Oct 26, 2009

Unleash your creative mind

I’ve just been thinking do you think life is fair? I’ve seen people who are very poor and in contrast I’ve also seen rich people living in the same neighborhood particularly on our new home. I cannot also say that all those people who became rich came from rich parents because that is not always the case. When I’ve heard and have seen people who have been down there and I’m quite glad that they have become rich because they can be a good example to those who aren’t. They are a living example that people can rise out of poverty.

Anyway in my opinion everyone is given a chance to improve their life. It is only in using the available resources and grasping the opportunity that comes our way that we can somehow improve our way of living. What I’ve written here seems to be so easy because everyday we come across resources and opportunities but not everyone can really recognize it. One example is the true story of a former barber who became rich because of his invention of a liquid solution that can remove skin warts for aesthetic purpose. Well, according to him, one day he just remembered her mother telling him that the cashew nut can scald the skin because its sap can create heat. This gave him an idea and the rest is history. Anyway to make everything clear you don’t have to get a degree to be rich, all you have to do is to unleash your creative mind to be able to create something that everyone can use.

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English is my second language so bear with me if my grammar, as well as sentence and paragraph construction is faulty. I am not writing to impress but simply to express my thoughts.

The opinion written here is solely mine and I have no intention to impose it to anyone for that matter. So as the title goes this is just my perception