May 30, 2008

Upload or watch sermons online

This computer age has made communication easier for everyone because of the technology we have particularly the internet. Here we can easily get updated even if we don’t get to see television that often. I even noticed that the internet has become the source of news information in our local media television network. I’ve read and seen it first online particularly new innovations, scientific research and even international news. Now it even gets better because you can already hear and watch sermons online. This is beneficial to those who have a busy schedule because they can still hear the word of God by just a click of the mouse. If you are a pastor or if you want to spread the word of God thru your ministry you can upload sermons online. You can check the website click here

May 29, 2008

Love Q #5

Do you think a man should pay on the first date and if he doesn’t, what would be your impression of him? This is Love Q #5 and here is my comment. Once again this love Q was created by Tot’s mom on Love Q. let’s give mountain girl some link love.

Well, I think it really depends on who made the invitation. If the lady invited the man then she should initiate to pay but generally if the man is a gentleman and likes the girl romantically he will pay for their meal. If they are just plain friends they will pay their own meal regardless of who initiated the invitation. If a man invited a woman for a date then he would pay for their meal because he wanted to please his date. If he doesn’t pay for their meal then he blew his chance of dating her again. Honestly my impression of a man who will invite me for a date and expects me to pay for our meal is that he is a cheapskate and it will definitely be our first and last date.

May 28, 2008

Beauty Fixes found in your kitchen

Hello my fellow females and all beauty conscious out there. I have listed here some recipes that are very beneficial to our skin. It’s very easy to prepare right in your own kitchen at just the right budget.

Whitening Mask

Mix powdered milk with fresh lemon juice and leave the paste on your face for 10 minutes.

Detoxifying Body and Foot scrub

Mix honey with fine salt and gently rub in circular motion to your body and feet. Wash off after five minutes.

Moisturizing Facial Mask

Mix two tablespoons of mashed avocado with a tablespoon of honey and egg yolk. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Face Mask for oily skin

Mix oatmeal and water and apply on face. Leave on to dry and remove by gently rubbing off with fingers.

Relaxing bath soak

Mix 1 cup of water with 2 cups of milk and put to a boil. Then add honey to hot mixture. Mix ½ cup of fine sea salt and baking soda. Add some vanilla to mixture. Place in bath water and feel the calming soothing benefit of this relaxing bath.

Cooling astringent

Mash cucumber and use the juice as an astringent apply on to face using a cotton ball. You can gently massage the pulp for a cooling and soothing effect.

Conditioner for dry hair

Massage mayonnaise unto dry hair and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Shampoo after and rinse off with apple cider vinegar and water solution.

Relax and enjoy.

May 27, 2008

Common problems in pregnancy at 7th month

I’m already 31 weeks pregnant and I felt so much discomfort at this stage. My movement is already limited and my varicose veins are very painful especially when I stand up from a lying position at night and in the morning upon waking up. My varicose veins are at its worst condition during this pregnancy that my doctor opted for a cesarean section because there are also visible veins on my perineum. My first baby is delivered naturally and I had a quick healing recovery. I know that cesarean operation is a different story in terms of recovery because the wound is deeper and it will also leave an ugly scar. Anyway I have no choice but to accept it, it is an exchange for having my baby girl. Also I have to think about what’s best and safer for me.

At this stage I also noticed I easily get tired and out of breath especially when I climb the stairs to our office. My leg cramps also got worse especially at night when I stretch them. Also I can already felt the weight of my baby because of my backache and the pressure whenever she moved inside my wound. I can now easily see and feel her movement inside me. I have difficulty in my movements during this stage especially when I took care of my toddler because he is very active and playful I can’t seem to catch up anymore. It is also not easy to bathe and feed him the way I used to because my bulging tummy gets in the way. When I bathe him I squat and cautiously maintain my balance and also it’s harder to put him on my lap when I feed him because he would lean on my belly. Anyway I trained him to sit on the chair at meal time so that it will be much easier for the both of us.

May 23, 2008

Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?

This is my comment on a question posted by Tot’s Mom on Love Q. Well on my part it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all because what is the point of living if you have not experienced loving someone. Naturally it would hurt because it is the price of loving. Loving someone means to open up our self emotionally and in the process leaving us vulnerable.
It is when we care for that someone that we wanted to be involved in their life because we want what’s best for them. Sometimes we forget that they have a mind of their own and it is still their life and in the end it is still their decision that matters. It is also true that people just change their mind including their heart in loving someone. There are factors for these but the person who knows the reason is the one who have a change of heart.

These could be acceptable if there is still no marriage but once married it is a different story. The vow that the couples exchanged on their matrimonial ceremony is a pact for life. It is a decision that mirrors the person doing the contract and they must mean what they said during that day and their commitment must stay even if the feelings change. If love is just a feeling it is not considered true and it could just be lust and sexual attraction.

Now let’s get back to the main point why it is much better to love and lost than to never to have loved at all? I could not imagine my life without love because first of all I was born out of love. My parents loved each other and decided to have a family to love and cherish. Having me as a child brought them joy just like what my son has given me. So if my mother was a coward and decided not to marry my father then she could not have experienced the joy and the pain of motherhood. The joy and the pain of loving and be loved by someone who means the most to us. Although it may not last forever but what matters most is that we experienced it in our lifetime.

What I mean by this is I understand that we only have one lifetime to live when we die what will become of us? If we are Christians it is written in the bible that if we are faithful we will be given eternal life to live and serve the lord. It is also clearly stated in the Holy Scriptures that the eternal life that will be given to us will be different from that of our life here on earth. Entirely different that we will no longer need a husband or a wife, or a son or a daughter but we will live as one family of God.

May 22, 2008

Accidents happen

This morning on my way to the office I’ve seen the wreckage that is caused by the collision of an ambulance and a bus on our city’s busiest crossroad. It’s so sad whenever accidents happen because it would mean another life lost. Sadly accidents happen like a blink of an eye, it could have been avoided but it is too late because we could not change the outcome of our actions.

Last March I have also seen a motor accident when we were on our way to the hospital for my son’s check-up. I see a man carrying an unconscious boy soaking on his own blood into a public vehicle. When we were in the emergency room in the hospital waiting for my son’s doctor (her clinic was closed on a Sunday) we found out that the boy aged approximately 10-13yrs. old was also taken there and I could see her mother hysterically crying. A four wheeler truck and their motor vehicle have collided on the road. They said that an uncle and the boy were riding on their motorcycle when his uncle took a wrong turn. Sad to say that when his uncle found out about his miscalculation he jump away from the motorcycle leaving the boy behind. So the outcome the four wheeler truck also unaware of the impending obstruction hit the motorcycle with the boy in it. We also find out later that day that the boy died of multiple internal organ injuries.

Accidents happen when we are not taking precautions and we take a wrong turn or make miscalculations in our driving. We may also be driving too fast that we may not be able to foresee obstruction on our path and when we do it’s too late to stop. Sadly some vehicles are just a victim of other driver’s inaccuracy, it just happen that it was in the vicinity when the miscalculation occurs.

May 16, 2008

Staying Power

I have a book that I read when I want to be inspired. It is a compilation of inspirational articles by reader’s digest entitled “Keys to happiness” a guide to successful living. One of its articles entitled the way back by Fred Raymund Gilpatric discuss about his experience on a mental institution. He narrates that he was successful in his life until a tragedy struck his family that makes him stop living a normal life  and he chose to be locked up in a mental institution. He had it all in the past a successful career, a good reputation, an intelligent wife and two sons but all changed when his son committed suicide. There was no clear reason why it happened but later on his wife also committed suicide. After his wife died he left his friends and his career and locked himself up in a mental institution doing nothing. His other son went to the marines.

The doctors in the institution tried everything they can to help him but to no avail, until he was asked to stack up old books there. He was just doing what he was told and stacks the books on the shelf when a name caught his attention. A book by Dr. Fosdick interested him because he met this man before in his childhood years. He read his book entitled ‘The power to see it through every day until he came to the chapter entitled “staying power.”

It states that staying power is always associated with a certain integrity of conscience. Whatever else life may give or deny, one thing is absolutely indispensable – that a man should not break faith with himself; that he should keep his honor bright in his own eyes. He realized that he blamed himself for what had happened. He drowned in self-pity and broke faith with himself. The book also states that “Staying power is always associated with something greater than oneself, to which one gives loyalty – an object of devotion. He also realized that he has became selfish in just thinking of himself he forgot that his son had also experienced the tragedy but choose to continue on with life. He finally realized that he was such a coward to lock himself up. He decided to volunteer for a job in their local library and live his life again. This time he has no intention to earn more money but to continue living with a renewed purpose. When someone ask him if he will return to the mental institution again? He said that it will never ever happen because he will not break faith with himself and will always keep his honor bright in his own eyes.

Nowadays you will hear news about people who just give up on life and commits suicide. Whatever is their reason there is always hope and I wish that they will realize that they are not the only people who experience hardships and trials. There are people who experienced far worst in life but they remain steadfast and faithful. It is quite true that people became unwavering in the test of life if they have dedicated their life to others because they will think of the people that depended on them. Their main concern is the outcome of those people who needed them if they are already gone in this world.I am not here to judge but people who usually commits suicide are selfish because they only think about themselves.

“ A vital faith in God gives a man internal power, a spiritual vision from which divine companionship he draws replenished strength” taken from a book “The power to see it through” by Dr. Fosdick.

“All things work together for those who love God and are called for his purpose” taken from the bible Romans 8:28.

May 15, 2008

Our decisions and the path that we choose determines our life

Last May 1, Labor Day and also non working holiday, I went to my parent’s house for a visit. My older brother asked me this question during one of our conversation there while he was preparing our lunch. “How do you know that you love the person?” It’s quite normal for us to talk about anything because he knows that I have an opinion for everything. I told him my perspective “You know that you love someone when you are willing to sacrifice for that person.” He asked me again what I mean with sacrifice. I told him that you are willing to sacrifice your time, effort even money for that someone. You are willing to be selfless if need be.

He told me that he was in love with his girlfriend now and he is just wondering if she feels the same. Well I can’t answer his question because the person he should be asking is the girl. He asked me again “can long distance love affair work?” I told him that it really depends how much you trust the person because I cannot say that it won’t work or it can work out. I have a female friend and her husband works abroad and they are still together and I also know someone, her husband works abroad and now they are separated. You can never really know what will be the outcome of your relationship because people have a mind of their own and you can’t dictate their actions and that is just the risk you have to take.

I told him that he has some trust issues and I asked him frankly if he is insecure. My brother’s life is really complicated because he has been married before and he has one son. He has a problem with trusting his wife and frankly I can’t do anything about it because I can’t change his views. I know his wife because they lived with us during the early stage of their married life and I can’t say that she was unfaithful. Anyway I can’t also say that my brother was wrong with his views because I was not in his shoes. I know how she tried to save their relationship because my brother doesn’t have a regular job that pays well. She has to spend her earnings for their needs as a family from providing milk to my nephew to paying for the babysitter. Anyway to make this story short they have tried to save their relationship more than once but in the end they have parted ways. I don’t think they will ever be together again but who knows. I felt sad for our nephew but I can’t do anything about it. It’s not my life and whatever I say to my brother it is still his life and I can’t make choices for him.

Right now my brother stays the same, without a regular job and without a family of his own. He still lives with my parents. He has a job but it is not a stable company and he always complained about it. I tried to help him out in finding a well - paying job to the point of searching job opportunities on the internet and cutting pages on the classified ads on our local news but still he does not apply to any of them.

He told me that he is tired with his life and he wanted to settle down with his new girl friend. I told him to fix his marriage legally otherwise it would be impossible to marry his girl. I also told him to find a regular job to provide financially and stability to his new relationship. I hope he will change for the better and make the right choices to fix his life but unfortunately it was not mine to decide.

Update on my brother's career he already got a regular job.

May 14, 2008

Send a gift for Baby Marianne

This is just an experiment, I have not done this before but I’m just wondering how many people will respond to this and share their blessings to others. Any amount will do as long as it is given by the heart.

May 13, 2008

7th Month - Expecting my baby girl

Last May 3, 2008, I have my ultrasound and guess what I have a baby girl and I’m so happy because we already have two children a boy and a girl. My husband is so happy to know that finally he had a daughter. My father is also glad to know because it would be his first female grandchild considering he already had three male grandchildren.

Our doctor told us that we are so lucky to have her and indeed we are truly blessed to have children. I’m so excited to see her and at last I’m going to name her Marianne. I have told everyone that I was having a baby girl and they were all glad and told me that I’m so lucky. We already have her clothes and crib thanks to my sister for providing these things. Her baby is already 11 months old and no longer needed it. We have decided to add another bed in our room because we want our children to sleep with us. We only want two children to rear because we want them to share our love fully. It is so hard to raise more than two children nowadays because of our economy so we thought this is a wise decision. Money really matters in raising children because you have to provide for their needs especially when they will get to school. So we are just planning ahead.

May 12, 2008

Love Q

This love Q is created by tots . The question of the day is when it comes to love is it better to follow your head or your heart? Well, in my opinion it is wiser to use both. When I choose my partner I use my heart and my head because I was hurt before and I know how it was to lose our reasoning in terms of loving someone for the wrong reasons we ended up hurt. During our first meeting I was already attracted to him because he was chatty and handsome so I was using my heart in having a relationship with him. Early on our relationship when we have started dating I have already assessed the outcome of our relationship. In using my head, the qualities that I want for a partner are the following first of all he must be single, we must have the same religion, he must have a regular job, he must have a good reputation and a good family background, he must not smoke or gamble and lastly he must not be an alcoholic.

He has complied with all of these so we became what we are today. In the past four years that we have been together I cannot say that our marriage life was perfect. There also comes a time when I wanted to give up on us because of what I have gone through with him. I have experience heartache and failed expectations but still I kept my promise to God and to him to stay together as what we have exchanged in our marriage vows. I cannot say that I was happy all the time but I cannot also say that I was unhappy because life is like that it has ups and down. I have fully understood that we are only human and we have weaknesses and frailties. It helps that I use my heart in marrying him because I learn to forgive and accept him for what he truly is including his shortcomings and I can honestly say that I love him dearly and my love for him still stays the same. I can sincerely attest that having children really helps in strengthening our relationship because they are the first thing that comes to my mind whenever we are tested.


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