Dec 23, 2008

Christmas Greeting to all my blogging friends

I would like to greet all my friends " Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" Thank you so much for giving me link love this year and I'm so gratefull to all of you for making this year bloggin fruitfull year. I'm giving this card to all my blogging friends.
christmas card (Ornament) card
christmas card (Ornament) by fabulouza

Many thanks to my blogging Friends:
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Dec 19, 2008

One of the largest church in the Philippines

I felt a sense of pride whenever I think about this church and I'm even happy to say that this is the church where my husband and I got married. It's even featured in our national tv that this church is the largest in our country. The new Christ the king cathedral is a catholic church and even has the largest rosary. You can just imagine that one bead of this rosary is the size of a wine barrel. So here are the pictures that I've taken on my cellphone.

Dec 17, 2008

Why do I feel depressed

I don’t know really but nowadays I easily get lonely, worried and hurt even with just petty causes. I also easily cry and get angry for some petty reasons and I just could not understand my behavior. I felt lonely maybe because I isolate myself from my friends and its maybe years already that I have not really get out with them and just talk. I’ve been busy with work and with my children that I have no time for myself. I realized that I am a person too who needed a break once in a while. I’m thinking ways to get myself learn new things and to have new friends even online for mothers like me. I also realized that maybe I’m suffering from post partum blues that mothers like me who had just given birth have experienced. I’ve also talk with my co-worker who has also recently given birth and she felt the same. I must pray always and calm down and condition my mind that god loves me. That I’m not omnipotent and that I don’t hold everything on my hands.

Dec 15, 2008

Our sad Christmas Party

What a busy day. Yesterday we had our Christmas party and it was fun but it was really tiring afterwards because we have to travel back and forth at 55 kilometers to the inland resort where it was held. I bring with me my son but I think we did not really enjoy that much because even if the place was scenic and beautiful I’m stressed because I am afraid if my son leave my side. I don’t want him to be out of my sight because I’m afraid that something bad might happen to him. There was a pool for children and there was also for adults with a depth of five feet.

The children’s pool was really nice because there was a slide on it and there was also a fountain. My son looks at it with delight and I took a picture of him and I promise I’ll post his pictures here next time. I have him ready to swim in the pool but he did not want to come to the water because he said it’s cold. So I just look at him waiting that maybe he will change his mind but unfortunately he just don’t like to swim in the pool. He did not really enjoy that much because he told me that he wanted to go home. I think the place would be great if there was a playground so that my child and I could at least pass the time until it is time to go home. We will have to wait for my colleagues because it’s a company policy to join the party and we have to travel back home together.

There was a bubble show there and it was also nice. Sexy ladies danced while they form a giant bubble and kids were really glad to see the big bubbles. Thank god I won a gift check that day and I exchange it in the mall for his milk. . Our Christmas party was held simultaneously nationwide and the different branches had their own party in their chosen place.
That day was also tragic because a child of our colleague assigned in our other branch died on their Christmas party. The child aged 10 years old drowned in the pool. It was really sad that it happened.

Dec 11, 2008

What to do with annoying phone calls

Have you received annoying phone calls recently? If you have then let other people know about it. You can visit and post your comments about that number. Just imagine if everyone reports all annoying calls then you can already ignore that call better yet you can initiate call barring in you phone.

Dec 9, 2008

What sign do you look like?

I’ve answered a few questions at and here are the results:
The funny thing is my zodiac sign is really Aquarius and I was born in the month of February.

You Look Like an Aquarius

It's likely that you are very striking. You stand out in a room.

You are probably also taller than average, and that also helps you get noticed.

You have classical facial features... what some might call a handsome face.

You have are attractive in a cool way. You're so attractive, it's intimidating.

Like most Aquarius people, you are probably extremely independent... both in your thoughts and actions.

You find other people fascinating, and you develop deep, long lasting friendships.

Dec 8, 2008

Our City's 100 feet Christmas Tree

Once again our city has recreated our Christmas tree. It has been a yearly tradition and people from all over our city gathered just to witness the lighting of this 100 feet Christmas tree. There were musical performances and it was even featured in our national television. I have shot a picture of this on my cell phone and here it is

From A Woman's Perspective

From A Woman's Perspective

From A Woman's Perspective

From A Woman's Perspective

From A Woman's Perspective

Dec 4, 2008

Please Link with me

Hello fellow bloggers as you can see I already have a blogroll on my homepage those are bloggers that I have exchange links with manually. This page is for bloggers who happens to just surf the net and found my site.
After linking on this blog, please do add my link on your site too THANK YOU!!

Dec 2, 2008

About me

hello friends just for fun I answered a few questions from dneero


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