Dec 28, 2010

Every Child is different

I’ve got this realization from our long Christmas holiday because during that time my child’s nanny went home for the holidays and I’m the one who takes care of my 2nd child at home. I think every child is different from the other because they already have their own character at birth and although their surroundings influence them, they already have their own personality. I realized that I don’t know my daughter anymore because she already has mood swings and tantrums that I’m not really used to before. My eldest son is already 4 years old and he will be turning five this Jan. 2, 2011. He is already in nursery school and his grandmother takes him to school everyday. In our present circumstance right now, I can’t really be with him everyday but I’m happy to know that he remembers the time that we are together when he is still younger. I don’t really want to reminisce because I don’t want to feel hurt over the things that I can’t seem to do anything about. I think the child remembers memories as early as two years from birth and my son remembers me well.

My son is entirely different from his sister in so many ways when he was her age. My daughter now is two years and five months old and I think she really wanted to have whatever she wants because she would not take no for an answer. Unlike her brother she would cry longer if she wants something and sad to say she would swing her hands at me which I find very annoying. I think every child is different and there is no such thing as the only way of disciplining a child because children vary from the other. I know my daughter requires much understanding than her brother. I must bear that in mind every time she had her tantrums.

Dec 16, 2010

Free 2011 Calendar

I have posted here a free 2011 calendar for my readers. I use this as a desk planner and it is really usefull for my job.

Annzplace Calendar

Oct 20, 2010

Get Insured

   Life is full of uncertainties because you cannot predict the future and that is the reason behind, why there is a need to get insurance today. There are so many types of insurance available in the market such as life insurance, car insurance, house insurance, pet insurance and HGV insurance. Life insurance, car insurance and house insurance are already popular in the Philippines. Animal breeders usually buy pet insurance if their pets are of high quality expensive breeds. These pet owners insured their pets to protect their investments. Heavy Goods Vehicle Insurance or HVG insurance applies to vehicles that weigh more that 4 tons. Another term used for HGV is LGV. These vehicles are used to transport livestock and other bulky goods to other parts of the world. HGV is expensive so it is vital for it to be insured in order to protect both the vehicle and the goods against theft or any other unforeseen accident.

  Although most of these insurances are familiar to us, Insurance providers differ in inclusions and exclusions as well as in the terms and conditions of the agreement. There is a need to research the insurance provider and to know its track record before getting insured. It is important that they reply immediately to the clients request and queries as well as urgently process the insurance claims of the customers. Insurance premiums should also be reasonable and just right for the insurance claims proceeds.

Oct 18, 2010

October 2010 Certified Public Accountants Exam Results

Hello to all my fellow bloggers and fellow Accountancy Graduates here is the latest result of CPA examination this month.  I'm so glad that two of my officemates are conditional examinees.


Oct 13, 2010

Car Maintenance and safety

I’ve recently viewed today and I found out that the site contains useful information on car maintenance. They have also various reviews on auto repair shops on different locations such as Phoenix auto repair. I think having a car is a necessity nowadays because it is cost effective especially if you are always going somewhere. The site also has various reviews on different cars so it is a wise idea to look at it before deciding to buy another car. How do you like a ford escort? You can view a range of cars with their corresponding reviews on the site. The site also has a link on where to buy new or used vehicles for sale.

Car maintenance is really important to prolong the life of your vehicle. It is also imperative that the car parts should be replaced from time to time. Replacements of timing belt and water pump should be in mind for safety precautions. Aside from the car parts that I have mentioned here other parts should also be checked to ensure safety. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure safety on the road because it is a known fact that some accidents are a result of defects in the vehicle.

Oct 8, 2010

What about the Reproductive health bill?

I’ve read in the front page of our newspaper about the Reproductive health bill  and that many religious groups feel strongly against it. Well, it is expected because the majority of the Filipino people are Christians. The head of the Catholic Church is against the bill because the religion is against artificial contraceptives and anything that is related to it. The bill is primarily concerned with providing information on family planning and giving free contraceptives to the public. I think there is nothing wrong with the bill because everyone needs the right information on family planning and there is absolutely no coercion in choosing what method to use.

I have nothing against the Catholic Church because I was born to the catholic faith and I even attend masses but I think they have to know their limitations. They have to know that the Government has the responsibility on the welfare of its citizens while their responsibility is cultivating the faith of their members. The religious leaders have to open their eyes that there are many parents who are irresponsible in taking care of their children and who obviously needed family planning because they bear many children. You can even see it on the streets; there are many children who take care of themselves because their parents are obviously irresponsible.

If ask how many children would they plan to bear? Many of them would say it depends on how many children God will give them. I think it would be okay to answer this kind of question this way as long as the parent is responsible enough that they can take care of their children well. Being a responsible parent they should be aware of how many children they can afford to raise well and they should be aware if their income is enough to cater to the needs of their children.

The faithful are sometimes foolish because when they said that it depends on how many children God is willing to give them even without responsibly thinking if they could afford to raise them all, it is just believing that God will feed them even if they don’t do anything but pray for food.

Sep 8, 2010

Learning business strategies

I’m so happy that we are nearing the end of the 1st semester. We are finished with our business philosophy subject and last Sunday we are starting with our new subject which is Business research. I think my decision in taking up a Masters Degree is really right even if we are experiencing financial constraints at the moment. Raising a family, getting an MBA and having a career are difficult but it’s a blast if you have proper management of your time. As a person we really need to grow and the only thing to achieve that is to learn new things that can help you with your career. I think absorbing new knowledge is an exciting experience because it can change you positively.

During this semester, I’ve learned so many things because our instructor in Business Math has taught us well in utilizing our studies to our job in the corporate setting. Our Business philosophy subject has also opened our mind to business strategies. There are so many business strategies that you can use if you are still starting a business. The most important thing is advertising to let people know that your company exists. If you are selling products that you made, you can give craft business cards to people that you know. You can also distribute leaflets to random people. You can get business cards online and other promotional materials that can really help in starting your business.

Aug 26, 2010

Tragic Hostage Taking of Hong Kong Nationals in Manila

In the evening of Aug 24, I watched the live coverage of a hostage crisis in Manila. It’s like what you see in the action movies because you could feel the suspense when the reporter said their experiences there but the big difference is it is really happening and it ended in tragedy. A disgruntled former decorated Police Officer named Rolando del Rosario Mendoza seized a bus with 26 passengers mostly Chinese nationals from Hong Kong during their last day here in the Philippines in his desperate attempt to be reinstated in his job. He thinks that he is wrongly accused of a crime that ended his career in the Police force and resorted to hostage taking to get back his job.
I think what really is horrifying is how the Police force handled the incident. The only thing that triggered the already angry former policeman is when he saw the way the police had arrested his brother and his relatives who were in the vicinity. It is the reason why he snapped and shot and killed his hostages. We could only regret what had happened. I think the Filipino Government should learn from this incident because so many lives could have been saved if the incident could have been handled differently. I even felt pity for the way the authorities had arrested his relative, how much more if they were my kin?

I think it would have been different if the authorities could have at least waited until the negotiations are over before they arrested his brother who was also a policeman. I also hope that someone who have seen the incident on TV and who is authorized to make the call would have called the officer in charge to stop the arrest. I also think that it could have been different if the media was not airing what happened during that time because the hostage taker knows what is happening outside the bus by just watching the TV. I also hope that the policemen in the area could have proper coordination with each other and that they could have the proper operating procedure in handling that kind of incident. So many lives lost I only hope and pray that the Filipino Government will learn from this experience and must make an effort to correct the mistakes that clearly confirm our incompetence.

Aug 24, 2010

Nice Bedroom furniture to buy

I think the most important furniture that any woman would really like to have is a comfortable fluffy bed. It is bedroom furniture where you can definitely rest your tired body after a busy day at work. Having a soft comfortable bed is really a delight because it can help you have a long restful sleep. Another kind of bedroom furniture that I really like to have is a dresser with mirror. It is where you can put your entire make up, lotions and other beauty essentials that you will use everyday as well as your basic clothing. I really like dresser with mirrors because it is so efficient and would only takes a small space in your bedroom.

In my younger days I have this old dresser with mirror that my mother have given to me but when I got married I left it there in my parents house mainly because I wanted to buy my own dresser. I liked this dresser that I have posted here because it would only take a small space in our bedroom and it has a classic design. I think this would be expensive because of the wood and it looks durable too. Even if this is expensive I would really buy this.

Aug 20, 2010

Surrendered wife

I’ve recently stumbled about surrendered wife on the net. The principles of a surrendered wife is to give up unnecessary control and responsibility, express their needs while also respecting their husband choices, resist the temptation to criticize, belittle or dismiss their husbands & trust their husbands in every aspect of their marriage be from sexual to financial.

I think it is so important that you completely trust your husband because without trust you will always doubt him and even if he meant what he said you will always think that he is lying or something like that. Distrust in a marriage is destruction in a plain sense; no marriage can ever survive with it. That is also the main reason why very few marriages will ever survive when it comes to infidelity. It can be repaired but it takes a lot of work to ever survive that. Trust is the hardest thing to build and the easiest thing to destroy. Trusting him in making decision is also very difficult especially if there are times in your marriage where wives experience failed expectations. In the overall trusting again is difficult to achieve but if you do value your marriage you will try to do it. Trusting will also relieve you of unnecessary burden because you will no longer think of negative thoughts in your marriage.

I think also when you resist the temptation to criticize, belittle or dismiss your husbands they will not be easily tempted with other women who will accept and appreciate them. I think the reason why we fall in love in the first place is when we feel appreciated and that the other person will make us feel good about our self. We sometimes forget that as human we needed to be appreciated and to feel good about our self. A simple complement like you look good, you smell good and I’m so proud to be your wife goes a long way to let them feel good about themselves.
I also notice that when you take control of your marriage, finances and responsibilities it can be very burdensome and you get angry all the time but when you let your husband take the responsibility it will be much easier and lighter for you. It is also an advantage when your husband helps you in the house chores because it will be easier on your part in fulfilling your career.

Jul 13, 2010

My son is in Preschool

This month our masteral class for Masters in Business Administration has already started.  I think it's been 8 years since I last go to school though I'm a graduate of Bachelor of science in Accountancy in the year 1999, I've attended classes for two years to earn Education Units to take the Teachers Licensure exam last 2002.  I think it's quite new to me and exciting to go to class again and to learn new knowledge.  My first subject for this month is Math for business and statistics.  Fortunately my teacher for this class is also my teacher in college so she knows me already even if my surname has changed because I'm already married.  It also has its disadvantages though because she knows me she always calls me during board work.  I plan to finish my MBA by March of 2012 because my baby girl will be in Preschool by then. 

Right now my son Zen is already in Preschool and sad enough because I'm working I was not able to go with him there but I'm still fortunate because he has his Grandma to accompany him there.  I'm so happy that he already knows how to write.  I missed him though because I don't have him all the time.  He lives with his grandma because right now I can't afford two nannies and I can't also trust one nanny to take care of my two children.  He is now four years old and even if I seldom see him and my heart is sometimes longing for him.  I always say to myself no matter what that he is my son and one day we will be together when he is old enough to take care of himself or until such time that we can afford to build our house near his grandma.  Like every one else in this world I'm struggling to have it all but I know life is like this you have to experience the hard part first before you can be successful, unless your parents are filthy rich then life could have been easier.  That could be another story anyway.

Jun 4, 2010

offline for so long

I miss being online but there are things that I should do first before regularly blogging again.  I've been busy lately with my marriage, family and work.  I've been planning to enroll in graduate study this month and I hope I can handle all the stress and also financially cope up with the school fees.  I really need to be a permanent employee because I needed financial stability at my age and also in order to provide for my family's needs well.  I love my job and the company I work with that is why as a mother I have to sacrifice my time for my family to achieve my goal.  Anyway thanks for visiting my blog and I hope some day I will be able to regularly blog again.  I really like blogging because for me it is kind of a release from the daily grind.

Apr 17, 2010

Extra help if you don't have a computer

I have a hard time at work because my computer got busted last month and until now it is not yet available for use. Our EDP dept. told me that the hard disk is already damaged and we need to buy a new one.  It is a relief that we had a computer at home because I just bring my work to encode in my computer.  When I really need a computer at work I just have to use my officemate’s computer but since they really have to use it for themselves I just use it when the work is really urgent.  It is kind of a stumbling block in my career well, a really big one because all of my files in the computer are gone.  This means I have to encode all of my files in my computer if the new hard disk is already installed.  This really means you just have to make a back up of all your files just in case this happens again.  It also helps if you keep a record book as well because it really comes handy if things like this happen. Maintaining a hard copy is also vital, especially the important documents that you need to keep for future reference.  It is just a load of work because you have to search manually if you need to find a certain document. Unlike if you store it in your computer all you need to do is to press control f to find a certain document in your records.  I just hope that my computer is already available for use because I really need it.  

Mar 28, 2010

Do you have any reoccurring dream?

I had so many reoccurring dreams and all of them have to do with being late for work.  I think that is my greatest fear ever.  I don’t like to be late and just thinking that I have to wake up an hour late from the usual would really torment me.  Imagine yourself sleeping peacefully and when you wake up you found out that you are and hour late.  I have this reoccurring dream and in my dream I would really think of something viable reason to tell my boss why I did not go to work.  I think this dream only signify that I needed my job and without it I would feel lost.  I think I could not imagine myself just being a plain housewife and wait for my husband and my children to come home.  I think my experience has taught me not to rely on someone.  I never really want to feel helpless, to rely on someone to give you money without making your own.  I think having a job or having your own source of income will give empowerment to you.

It feels so good to decide for your own when you don’t have to ask your husband to buy you something.  I think it is also in my nature to do something with my life because when you are married you just can’t rely on someone to get things done because it can be so depressing. You just feel your heart hurt because of your failed expectations.  Do you ever experience telling your husband to make some shelves so that you can arrange your things and how it feels to wait for the work to get done?  To lessen my failed expectations I just have to make it myself.  That is what it feels like to be a working mom.  I have to get out there in the rat race to get something done with our life.  It is so tiring to complain to your spouse and tell him his shortcomings because like him you are also capable to do something to improve your life.

Mar 27, 2010

How to be a better mind reader

Recently I’ve read in the newspaper column about a letter from a wife, she was asking for advice about her problem with her husband.  She was complaining that her husband comes home without saying a word to her.  Her mind would churn out to a lot of possibilities, whether she has said something wrong, or something happened at work. She would ask herself if something happen between him and his family or friends. She wanted to ask him but she just doesn’t have the nerve to ask her husband.  She will just look for clues, in his posture and tone of voice.  She just wanted to read his mind and she was asking the columnist how to become a better mind reader.

The columnist who was a doctor told her to don’t ever guess.  When you are in doubt you just simply ask.  I think she was right in saying this that is because when you are misread by someone close to you it would create distance.  I think couples should at all times be open to each other.  The doctor also told her to give time.  The best way to learn about someone is to spend more time with them.  Focus on the other person not yourself. Often times, we tend to look for what is in stake for us. This need makes us unable to see what are the other person’s needs and desires.  Lastly all you have to do is ask.  Say in words what you feel. Chances are your husband will do the same.  After all, being expressive could be contagious.  When you are in doubt, simply ask.  

Mar 22, 2010

Getting a credit card

I think it would be nice to have this card but I'm just afraid that if I do, I might end up just like my mother, having a lot of debts. I think compulsive buying is really hard to avoid especially if you are like me who likes to go to the mall.  I really do like to go to malls with my son especially on weekends because he likes to play there.  He likes to play in the playground and play station with race car games.  I can just imagine myself roaming around the mall with the license to shop and with a credit line at hand.  I think it would be wise for me not to get one instead I just have to save and buy something when I have money to spend.  I think having a credit card involves so much discipline because if you don't watch what you spend, you might end up having a lot of debts. Anyway there are also advantages of credit cards that is, if you have enough discipline to spend wisely.  One important advantage is that if you have a buy and sell business, you can use credit card as a means to purchase your initial capital.  The next one is that if you have an emergency to buy or pay something and you don't have cash at the moment it would really come handy.              

Having a great time at Pearl Farm Davao

waiting for the boat
our cottage
my favorite place in th resort....pool
facing the beach

Last Saturday we had a company summer outing at Pearl Farm Davao.  I nearly missed it because a night before my daughter had a fever and it did persist in the morning.  Anyway last year I did not attend our company outing because my daughter also got sick and was hospitalized but this year I still decided to join.  Before I went to Davao that day I have instructed her nanny to check her temperature from time to time and let her take in paracetamol every five hours.  To ensure that she will give her paracetamol at the right time I've jot down in the calendar on the wall what time she will intake the medicine.  I've also called her when we got there.  We traveled early in the morning because we were instructed by our colleagues that we have to get there before 7:30 am and travel time was a minimum of one and a half hours.  We got there on time and I was so relieved that there was a free brewed flowing coffee and sandwich waiting for us there because I was so hungry.  We skipped breakfast that day to arrive early.  We had a great time that day and I swim in the pool the whole day.

resting and taking a picture of myself on the hammock....

Mar 17, 2010

A Wedding Invitation

Today one of our co-workers has given us an invitation for his wedding. Weddings are really one of the memorable events of a couple and it is best to make the experience as wonderful as ever. I also remembered my wedding well nearly five years ago and I made all the preparations. I am six month pregnant that time and I want the wedding to be the most wonderful event of my life but I don’t want to spend a big amount of money on it considering that we are expecting our first baby during that time. Looking back I don’t have any regrets because I’ve made sure that every thing looks extravagant but we spent less for it. I’ve had us made a specialized cheap invitations. I have personally purchased the special scented paper, ribbon and envelope to be used so that we would only pay for the print and design. The wedding entourage gowns were provided by my aunt who was a dressmaker.

My wedding dress was a gift from my mom although I personally pick the design. The church fee was also a gift from my relatives and I have thanked them well during our wedding that time. The wedding tokens were also a gift from one of my aunt and I was very grateful during that time because our relatives made our wedding as blissful and inexpensive as ever. The rest of our needs such as videos, pictures, cakes, flowers and wedding venue was a wedding package from one of our best hotel in the city and I can truly say that it is affordable and worth every penny.

The Manny Pacquiao and Clottey fight

Last Sunday I watched Pacquiao and Clottey fight and I was kind of disappointed.  Manny did win after the twelve round but I was more disappointed on the performance of Clottey because he always covered his face. I think it would be great if he showed more of his moves than just covering his face. Anyway it was still wonderful knowing that once again a Filipino won the boxing fight it makes us proud. I think Manny will soon retire because I’m kind of afraid that he might hurt himself someday but it was still nice to see him still fight in the near future.  I think he is the best Filipino fighter of all time.  

Mar 1, 2010

A more organized document management

All business enterprise always handles documents in a systematic way because otherwise it can really be messy and will really take time and more effort to make the necessary reports.  Reports are very important in any business enterprise because it is a major indicator whether the business is doing well or not.  It can also help in maximizing the revenue because it can figure out what are the weak and the strong points in your business with the key data in the prepared reports.  There are various software in the internet that can help any business in handling their documents such as  document workflow management

This soft ware aims to provide uniform keeping of documents and any requisites of the document.  The assignment of document’s responsible person and document parties as well as the control of responsible person.  In our workplace we also have software similar to DocumentLite that is accessible in the web browser.  It is very accessible to us because the company I work with has many branches located in different geographical location in the Philippines.  We can view and share necessary documents and updates from our head office in Manila.   We can also view various reports in our branch as well as the company as a whole.

Earthquake in Chile

The newspapers cover for today is the horrifying after effect of the earthquake in Chile.  A picture of the collapsed building in Concepcion is in the cover clearly states the destructive effect of the earthquake.  Well, earthquake is not new to the Philippines because like Chile we are located within the ring of fire.  I can still remember when the greatest earth quake hit the Philippines way back in 1990. It was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Luzon.  I was just in 6th grade that time and even if it was far from our home town I could see in TV and newspapers the fatalities of the earthquake that killed so many people and destroyed many buildings and concrete roads.  I hope and pray it could not happen in our country again.  Last week we experience earthquake here in Mindanao but it was just mild and I think it was the same time the earthquake hit Chile, still I was relieved that there was no Tsunami in Davao Oriental because my Grandma resides there.  Earlier Philvocs reported that Davao Oriental is one of the areas where there will be a possible tsunami.

Feb 23, 2010

Are you searching for songs to download?

I really like listening to mp3 songs from my cell phone whenever I'm traveling.  It is also nice to listen to music to pass the time especially if you don't have anything to do.  In this fast pace world, everyday there are new songs to discover so it is really nice that you can surf in MP3 Search Engine online. My favorite songs are mainly pop music like Madonna, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.  I also like disco music from shakira where you really like to dance with the beat of the music.  Love songs from Shania Twain and the Corrs are my all time favorite. Where in the world are they now because I haven't heard any new songs from them? I hope they would create more music and I also do wish that our radio and Music TV here would also play their music.

Beyonce's music can still really make me dance.  Recently I like Taylor Swift's love songs and it is really nice to sing with her music.  The tune and the lyrics are nice and easy to sing along with.  Mariah Carey and Celine Dion would always top my list because their songs really will touch anyone's heart.  It is kind of spiritual, soulful and inspirational. Anyway downloading Mp3 songs are the greatest because it is free.

Life as Usual

I've been too busy lately that I've not always updated my blog. I've been so busy with work and with being a mom.  My two children are both sick recently, they both have asthmatic bronchitis.  I really dislike it when they got sick because I could be really stressed out just thinking of them while I'm at work.  Last week I have no choice but to file for a leave of absence because I can't concentrate with work knowing that my little girl is sick and I know that I must attend to her needs to monitor that she can take her medicines properly.  I'm just relieved that they where not admitted in the hospital and also that they have responded well to the treatment.


Jan 26, 2010

Making pooping time fun


Well, I’ve got to agree that pooping really is kind of boring that is why we pass this time reading magazines or books.  Right now there is another way to make it more interesting like practicing your golfing skills with potty putter.  I think it’s another cool way to spend the day aside from daydreaming while passing a deuce.  I can still remember way back when I was in my elementary years and my aunt comes to our house to use the toilet she would always bring with her comics to read.  Comics are a kind of magazine with full illustrations of stories of drama and all sorts of genre.  It really takes time to read each novel because of the word to be continued at the end of each story.  In other words you have to buy every issue to really know the ending of each story which takes many months to really end.  Anyway not many men would really enjoy reading that kind of mushy stuff so it is good to know there is another fun alternative like the putty putter.  I hope they could also think of something fun for kids to do while pooping.  Well, Women already enjoy reading magazines while in the toilet so I think it is already okay

Jan 25, 2010

Meet me halfway

I love listening to this song by black eyed peas because I know that it is really a requirement in maintaining a relationship.  Making a relationship work means doing your part in nurturing the relationship but it also means to wait patiently for your partner to do the same. Relationship that is one sided never really work because it takes two to make up a loving relationship.  I always notice that if one partner is violent towards one partner it can always end up violently and messy.  I always notice when couple have violent fights in our neighborhood because it really destroys the peace in the area but it's kind of difficult to decide whether to interfere with it.  One particular thing that we have done was that during the next day we approached the wife because I know her and ask her if she was alright and verify if her husband has in someway hurt her physically.  She told us that her husband did not lay a hand on her but we told her to tell us if he hurt her physically.

I think it is our moral obligation to do something to this kind of relationship because it is a known fact that wife beating does exist.  

Jan 22, 2010

The meaning of my tooth dream


In my previous post I have this tooth dream and the following month I realized that the meaning of that dream slowly unfolds. I've just found out that my sister has also a similar dream with mine and we talked about it.  We have experienced in the past having a dream about our teeth falling off and we found out months after that our grandpa died of old age and complications.  Last month we found out that my sister's father-in-law died of old age and complications too.  I've told my office mate about my dream and she had interpreted it to me. She said that someone will die but not one of my direct family and the person who will die is very far from our place because we will travel to visit the dead.  I've told her that in my dream we were enjoying a place that had so many clear fresh water but right then and there my toothaches and I open my mouth and extracted my tooth.

My Sister and her family traveled to visit her dead Father-in-Law last month and she said that even if they came to visit their dead it was a pleasurable experience because it was Christmas and the burial also became their family reunion.


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