Apr 17, 2010

Extra help if you don't have a computer

I have a hard time at work because my computer got busted last month and until now it is not yet available for use. Our EDP dept. told me that the hard disk is already damaged and we need to buy a new one.  It is a relief that we had a computer at home because I just bring my work to encode in my computer.  When I really need a computer at work I just have to use my officemate’s computer but since they really have to use it for themselves I just use it when the work is really urgent.  It is kind of a stumbling block in my career well, a really big one because all of my files in the computer are gone.  This means I have to encode all of my files in my computer if the new hard disk is already installed.  This really means you just have to make a back up of all your files just in case this happens again.  It also helps if you keep a record book as well because it really comes handy if things like this happen. Maintaining a hard copy is also vital, especially the important documents that you need to keep for future reference.  It is just a load of work because you have to search manually if you need to find a certain document. Unlike if you store it in your computer all you need to do is to press control f to find a certain document in your records.  I just hope that my computer is already available for use because I really need it.  


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