Jun 28, 2008

Sudarshan Kriya – Breathing technique

Have you heard of Sudarshan Kriya? It comes from the Sanskrit words su (right), darshan (vision) and kriya (purifying action), It is a rhythmical breathing that allows a healthy and pleasant mind to produce positive chemical messengers that travel from the nervous system to the immune system. It is a fact that breathing reflects how one feels; it is affected by emotions. Breathing when happy is never the same when one is frightened. The Sudarshan Kriya reintroduces the natural rhythms of breathing before it was disrupted by a surge of negative emotions.

It’s quite true that thoughts and emotions have a powerful impact on the brain, affecting endocrine and the immune system. Chemical messengers called neuropeptides are released with each emotion. So a positive emotion affects the body in a positive way, improving resistance to disease and well-being. As always stress is a culprit to certain diseases so it’s important to fight it. Usually stress comes to us if we think to much of our future and the outcome of what we are doing today. We need to relax and be positive that everything will be okay. That is why I also like yoga exercises although it is entirely different to Sudarshan Kriya. One of its similarity is it promotes peace and relaxation.

1 comment:

RoseLLe said...

i use lamaze method of giving birth to my two kids...may breathing technique but i forgot what it is called, baka yan nga yun.

anyways, that really helps.



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