Sep 23, 2008

Having my baby girl

There is a period of adjustment in our life as a family when my baby girl arrives. First of all my first born doesn’t understand why he is not the center of attention anymore and the first day that I have arrived from the hospital he doesn’t want to go near his baby sister. At night he doesn’t want to sleep with us and insist on sleeping with his grandmother this go on for one week. It is also a challenging role for me because I have to make time for the both of them. During the first month almost all my attention was on the baby and my toddler has a hard time adjusting to this new situation because he was accustomed to being the only one. There were times where he cries in his sleep and I was not available to comfort and hug him because I was busy feeding his little sister. He just cries and calls mama to no avail. I’m just so relieved that at least now he has already adjusted to our present condition and now he kisses and loves his baby sister.

I have come to realize that the more you have kids the more your attention and time is divided to cater to their needs. I suppose that is what a woman’s purpose is to give love provide comfort and take care of her children and husband. Having all of them, my husband, my son and my daughter makes me happy and content. I just smile just thinking of them and even feel energized everyday. I also realized that having a family especially having children has given me a purpose and direction in life. When I was single I did not have a goal and I feel like I was just floating with no direction and purpose. Life is so unfulfilling if you live only for your self but when you live it for others it becomes meaningful and gives you purpose. To my understanding it also explains why congregation of different sects of religion survives to this day. It is a human condition to belong somewhere, to be needed and loved.

Sep 11, 2008

In the delivery room giving birth to my 2nd child

According to my ultrasound report my expected date of delivery is on July 22 but I know that it could be earlier than that so I’ve decided to have my maternity leave on July 7 so that I have already turn over all my work responsibilities before labor begins.

Labor begins on July 14, 2008 at 1:00 am. I was not sure that this could be it but I could not sleep because of the pain. Painful contractions come and go at 20 minutes interval then finally at 3:00 am the interval is already 10 minutes apart. At 5:00 am I text my father to give me a ride to the hospital at 8:00 am because it’s already very painful. At 5:30 am I called him to deliver me to the hospital right away because I felt the pain getting stronger. I was admitted in the hospital at 6:00 am and the doctor IE me to check the opening of my pelvic bone and she told me that it is still 3cm. I know that in order to deliver my baby the opening of my pelvic should be 10cm so it means it is not time yet. I was then brought to the labor room and wait for my personal doctor to arrive. I was admitted to a government hospital so as expected there are about ten pregnant women there awaiting there turn in the delivery room.

While there a gadget was fastened around my belly and I was asked to push on a button every time my baby moved. A midwife asked me personal questions to be filled up on my baby’s birth certificate. During that time the painful contractions got stronger and the interval got closer. Finally I was led to my bed while waiting for full term labor. While waiting I could not sleep because of the pain. I mean it is very painful unlike anything that I have experienced before. A student nurse assisted me during that time and when there were painful contractions I would put my hands on her arms and grip it just to lessen the pain that I am experiencing. I even asked to be sedated but they refused to do so because they have to wait for my personal doctor to arrive. So there I was bearing the pain and then finally there was little blood coming out of me. The painful contractions seem to be endless and there was no interval anymore just the pain until finally my water broke. During that time the resident doctor IE me and it turns out my pelvic was already 10cm fully dilated. I was moved to the delivery room and was told that my personal doctor is already coming.

I lay there in the most uncomfortable position that I ever have in my entire life. Fully conscious of what was happening to me. There were about 10 nurses and midwife including the resident doctor looking at my “you know what” while waiting for my doctor. My legs were widely spread apart and I was trembling because of the cold and the pain. My clothes were wet when my bag of water broke. Finally my doctor arrived and she told me that it is already time for me to give birth to my baby. Whenever my contractions come I push hard so that my baby will come out but it seems that I’m running out of breath. Each time I push harder I felt that I could not get her out of me. I’ve told myself that I should do this so that the pain will be over. One midwife helped me by putting pressure on my upper abdomen while I push then finally my baby come out of me. I felt relieved at last it’s over. I felt the needle while my doctor was stitching on my cut. I was then moved to my private room together with my baby. She was laid beside me and I could see her hands moving. I did not dare to sleep because I’m afraid that if I do she might fall. While we were on the way to my room I could overhear people say that my baby is cute. When we were already in the room I have seen my husband waiting there and I slept knowing that my baby is safe. I was admitted in the hospital at 6:00 am and gave birth to my baby at 10:15 am this four hours is one of the most memorable event in my life.

Sep 10, 2008

Back to work

Hello friends it has been two months already and I’m back. So much has happened to me in the months that I’m on maternity leave. I have given birth on the 14th day of July at 10:00 am to a beautiful baby girl who has a striking resemblance to my husband.

Last Monday I went to work and it was my first time to wear our new company uniform and thank God it fits me well. Like my first child I have not gained so much weight so my colleagues kept telling me that I look like I have never been pregnant. My lady co-worker even told me that I looked good like I was still single.

As soon as I’ve given birth to my baby girl I have used beauty products again to remove discolorations on my skin and finally I have my hair done. It feels good to see my old self again. Every woman likes to look and feel beautiful and I’m not an exception. I like to use beauty creams on my face especially a product that can make my skin whiter, fairer and younger. I have to face it that I’m not getting any younger so as much as possible I want to protect my skin from harmful rays to prevent wrinkles. Also moisturizer is really beneficial in preserving the youthful glow of our skin as well as SPF.

When I was pregnant I have avoided beauty products because I know for a fact that it can be harmful to my child. Beauty products in the Philippines are all loaded with whitening ingredients because that is what most women and man want. These products include whitening soaps, toners, moisturizers and lotions. I mean even underarm deodorants have whitening properties. So when I was pregnant I only use a mild soap and mild deodorants. I don’t even use make up or face powder the only thing I put on my face is a lipstick.


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