May 22, 2008

Accidents happen

This morning on my way to the office I’ve seen the wreckage that is caused by the collision of an ambulance and a bus on our city’s busiest crossroad. It’s so sad whenever accidents happen because it would mean another life lost. Sadly accidents happen like a blink of an eye, it could have been avoided but it is too late because we could not change the outcome of our actions.

Last March I have also seen a motor accident when we were on our way to the hospital for my son’s check-up. I see a man carrying an unconscious boy soaking on his own blood into a public vehicle. When we were in the emergency room in the hospital waiting for my son’s doctor (her clinic was closed on a Sunday) we found out that the boy aged approximately 10-13yrs. old was also taken there and I could see her mother hysterically crying. A four wheeler truck and their motor vehicle have collided on the road. They said that an uncle and the boy were riding on their motorcycle when his uncle took a wrong turn. Sad to say that when his uncle found out about his miscalculation he jump away from the motorcycle leaving the boy behind. So the outcome the four wheeler truck also unaware of the impending obstruction hit the motorcycle with the boy in it. We also find out later that day that the boy died of multiple internal organ injuries.

Accidents happen when we are not taking precautions and we take a wrong turn or make miscalculations in our driving. We may also be driving too fast that we may not be able to foresee obstruction on our path and when we do it’s too late to stop. Sadly some vehicles are just a victim of other driver’s inaccuracy, it just happen that it was in the vicinity when the miscalculation occurs.

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Tot's Mom said...

When there are loss of lives, it is always sad. I guess we can only drive safely and be cautious when on the road. Anyway, this week's Love Q is up if you want to join in again.


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