papa which means papa or mama, or sometimes apa-pa which means where is papa or where is mama. He calls both of us this way, I have never really figured out why he doesn’t call me mama yet. My son is a sickly child with mild asthma that is why it’s very difficult for my part as a working mom. If only I have a choice to maximize our earnings without going to work 8 hours a day for five days. If given a choice I want to work only part time even if just three times a week or even just four hours a day to have more time for my child. I’m also thinking of having a home based business that would earn more than the usual corporate career woman’s salary but it seems impossible considering the economic situation of our country.

Zen is still learning to talk and there are times when he talks to me in words that I just could not understand. I just take note on his body movements in particular to where he points an object or in other times he holds my hand and leads me to where that object is. I also notice that when he wants to go out he would say “shoes?” and pick up his shoes and pull my hand. That would mean he wants to wear his shoes and go out of the house. As much as possible I make it a point not to spank him if he has done something wrong instead I tell him that what he is doing is wrong in a strong and serious manner. I firmly believe that a child learns in a manner of experience. I want my child to be fearless in the future and never afraid to learn and to discover the goodness of life. I read about this phrase in my mom’s house, she put the frame in the living room.


If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn.
If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight.
If a child lives with shame, he learns to feel guilty.
If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient.
If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy.
If a child lives with encouragement, he learns confidence.
If a child lives with fairness, he learns justice.
If a child lives with security he learns to have faith.
If a child lives with approval, he learns to like himself.
If a child lives with acceptance and friendship he learns to find love in the world.

It rings true for me and I plan to raise my child this way.

Mar 18, 2008

A tribute to my loving husband

This post is dedicated to my loving husband. I know that like all marriages we are not always assured that we will stay the same in about 20 – 40 years together but my wish and prayer will always be for us to love and respect each other no matter what. We have known each other for four years already but been married only for about two years and five months so it’s still too early to predict what will become of our future together.

It’s really alarming when I heard of failed marriages that’s been built for more that 10 years and I’ve publish these thoughts about you now to always remember your goodness and to be reminded always of the things that you have done to our young family.
Now that I’ve been pregnant my husband has perform almost all of the household chores from cooking to doing the laundry and I have not heard him complain. He never smokes and never goes out drinking beer. Now that his doing the night shift in his job he goes home at 1:00 am just to be with us because he knows that I will go to work early in the morning. He takes care of our toddler when I go to work because we don’t have a babysitter.

I have realized that when a wife is angry with her husband she learns to forget all of his goodness and focuses more of his frailties, as much as possible I don’t want to be like that in the future.

“You are to me the most handsome guy that I have fallen in love with and am always filled with glee in anticipation that I will come home to you everyday. I’m so glad that you became my husband and I have not regretted doing so. Now that we have not enough riches in the world to live in a mansion and to go to exciting places I still am in love with you. Even if sometimes we run out of money to spend I still feel the same. "

"I have seen your reassuring smile that everything will be okay and that gives me the assurance and belief that we can still get through this. Your care, smile, support, respect, acceptance, trust and love have made me a better person. Thank you for everything. “

Mar 14, 2008

Surviving pregnancy

Thank God for Fridays, At least I got to rest for two days. Pregnancy as always is not easy to bear, I felt always tired and sleepy. I also have food cravings and it’s a relief that weight maintenance is always not my problem. I’m just gifted with a slender figure and I never experienced dieting and I eat anything I like. Since college I always has a slim figure, my average weight is 95lbs and at nine months pregnant with my first child I only weight 120 lbs.

This week I was having a hard time because I got cough and colds. My child also got sick so I have to take care of him especially at night because he perspires easily and I have to change his wet shirt often. You see we don’t have air conditioner and in our country the climate is hot even at night. At five months pregnant now I can sense my baby moving inside me and I can already feel my baby’s weight as I move around. My varicose veins also got worse and noticeable. It’s painful especially at night when I shifted my position as I lay in bed.

It seems that the biological features of females are built strong enough to carry a new life and that is also the very essence of a woman. It comes as a relief, when I think of my baby it seems to lessen the uncomfortable feelings that I’m experiencing right now. I’m excited to know the gender and to see the physical features of my baby. Will this baby get my features or his dad’s appearance? I hope he/she will not get it from his grandparents like my first child. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with my parents but it seems that when we went out to church or to other places people seems to notice the difference of our features to that of our boy. My son has a striking resemblance to my father and his Japanese ancestry. I get my features from both of my parents but much more from my mom.


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