Oct 20, 2010

Get Insured

   Life is full of uncertainties because you cannot predict the future and that is the reason behind, why there is a need to get insurance today. There are so many types of insurance available in the market such as life insurance, car insurance, house insurance, pet insurance and HGV insurance. Life insurance, car insurance and house insurance are already popular in the Philippines. Animal breeders usually buy pet insurance if their pets are of high quality expensive breeds. These pet owners insured their pets to protect their investments. Heavy Goods Vehicle Insurance or HVG insurance applies to vehicles that weigh more that 4 tons. Another term used for HGV is LGV. These vehicles are used to transport livestock and other bulky goods to other parts of the world. HGV is expensive so it is vital for it to be insured in order to protect both the vehicle and the goods against theft or any other unforeseen accident.

  Although most of these insurances are familiar to us, Insurance providers differ in inclusions and exclusions as well as in the terms and conditions of the agreement. There is a need to research the insurance provider and to know its track record before getting insured. It is important that they reply immediately to the clients request and queries as well as urgently process the insurance claims of the customers. Insurance premiums should also be reasonable and just right for the insurance claims proceeds.

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