Dec 28, 2010

Every Child is different

I’ve got this realization from our long Christmas holiday because during that time my child’s nanny went home for the holidays and I’m the one who takes care of my 2nd child at home. I think every child is different from the other because they already have their own character at birth and although their surroundings influence them, they already have their own personality. I realized that I don’t know my daughter anymore because she already has mood swings and tantrums that I’m not really used to before. My eldest son is already 4 years old and he will be turning five this Jan. 2, 2011. He is already in nursery school and his grandmother takes him to school everyday. In our present circumstance right now, I can’t really be with him everyday but I’m happy to know that he remembers the time that we are together when he is still younger. I don’t really want to reminisce because I don’t want to feel hurt over the things that I can’t seem to do anything about. I think the child remembers memories as early as two years from birth and my son remembers me well.

My son is entirely different from his sister in so many ways when he was her age. My daughter now is two years and five months old and I think she really wanted to have whatever she wants because she would not take no for an answer. Unlike her brother she would cry longer if she wants something and sad to say she would swing her hands at me which I find very annoying. I think every child is different and there is no such thing as the only way of disciplining a child because children vary from the other. I know my daughter requires much understanding than her brother. I must bear that in mind every time she had her tantrums.

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