Oct 28, 2008

Baptismal Celebration

Last Oct. 19, 2008, my baby girl was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church. We invited four godfathers and four godmothers but there are only two godmothers and three godfathers who attended the event. There were about six children who were baptized during that day. My parents, In- laws and my siblings with their own family also attended the event.

While we waited for the priest to arrive the sister told us the importance of baptism and also the relevance of choosing the right godparents for the child. She said that the godparents should be a living example for the child. She explained to us the meaning of the lighting of the candles, pouring of the holy water on the head of the child and the applying of the holy oil on their forehead.

My own understanding of baptism is that when my child will be baptized it would mean that the original sin of Adam and Eve will be washed out and she will start out in a new life.
I also do believe that in baptizing her she will be open to the graces of God and her angels will look after her and thru their guidance she will grow up to be a good person. It will also mean that she will be given my religion and she will belong to something other than us. She will also belong to a community of worshipers sharing a common faith.

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