Dec 15, 2008

Our sad Christmas Party

What a busy day. Yesterday we had our Christmas party and it was fun but it was really tiring afterwards because we have to travel back and forth at 55 kilometers to the inland resort where it was held. I bring with me my son but I think we did not really enjoy that much because even if the place was scenic and beautiful I’m stressed because I am afraid if my son leave my side. I don’t want him to be out of my sight because I’m afraid that something bad might happen to him. There was a pool for children and there was also for adults with a depth of five feet.

The children’s pool was really nice because there was a slide on it and there was also a fountain. My son looks at it with delight and I took a picture of him and I promise I’ll post his pictures here next time. I have him ready to swim in the pool but he did not want to come to the water because he said it’s cold. So I just look at him waiting that maybe he will change his mind but unfortunately he just don’t like to swim in the pool. He did not really enjoy that much because he told me that he wanted to go home. I think the place would be great if there was a playground so that my child and I could at least pass the time until it is time to go home. We will have to wait for my colleagues because it’s a company policy to join the party and we have to travel back home together.

There was a bubble show there and it was also nice. Sexy ladies danced while they form a giant bubble and kids were really glad to see the big bubbles. Thank god I won a gift check that day and I exchange it in the mall for his milk. . Our Christmas party was held simultaneously nationwide and the different branches had their own party in their chosen place.
That day was also tragic because a child of our colleague assigned in our other branch died on their Christmas party. The child aged 10 years old drowned in the pool. It was really sad that it happened.

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