Oct 29, 2009

Whale shark dies in Manila Bay

Fishermen found the largest fish in the planet known as the whale shark dying on Manila Bay to read on the story click on the link above. Apparently they said that there was an offspring near the shark during the time they were towing it to shore. The coast guard said that there were no external injuries on the shark’s body. I think if that is the case then maybe it could be something else. The autopsy was performed and it was found out that there were plastic sheets and rusty nails inside the creature’s belly. Right now they were searching for the offspring of the whale shark to keep it safe from more danger. I pity the whale shark because I know it is a harmless giant shark and eat mainly plankton. I’m especially worried about its offspring which they said is only 2 feet long. In its young age it is already alone in the vast ocean. I hope it can find someone of its own kind. I hope this could be a lesson to urge everyone to clean and save the environment because the animals are suffering because of our mistakes.

Oct 27, 2009

Trouble sleeping?

There are a number of things you can do to have a relaxing sleep at night such as reading your favorite book or magazine, watching your favorite movie and drinking a glass of milk. I hope you know that the very thing that can give you a good night sleep is a cozy, comfortable bed just like the one I’ve posted here. I think Platform Beds are a good investment if you really value a good night sleep. You can view the above link for valuable idea on purchasing the right bed for your bedroom. The highest quality of fiber or foam is what makes a durable, comfortable and soft bed that will ensure a good night sleep. Anyway don’t forget to say a little prayer before sleeping it always relieves stress and drives your worries away.

My baby girl’s dancing moves

I’ve noticed that my baby girl likes to watch mix music television and dance with the music. She likes to dance to the tune of genie by girls generation, a Korean girl group. She also like to watch wowowie on tv and dance with the ASF dancers particularly luningning and mariposa. My baby girl is now 1yr and 3 months and she already likes to peek a boo with me and her brother. I can just remember when she was still a little baby and now she has already grown up. When she dances, she sways her hips from side to side and waves her little arms as well. She would also like to spin around while dancing but I always stop her because I know she would become dizzy.

Oct 26, 2009

Is it time for you to get another domain?

If your answer is yes then you might want to visit this site about web hosting. The site has updated review on top ten web hosting service and I think this is very useful if you are searching for a new web hosting service. These top ten web hosting service for 2009 includes free domain registration and a 30 day money back guarantee. For the information of everyone the providers were ranked by these following qualities, host reliability, key features, customer support, past and current feed backs, user-friendliness and as well as bonus features. If you wanted to know more about these top ten web-hosting providers you might want to check out the link above.

This site also has useful information on creating your blog. I have read about web hosting service on their blog. It has useful information on the advantages of a paid web hosting over free web hosting service . You might want to check on the link for more information. In my opinion it is okay to choose a free web hosting service if you are starting out but you have to be wise in doing so. You must choose a web hosting service that has friendly and easy to maneuver systems, programs and make sure that there are no pop up advertising. Pop up advertising can be very annoying to your visitors so it is best to avoid it If you want to really earn seriously you must be able to buy the domain of that web-hosting service in the near future.

Unleash your creative mind

I’ve just been thinking do you think life is fair? I’ve seen people who are very poor and in contrast I’ve also seen rich people living in the same neighborhood particularly on our new home. I cannot also say that all those people who became rich came from rich parents because that is not always the case. When I’ve heard and have seen people who have been down there and I’m quite glad that they have become rich because they can be a good example to those who aren’t. They are a living example that people can rise out of poverty.

Anyway in my opinion everyone is given a chance to improve their life. It is only in using the available resources and grasping the opportunity that comes our way that we can somehow improve our way of living. What I’ve written here seems to be so easy because everyday we come across resources and opportunities but not everyone can really recognize it. One example is the true story of a former barber who became rich because of his invention of a liquid solution that can remove skin warts for aesthetic purpose. Well, according to him, one day he just remembered her mother telling him that the cashew nut can scald the skin because its sap can create heat. This gave him an idea and the rest is history. Anyway to make everything clear you don’t have to get a degree to be rich, all you have to do is to unleash your creative mind to be able to create something that everyone can use.

Oct 21, 2009

Free Downloads on the net

Do you like to watch movies and listen to music? If you do, then would you like to have free downloads on these? I’ve recently viewed a torrents download on the net with lots of valuable downloads such as movies, music, software, e-books and games. If you don’t have any idea what a torrent file is then I’ll tell you about what I know. A torrent file can be thought of as a bookmark to a file that is stored on the hard drives of many users around the globe.

When you open a torrent file, you begin downloading different parts of the file from everyone who is sharing it. When you begin to download the file, another user will start to download pieces of the file from your computer. Torrents are a great way to download music, movies and whatever else you want from the net. In opening Torrent files select the program Bittorrent or whatever program from the list and don’t forget to use virus scan and enjoy.

We moved

Finally our housing loan mortgage was approved and we have finally decided to move into my family boarding house. The unit that we took needs major improvement because apparently the former owner of the foreclosed unit has destroyed the house. The house was totally ruined with no ceiling and partitions as well as plumbing and electrical wiring. So since we still don’t have the resources to build our dream house we decided to move to my family’s boarding house because we could not afford to rent an entire house like we use to since the monthly amortization of our housing loan has already started.

My family has been adjusting to this situation because as of this moment we are sharing the house with my parent’s boarders unlike before where we have rented an entire house for ourselves. Right now we are occupying three rooms, one for my family, one for the housemaid and one entirely for our stuffs. We are sharing the living room, the kitchen and the comfort room with the boarders. If our other loans will be paid that would be about 4 years from now, we are planning to build our dream house by acquiring another loan.


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