Sep 8, 2010

Learning business strategies

I’m so happy that we are nearing the end of the 1st semester. We are finished with our business philosophy subject and last Sunday we are starting with our new subject which is Business research. I think my decision in taking up a Masters Degree is really right even if we are experiencing financial constraints at the moment. Raising a family, getting an MBA and having a career are difficult but it’s a blast if you have proper management of your time. As a person we really need to grow and the only thing to achieve that is to learn new things that can help you with your career. I think absorbing new knowledge is an exciting experience because it can change you positively.

During this semester, I’ve learned so many things because our instructor in Business Math has taught us well in utilizing our studies to our job in the corporate setting. Our Business philosophy subject has also opened our mind to business strategies. There are so many business strategies that you can use if you are still starting a business. The most important thing is advertising to let people know that your company exists. If you are selling products that you made, you can give craft business cards to people that you know. You can also distribute leaflets to random people. You can get business cards online and other promotional materials that can really help in starting your business.


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Reminder to everyone:

English is my second language so bear with me if my grammar, as well as sentence and paragraph construction is faulty. I am not writing to impress but simply to express my thoughts.

The opinion written here is solely mine and I have no intention to impose it to anyone for that matter. So as the title goes this is just my perception