Aug 25, 2009

The best dedicated server for your site

I think that if your site has enormous website traffic it is time to have an entire server for your site. The hosting provider monitors the hardware, equipments and network connectivity while granting you control over the server software. If you are searching for the best dedicated server then you might want to check out on the link here, this site has valuable information for webmasters because it has given ratings to various dedicated servers base on their performance. The website hosting is rated based on the best price to value ratio, host reliability, uptime, key features, customer support, past and current user feedback, user friendliness and hosting awards received.

Aside from providing valuable information on the best dedicated servers available for webmasters to choose from the site also have important information regarding tips on website development and SEO on their blog. I have read a useful article on how to invest on a domain name. It provides useful tips on choosing the best domain name for your site such as using a domain name that has longevity and will stay relevant regardless of the trend. It also states that choosing .com because it is the most popular top level domain so securing the extension should be the first move. Don’t forget that choosing a domain name that is easy to remember and powerful is the best advice ever.

The million pesos meal

Another controversy for the President is raising rage among her people. Amidst the financial crisis of the Filipino people the President is seen eating in a posh restaurant in the United States of America together with her constituents eating a one million pesos meal. She denied that she did not pay for the meal but I think even if someone paid for the meal then it is still much better if that someone is not a politician otherwise it sill still raise an eyebrow because where else could a politician earn his income? It is the same thing because politicians earn their living from the people of the Philippines.

Aug 13, 2009

Dining Table for our new house

Finally we have already applied for a Housing mortgage in the neighborhood that we liked. We are interested in the lot because of the neighborhood and the easy accessibility to the malls and other important establishments. We have decided to have three bedrooms for our dream house. The floor plan for our house is already given to us by my husband’s sister. I have told her that we wanted a dining room and a dirty kitchen. I would like this dining table that I have posted here for our dining room. I think its intricate modern urban design would be great to our new house. I think choosing Dining Tables can affect the entire appearance of your house so it is very important to select the right one.

Aug 5, 2009

Baby girls with 2 heads and I body

Baby girls Arciaga was born last Tuesday, July 28, 2009 in Jose Fabilla Memorial Hospital, Manila. The conjoined twins were under observation until now because of their delicate condition. It was the first time for the hospital to have conjoined twins to be born there.

Aug 4, 2009

Allergy from the sun

When I was still in high school I have this classmate who had an allergy from the sun. During flag ceremony we would go out under the sun for about five to ten minutes everyday and I’ve noticed that her skin became intensely red and the rashes fused together. An allergic skin condition that occurs after exposure to the sun is called photocontact allergy or photo hypersensitivity. This is a reaction of the sun’s ultraviolet rays with deposited or accumulated chemical substances in the skin. The most common culprits are antibacterial or skin whitening components in bath soaps, scented lotions, medicated or bleaching creams. There are also some medicines like antibiotics or vitamins that can produce photocontact allergy. The rash notably develops only on the sun-exposed parts of the skin.since the allergic reaction is triggered by exposure to the sun rays.

Once you know the substance that can trigger this allergy, you should completely avoid using it. Be aware that this substance can be a component of soap or cosmetics or anything being applied to the skin or in the medications that you are taking. Avoid sun exposure, especially while the active compound that triggered your allergy is still present. Before going out, apply sunscreen lotion to all exposed parts of your body.

Aug 3, 2009

Goodbye to former President Aquino

Sadly Former President Corazon Aquino pass away last Saturday Aug 1, 2009, but I think people had expected this to happen with stage 4 colon cancer only a miracle can make her live. No matter what she still lives not with us but within our hearts and she will be remembered forever because of the important role she took in giving back democracy to our country. She was he first woman president and the only one who run against the dictator President Marcos. She was also not a political person but a woman who runs for presidency for noble reasons and not for political agenda like most politicians. She was just a humble housewife who took the place of her slain senator husband to run against Pres. Marcos. Her courage should be a candle that burns every Filipino’s heart to be noble and patriotic to our country. I hope we could learn from her and hope that we will vote for the next president who has the same noble reasons, I hope a president who runs not for his or her own gain but for the country.

A(h1n1) is closer to home

I think I’ve got to apologize to my readers because I have not posted for awhile, my monitor got busted and I’ve been preoccupied so I haven’t got the time to have it replaced until this Sunday. As you can see in the picture that I’ve posted now A(h1n2) is now closer to home and I think nothing is going to stop the spread of the disease. Last Saturday, my husband got vaccinated with pneumo23 a vaccine for prevention of pneumonia. You see my husband is one of the high risk persons because he has a rheumatic hearth disease. So for prevention we decided to have him immunized with pneumococcal vaccine to avoid complication if ever we will be infected with the A(h1n1) flu. My son was already immunized with pneumococcal vaccine so I don’t have to worry about him but my daughter is yet to be vaccinated so I need to be careful until then. Anyway she already has her flu shot this year so I need not to worry. I’ve decided to buy flu vaccines for me and my husband because it cost less than to actually go to the clinic for a flu shot. We will just go to the hospital with the vaccines because they don’t charge for the injection.

I think aside from the immunizations we need to eat nutritious food and take up vitamin supplements to strengthen our immune system. If we prepare for this disease we will not be taken for surprise and we sill not regret whatever happens because we have done all the precautionary measures to protect our family no matter what.


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