May 12, 2008

Love Q

This love Q is created by tots . The question of the day is when it comes to love is it better to follow your head or your heart? Well, in my opinion it is wiser to use both. When I choose my partner I use my heart and my head because I was hurt before and I know how it was to lose our reasoning in terms of loving someone for the wrong reasons we ended up hurt. During our first meeting I was already attracted to him because he was chatty and handsome so I was using my heart in having a relationship with him. Early on our relationship when we have started dating I have already assessed the outcome of our relationship. In using my head, the qualities that I want for a partner are the following first of all he must be single, we must have the same religion, he must have a regular job, he must have a good reputation and a good family background, he must not smoke or gamble and lastly he must not be an alcoholic.

He has complied with all of these so we became what we are today. In the past four years that we have been together I cannot say that our marriage life was perfect. There also comes a time when I wanted to give up on us because of what I have gone through with him. I have experience heartache and failed expectations but still I kept my promise to God and to him to stay together as what we have exchanged in our marriage vows. I cannot say that I was happy all the time but I cannot also say that I was unhappy because life is like that it has ups and down. I have fully understood that we are only human and we have weaknesses and frailties. It helps that I use my heart in marrying him because I learn to forgive and accept him for what he truly is including his shortcomings and I can honestly say that I love him dearly and my love for him still stays the same. I can sincerely attest that having children really helps in strengthening our relationship because they are the first thing that comes to my mind whenever we are tested.

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Tot's Mom said...

Yes, a balance of the head and heart is always ideal in a relationship. Thanks for participating in the Love Q. FYI, most of the participants there will give you a return visit if you drop them a comment, if you are looking for blogging friends. Most of them are very friendly bloggers. I will put up another Love Q question on Wednesday, so hope you will join in as well. :)


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