Oct 29, 2009

Whale shark dies in Manila Bay

Fishermen found the largest fish in the planet known as the whale shark dying on Manila Bay to read on the story click on the link above. Apparently they said that there was an offspring near the shark during the time they were towing it to shore. The coast guard said that there were no external injuries on the shark’s body. I think if that is the case then maybe it could be something else. The autopsy was performed and it was found out that there were plastic sheets and rusty nails inside the creature’s belly. Right now they were searching for the offspring of the whale shark to keep it safe from more danger. I pity the whale shark because I know it is a harmless giant shark and eat mainly plankton. I’m especially worried about its offspring which they said is only 2 feet long. In its young age it is already alone in the vast ocean. I hope it can find someone of its own kind. I hope this could be a lesson to urge everyone to clean and save the environment because the animals are suffering because of our mistakes.

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