May 13, 2008

7th Month - Expecting my baby girl

Last May 3, 2008, I have my ultrasound and guess what I have a baby girl and I’m so happy because we already have two children a boy and a girl. My husband is so happy to know that finally he had a daughter. My father is also glad to know because it would be his first female grandchild considering he already had three male grandchildren.

Our doctor told us that we are so lucky to have her and indeed we are truly blessed to have children. I’m so excited to see her and at last I’m going to name her Marianne. I have told everyone that I was having a baby girl and they were all glad and told me that I’m so lucky. We already have her clothes and crib thanks to my sister for providing these things. Her baby is already 11 months old and no longer needed it. We have decided to add another bed in our room because we want our children to sleep with us. We only want two children to rear because we want them to share our love fully. It is so hard to raise more than two children nowadays because of our economy so we thought this is a wise decision. Money really matters in raising children because you have to provide for their needs especially when they will get to school. So we are just planning ahead.


posh_post said...

oh wow! congratulations! :-) you must be getting prettier everyday. wish i could have my own soon ... ;-)

Paula said...

Congratulations on you baby! I wish I can have a baby girl too but I can't because we decided to wait a couple more years. I'm sure your baby girl will give your family so much joy and blessings. Take care!


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