Oct 29, 2008

How to remove baby's birthmark safely

After my baby was born I noticed that she had a birthmark on the left side of her forehead and it worries me because it was very noticeable. My Mother in law advised me to lick on her birth mark every 1:00 am or 2:00 am every day until it is gone. She said that her daughter also has a birthmark when she was still an Infant and she noticed that it grows larger so she licked it every morning before she brushed her teeth or eat anything. She was also advised by someone during that time and she couldn’t explain why it works but maybe there was a chemical in a mother’s saliva that can erase a birthmark.

It is a proven fact and today her daughter and my sister in law did not have a birthmark on her face. It should be noted that you can only erase the birthmark of your child when you started to lick on it while they were still a new born infant. Now I have also proven it because the birthmark of my child was also gone.

A birth mark will not cause a problem if it is not noticeable or if it is just in the body and can be hidden on their clothes. It can be a problem if it is spreading, growing or thickening. My first child has a birthmark too but it is just a small black spot on his left arm and it looks like a tattoo. The funny thing is that his aunt also has the same birthmark located on her right arm. I and my baby girl have the same birthmark located on the same spot and guess what it is located under our nose.

Oct 28, 2008

Baptismal Celebration

Last Oct. 19, 2008, my baby girl was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church. We invited four godfathers and four godmothers but there are only two godmothers and three godfathers who attended the event. There were about six children who were baptized during that day. My parents, In- laws and my siblings with their own family also attended the event.

While we waited for the priest to arrive the sister told us the importance of baptism and also the relevance of choosing the right godparents for the child. She said that the godparents should be a living example for the child. She explained to us the meaning of the lighting of the candles, pouring of the holy water on the head of the child and the applying of the holy oil on their forehead.

My own understanding of baptism is that when my child will be baptized it would mean that the original sin of Adam and Eve will be washed out and she will start out in a new life.
I also do believe that in baptizing her she will be open to the graces of God and her angels will look after her and thru their guidance she will grow up to be a good person. It will also mean that she will be given my religion and she will belong to something other than us. She will also belong to a community of worshipers sharing a common faith.

Oct 17, 2008

My baby girl got sick

Just last Saturday my baby girl was confined in the hospital with pneumonia and hyper active airway disease. It was the second time she was confined since birth, last August at one month old she was also confined in the hospital because of pneumonia and septicemia. Last August was really hard on me because my husband, my son and my baby got confined in the hospital. I mean not only is it difficult physically but financially as well.

Last Saturday we were with her to take care of her health. His father also takes a leave of absence because of his upper respiratory tract infection. Our whole family is sick of this kind of disease while Zen and I have colds as well. Zen has fever for three days and I presumed that it was due to his cough and colds but I later found out that he had a viral infection and thank god he is okay now. It really helps that I have him immunized last September with IPD vaccine because he easily recovered with his upper respiratory tract infection. At his age it cost less than the I.P.D. vaccine for infants and the interval of the vaccine is three years.

I have my baby girl immunized with h.i.b. vaccine but it was still a first dose so maybe her immune system is still not good enough to fight diseases. I could not afford to have her immunized with I.P.D vaccine because at her age it’s very expensive at three dosage and two months interval.

She was discharged from the hospital just last Tuesday and right now she is still sick with upper respiratory tract infection. Her doctor advised us to have her inhale with a nebulizer whenever she has difficulty breathing. Right now she is on medication with ambroxol and antibiotics.


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