Jul 13, 2010

My son is in Preschool

This month our masteral class for Masters in Business Administration has already started.  I think it's been 8 years since I last go to school though I'm a graduate of Bachelor of science in Accountancy in the year 1999, I've attended classes for two years to earn Education Units to take the Teachers Licensure exam last 2002.  I think it's quite new to me and exciting to go to class again and to learn new knowledge.  My first subject for this month is Math for business and statistics.  Fortunately my teacher for this class is also my teacher in college so she knows me already even if my surname has changed because I'm already married.  It also has its disadvantages though because she knows me she always calls me during board work.  I plan to finish my MBA by March of 2012 because my baby girl will be in Preschool by then. 

Right now my son Zen is already in Preschool and sad enough because I'm working I was not able to go with him there but I'm still fortunate because he has his Grandma to accompany him there.  I'm so happy that he already knows how to write.  I missed him though because I don't have him all the time.  He lives with his grandma because right now I can't afford two nannies and I can't also trust one nanny to take care of my two children.  He is now four years old and even if I seldom see him and my heart is sometimes longing for him.  I always say to myself no matter what that he is my son and one day we will be together when he is old enough to take care of himself or until such time that we can afford to build our house near his grandma.  Like every one else in this world I'm struggling to have it all but I know life is like this you have to experience the hard part first before you can be successful, unless your parents are filthy rich then life could have been easier.  That could be another story anyway.

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