Oct 20, 2010

Get Insured

   Life is full of uncertainties because you cannot predict the future and that is the reason behind, why there is a need to get insurance today. There are so many types of insurance available in the market such as life insurance, car insurance, house insurance, pet insurance and HGV insurance. Life insurance, car insurance and house insurance are already popular in the Philippines. Animal breeders usually buy pet insurance if their pets are of high quality expensive breeds. These pet owners insured their pets to protect their investments. Heavy Goods Vehicle Insurance or HVG insurance applies to vehicles that weigh more that 4 tons. Another term used for HGV is LGV. These vehicles are used to transport livestock and other bulky goods to other parts of the world. HGV is expensive so it is vital for it to be insured in order to protect both the vehicle and the goods against theft or any other unforeseen accident.

  Although most of these insurances are familiar to us, Insurance providers differ in inclusions and exclusions as well as in the terms and conditions of the agreement. There is a need to research the insurance provider and to know its track record before getting insured. It is important that they reply immediately to the clients request and queries as well as urgently process the insurance claims of the customers. Insurance premiums should also be reasonable and just right for the insurance claims proceeds.

Oct 18, 2010

October 2010 Certified Public Accountants Exam Results

Hello to all my fellow bloggers and fellow Accountancy Graduates here is the latest result of CPA examination this month.  I'm so glad that two of my officemates are conditional examinees.


Oct 13, 2010

Car Maintenance and safety

I’ve recently viewed repairpal.com today and I found out that the site contains useful information on car maintenance. They have also various reviews on auto repair shops on different locations such as Phoenix auto repair. I think having a car is a necessity nowadays because it is cost effective especially if you are always going somewhere. The site also has various reviews on different cars so it is a wise idea to look at it before deciding to buy another car. How do you like a ford escort? You can view a range of cars with their corresponding reviews on the site. The site also has a link on where to buy new or used vehicles for sale.

Car maintenance is really important to prolong the life of your vehicle. It is also imperative that the car parts should be replaced from time to time. Replacements of timing belt and water pump should be in mind for safety precautions. Aside from the car parts that I have mentioned here other parts should also be checked to ensure safety. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure safety on the road because it is a known fact that some accidents are a result of defects in the vehicle.

Oct 8, 2010

What about the Reproductive health bill?

I’ve read in the front page of our newspaper about the Reproductive health bill  and that many religious groups feel strongly against it. Well, it is expected because the majority of the Filipino people are Christians. The head of the Catholic Church is against the bill because the religion is against artificial contraceptives and anything that is related to it. The bill is primarily concerned with providing information on family planning and giving free contraceptives to the public. I think there is nothing wrong with the bill because everyone needs the right information on family planning and there is absolutely no coercion in choosing what method to use.

I have nothing against the Catholic Church because I was born to the catholic faith and I even attend masses but I think they have to know their limitations. They have to know that the Government has the responsibility on the welfare of its citizens while their responsibility is cultivating the faith of their members. The religious leaders have to open their eyes that there are many parents who are irresponsible in taking care of their children and who obviously needed family planning because they bear many children. You can even see it on the streets; there are many children who take care of themselves because their parents are obviously irresponsible.

If ask how many children would they plan to bear? Many of them would say it depends on how many children God will give them. I think it would be okay to answer this kind of question this way as long as the parent is responsible enough that they can take care of their children well. Being a responsible parent they should be aware of how many children they can afford to raise well and they should be aware if their income is enough to cater to the needs of their children.

The faithful are sometimes foolish because when they said that it depends on how many children God is willing to give them even without responsibly thinking if they could afford to raise them all, it is just believing that God will feed them even if they don’t do anything but pray for food.


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