Aug 3, 2009

A(h1n1) is closer to home

I think I’ve got to apologize to my readers because I have not posted for awhile, my monitor got busted and I’ve been preoccupied so I haven’t got the time to have it replaced until this Sunday. As you can see in the picture that I’ve posted now A(h1n2) is now closer to home and I think nothing is going to stop the spread of the disease. Last Saturday, my husband got vaccinated with pneumo23 a vaccine for prevention of pneumonia. You see my husband is one of the high risk persons because he has a rheumatic hearth disease. So for prevention we decided to have him immunized with pneumococcal vaccine to avoid complication if ever we will be infected with the A(h1n1) flu. My son was already immunized with pneumococcal vaccine so I don’t have to worry about him but my daughter is yet to be vaccinated so I need to be careful until then. Anyway she already has her flu shot this year so I need not to worry. I’ve decided to buy flu vaccines for me and my husband because it cost less than to actually go to the clinic for a flu shot. We will just go to the hospital with the vaccines because they don’t charge for the injection.

I think aside from the immunizations we need to eat nutritious food and take up vitamin supplements to strengthen our immune system. If we prepare for this disease we will not be taken for surprise and we sill not regret whatever happens because we have done all the precautionary measures to protect our family no matter what.

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