Jun 24, 2008

Pregnancy at the 8th month

I’m already 8 months pregnant and will be at my 36th week this coming Friday. I will be relieved if I surpassed my 36th weeks because it would already be safe for my baby to be born after that time. This month is so uncomfortable because I can feel her weight and I already have backaches. It’s also difficult at night because I already have contractions and sometimes when she moves inside me I can feel pain. At night I often wake up because I have to urinate often because my baby already crowds my bladder. My varicose veins also got worse as my pregnancy progresses. My ankles and my feet swells and there is nothing I can do about it. It’s also difficult to pick up objects during this time and cleaning my nails on my feet is an acrobatic move. I’m so relieved that at least I have not experienced hemorrhoid again during this pregnancy that is because I eat papaya and avocado always. It helps prevent constipation aside from giving you vitamins, beta carotene and folic acid.

What I always dreaded about my pregnancy is that after 36th weeks my doctor will already perform IE and for me it’s the most painful and uncomfortable procedure aside from giving birth and pop smear in pregnancy. IE is a procedure where the doctor inserts her hand into your cervix to measure if it is already fully dilated. At 10 cm wide it is the right time to give birth to your baby. In my first child I have experienced my first IE and it’s very painful that I bleed a little and after two days my water broke and I give birth to my baby. I was administered with a medicine to induce childbirth because it would take to long for me to give birth naturally.

Anyway, even if I’m afraid I have to face this because there is no other way to get my baby and besides every mother have experienced it. My mother once told me that when you give birth to your baby it is like having your other feet buried six feet below the ground because just one mistake and you are dead. She told me that and I have four siblings so even if she knows the risks she still did it.

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