Feb 20, 2009

Reason why Bush Can't leave Iraq

Check this out I've recently found this design and I find it funny. what do you think ?

Feb 17, 2009

Fabulous Gangster and Halloween Costumes

I've recently visited a site that showcase beautiful costumes to offer for theaters and Halloween that you might like. They have costumes for adults, kids and even babies. They also have wigs and accessories to complement your attire. The costumes reminds me of gangster movies that I’ve viewed in the past. Movies and theaters really have intricate costumes to make it so lifelike. This particular costume the flapper fab black is so fabulous and I’m so sure that I’ve seen Kristen Dunst wear this on one of her movies. I’ve also seen Catherine Zeta-Jones on this costume on one of her movies but I just can’t remember the title of that movie.

The Gangster costume is also eye catching and makes any guy cool. It also reminds me of gangster movies and the character Dirty Harry. Gangster movies are also very interesting because guns, murder, women, booze and gambling are the main plot of the story. The costume is fabulous as well and all you need is a gun to make it an authentic look. Also if you pick it to wear on Halloween it’s not so ridiculous unlike the other scary characters. Anyway if you are wondering what to wear on plays, theaters and Halloween you already have an Idea.

My experience with toxic goiter in the past

In the year 2002, I was diagnosed with hyperactive thyroid and for eight months I have medical consultations, laboratory examinations and take various medications to cure my illness. I know that it was an expensive disease because I have gone thru laboratory examinations every month for my T3, T4 and Th levels. These are the hormones released by my abnormal thyroid. Anyway I was so glad because the company that I was with during that time had enrolled its employees to a health maintenance organization or commonly called HMO. The HMO is Phillamcare a leading insurance company in the Philippines. Having my operation and laboratory test is not really a problem because the HMO will cover all the expenses.

During that time I cannot sleep, I have LBM or diarrhea most of the time, I lost so much weight, and I have chest pain every now and then because my heart beats so fast and I have trembling hands. At night when I lay down to sleep I could hear my heart pounding so fast to a crescendo. I also noticed that my neck has enlarged and my eyes have started to bulge. My doctor has told me that I have two options since my condition has not really improve with the medications; the first one is total thyroidectomy, a surgical procedure to remove my thyroid gland and second is Radioactive Iodine, It is a pill to be taken in and the patient will be kept in isolation for one day.

My doctor advised me to have total thyroidectomy because she said I’m young and my body is still strong enough to undergo the operation but my main concern during that time is that the surgery will leave a scar on my neck. She told me that some people have adverse side effects like dry skin and obesity to radioactive iodine. I weigh all the options and finally I’ve decided to have thyroidectomy. I was just 23 years old during that time, single and recovering from heartache from my break-up with my first boyfriend. After the operation I have taken in levothyroxin sodium daily in 100mcg as my maintenance medication The scar as it turned out doesn’t bother that much to my social life because as you can see I have married my wonderful husband and he has given me two beautiful babies. The operation has in a way changed my life because I learn to value the blessings that were given to me especially my life. I appreciate the love and support that my family has given to me and my faith was strengthened because of the circumstances during that time.

Feb 13, 2009

Search for your dream house

I’ve recently visited this site Murrieta Foreclosures it features property search system that helps home buyers to find their dream house in Murrieta California. It also has a map in their site so that you can view the exact location of the property. It features so many beautiful houses and it is so easy to search your dream house because all you have to do is encode the specification of your dream house like the number of rooms and baths as well as the lot size and price.

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100 Ways You Can Love Your Husband His Way

1. Communicate with him; never close him out.
2. Regard him as important...and let him know he's important.
3. Do everything you can to understand his feelings.
4. Be interested in his friends...and occasionally give him time with them.
5. Ask his opinion frequently.
6. Value what he says.
7. Let him feel your approval and affections.
8. Protect his dignity on a daily basis.
9. Be tender with him, realizing he has feelings also.
10. Foster an atmosphere of laughter in your home... look for ways to laugh together.
11. Avoid sudden major changes without discussion and giving him time to adjust.
12. Date each other. And when you go out together on a date, don't bring up problems.
13. Focus on what he's doing right, instead of focusing on the negatives.
14. Be interested in what he feels is important in life.
15. Correct him gently and in private.
16. Allow him to teach you without putting up your defenses.
17. Make special time available to him.
18. Be trustworthy.
19. Compliment him often.
20. Be creative when you express your love, either in words or in actions.
21. Have specific family goals for each year.
22. Don't over commit yourself. Leave time for him.
23. Be forgiving when he offends you.
24. Show him you need him.
25. Accept him the way he is; discover his uniqueness as special.
26. Admit your mistakes; don't be afraid to be humble...peel away your pride.
27. Defend him to others remembering that love protects...(1 Corinthians 13:7).
28. Allow your husband to fail...& discuss what went wrong after comforting him.
29. Rub his feet or neck after a hard day.
30. Take time for the two of you to sit & talk calmly (schedule it when necessary).
31. Go on romantic outings.
32. Write him a letter occasionally, telling him how much you love him.
33. Surprise him with a fun gift of some kind.
34. Express how much you appreciate him.
35. Tell him how proud you are of him.
36. Give advice in a loving way when he asks for it.
37. Help your husband to be the Spiritual Head of the household.
38. Prefer him over others...make the choice to "choose him".
39. Don't expect him to do projects beyond his capabilities. All men aren't experts.
40. Pray for him to enjoy God's best in life.
41. Take the time to notice what he has done for you and the family.
42.. Brag about him to other people behind his back.
43. Share you thoughts & feelings with him.
44. Tell him about your day, if he's interested.
45. Take time to see how he spends his day.
46. Give him time to unwind when he comes home from work...plus, time with the children.
47. Get up with him, even when he has early morning meetings & pray together.
48. Be his "help-mate" in whatever ways you sense he needs it.
49. Let him retreat to his "cave" to recuperate whenever it's possible.
50. Be a student of your husband's ways so you can love him, as he really needs you to.
51. When your husband is in a bad mood...give him quiet time to recover.
52. Help him to finish his goals- hobbies or education.
53. Treat him as if God has stamped on his forehead: "Handle with Care".
54. Get rid of habits that annoy him.
55. Be kind & thoughtful to his relatives. Try not to make him choose between them and you.
56. Don't compare his relatives with yours in a negative way.
57. Thank him for things he's done around the house; it'll mean a lot to him.
58. Don't expect credit for all you do for him & the household....do it as "unto the Lord".
59. Make sure he understands everything important that you're planning to do.
60. Do little things for him...an unexpected kiss, coffee in bed...etc.
61. Don't belittle his intelligence or be cynical in your words to him.
62. Realize that men rejuvenate themselves by focusing on things they can solve.
63. Sometimes when he has a day off, let him enjoy it without having to "work" at home.
64. Get to the point in your discussions with him. Spare him details he may not want.
65. Discover his sexual needs.
66. Ask if he wants to discuss how you can meet his sexual needs.
67. Wink at him from across the room when you're out at a group function.
68. Plan your future together.
69. Don't quarrel over words.
70. Practice common courtesies with your husband.
71. When something goes wrong, don't assess blame, focus on how to do better.
72. NEVER say, "I told you so."
73. Don't argue over money. Peacefully discuss future expenditures.
74. Take him out on dates now & then...pre-plan ahead of time.
75. Hold his hand in public.
76. Snuggle up close to him at times at home & in public.
77. Tell him you love him often.
78. Put love notes in his pockets and briefcase.
79. Sit with him while he's watching television- even if the program doesn't interest you.
80. Give him the benefit of the doubt & say what's on your mind. Men don't read minds.
81. Give him time with his family alone from time to time.
82. Always check with him before you throw away his "important" papers.
83. Keep yourself in shape.
84. Let him express himself freely, without fear of being called stupid or illogical.
85. Carefully choose your words, especially when angry.
86. Don't criticize him in front of others.
87. Visit his childhood home.
88. When you're angry with him, express it or deal with it, NO silent treatment
89. Pray for him.
90. Make him homemade soup when he's sick.
91. Look your best - dress to honor him & make him proud to be seen with you.
92. Support him when a relative discredits him.
93. Don't disagree with him in front of the children.
94. Take him for a weekend get-away without the children.
95. Do the "little things" he needs from time to time.
96. Start the day by praying together before you both get up.
97. Give him coupons to redeem- maybe for a back scratch or a shoulder rub.
98. Buy him a gift certificate to his favorite lunch spot & put it in his wallet.
99. Hide notes for him around the house where only he will find them.
100. Thank him for just being himself.

"The heart of (the virtuous woman's) husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life." Proverbs 31:11,12.

Feb 11, 2009

How to increase your google pagerank

There are a number of ways that you can improve your Google page rank. One is to submit to blog directory such as my blog directory.net. You can also list your blog in your profile in social networking sites so others can visit your site. You can post in forums and link your site to your signature. You can also visit blogs and comment on their post and leave your link. One way also is to ask for exchange links to your fellow bloggers to build your backlinks. Please take note that you must have more backlinks than outgoing links to protect your page rank. You can also market your blog when you join in yahoo answers and yedda.com. The most important thing is to update your blog always and build useful content because you can increase your page rank when your site is frequently visited through search engines.

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New and unique social networking site

I’ve just recently registered with acobay it is a brand new social network where you can connect with friends old and new. You can also add your blog as a stuff in their categories where others with the same interest join in. In the long run you can also increase your blog’s traffic. You can also share your favorite stuff and get to know people with the same interest such as the things you wear like watches, labels and hobbies you like such as crocheting and also sports you play.

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Feb 10, 2009

Taking care of my career and blogging

Right now I’m focusing on my career and do everything in order but at the same time I blog because I like to express my thoughts and maybe thru blogging I can touch other peoples lives like all the writers before me. In the past I have these issues that I have a hard time to get over with. I was really shy and reserved when I was still a little girl and today I’m still a bit shy but is always reserved and that is because it is really my nature the only thing that changed is that I’m now friendly and I already know how to approach people. In my teens I have a hard time making friends because I don’t talk a lot and I lack social skills. I am a silent type and I pass much of my spare time in the library because I love to read.

In my sophomore years I have read a book that changed my life and I can still remember it is entitled “How to make friends and influence people” It has step by step advise and I have applied it in my life and It just happened. The next thing I know, I’ve made a bunch of friends and life becomes fun. The first step in gaining a friend is a simple smile and then they will smile back at you. The next thing is introduce yourself and create a conversation. Take note that in a conversation it must not be all about you but all about the person that you are conversing with. You must talk about yourself only if they ask. The most important thing never forgot to pay a compliment to anyone and be sincere at all times it is the most essential thing in making a lot of friends.

Feb 6, 2009

Singles and Online chat rooms

There are so many lonely singles out there who wanted to chat and meet someone. We are really highly sociable individual because we cannot live alone and we badly needed a companion and someone to talk to. If you wanted to increase your number of friends you can check this new Free Local Chat.

Anyway being married also doesn’t make us immune to loneliness but we can’t really feel it because we have our hands full and having a busy schedule also prevents us from feeling lonely.

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Feb 3, 2009

A place for addiction recovery

One of the problems in a family is when one of your love ones has addiction such as alcoholism and drug addictions. It will take the whole family on a roller coaster ride and the addict can be harmful to himself and to other family members who love him. If you have experienced this kind of predicament there is always hope. The family must seek help to save the person they love. There is a place towards addiction recovery all you need is to go there and see for yourself. Promises Treatment Centers provide supervised alcohol and drug detoxification by working with licensed, independent affiliates who provide close supervision and monitoring to ensure the comfort and safety of clients withdrawing from drugs or alcohol for alcohol and drug rehab programs.

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