Aug 20, 2010

Surrendered wife

I’ve recently stumbled about surrendered wife on the net. The principles of a surrendered wife is to give up unnecessary control and responsibility, express their needs while also respecting their husband choices, resist the temptation to criticize, belittle or dismiss their husbands & trust their husbands in every aspect of their marriage be from sexual to financial.

I think it is so important that you completely trust your husband because without trust you will always doubt him and even if he meant what he said you will always think that he is lying or something like that. Distrust in a marriage is destruction in a plain sense; no marriage can ever survive with it. That is also the main reason why very few marriages will ever survive when it comes to infidelity. It can be repaired but it takes a lot of work to ever survive that. Trust is the hardest thing to build and the easiest thing to destroy. Trusting him in making decision is also very difficult especially if there are times in your marriage where wives experience failed expectations. In the overall trusting again is difficult to achieve but if you do value your marriage you will try to do it. Trusting will also relieve you of unnecessary burden because you will no longer think of negative thoughts in your marriage.

I think also when you resist the temptation to criticize, belittle or dismiss your husbands they will not be easily tempted with other women who will accept and appreciate them. I think the reason why we fall in love in the first place is when we feel appreciated and that the other person will make us feel good about our self. We sometimes forget that as human we needed to be appreciated and to feel good about our self. A simple complement like you look good, you smell good and I’m so proud to be your wife goes a long way to let them feel good about themselves.
I also notice that when you take control of your marriage, finances and responsibilities it can be very burdensome and you get angry all the time but when you let your husband take the responsibility it will be much easier and lighter for you. It is also an advantage when your husband helps you in the house chores because it will be easier on your part in fulfilling your career.

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