Feb 17, 2009

Fabulous Gangster and Halloween Costumes

I've recently visited a site that showcase beautiful costumes to offer for theaters and Halloween that you might like. They have costumes for adults, kids and even babies. They also have wigs and accessories to complement your attire. The costumes reminds me of gangster movies that I’ve viewed in the past. Movies and theaters really have intricate costumes to make it so lifelike. This particular costume the flapper fab black is so fabulous and I’m so sure that I’ve seen Kristen Dunst wear this on one of her movies. I’ve also seen Catherine Zeta-Jones on this costume on one of her movies but I just can’t remember the title of that movie.

The Gangster costume is also eye catching and makes any guy cool. It also reminds me of gangster movies and the character Dirty Harry. Gangster movies are also very interesting because guns, murder, women, booze and gambling are the main plot of the story. The costume is fabulous as well and all you need is a gun to make it an authentic look. Also if you pick it to wear on Halloween it’s not so ridiculous unlike the other scary characters. Anyway if you are wondering what to wear on plays, theaters and Halloween you already have an Idea.


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E-Tavasi said...

Nice gangster costumes is cool :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Good place to go for Halloween!

Happy blogoversary!


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