Feb 10, 2009

Taking care of my career and blogging

Right now I’m focusing on my career and do everything in order but at the same time I blog because I like to express my thoughts and maybe thru blogging I can touch other peoples lives like all the writers before me. In the past I have these issues that I have a hard time to get over with. I was really shy and reserved when I was still a little girl and today I’m still a bit shy but is always reserved and that is because it is really my nature the only thing that changed is that I’m now friendly and I already know how to approach people. In my teens I have a hard time making friends because I don’t talk a lot and I lack social skills. I am a silent type and I pass much of my spare time in the library because I love to read.

In my sophomore years I have read a book that changed my life and I can still remember it is entitled “How to make friends and influence people” It has step by step advise and I have applied it in my life and It just happened. The next thing I know, I’ve made a bunch of friends and life becomes fun. The first step in gaining a friend is a simple smile and then they will smile back at you. The next thing is introduce yourself and create a conversation. Take note that in a conversation it must not be all about you but all about the person that you are conversing with. You must talk about yourself only if they ask. The most important thing never forgot to pay a compliment to anyone and be sincere at all times it is the most essential thing in making a lot of friends.

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Reminder to everyone:

English is my second language so bear with me if my grammar, as well as sentence and paragraph construction is faulty. I am not writing to impress but simply to express my thoughts.

The opinion written here is solely mine and I have no intention to impose it to anyone for that matter. So as the title goes this is just my perception