Jun 9, 2013

My travel to Cebu

Last April I went with my son to Cebu for our long planned summer trip.  I search for hotels in Tripadvisor and Agoda. I decided to book with Cebu Business Hotel because they have discount during weekends and also near seven eleven and the port to Bohol.  I also book with Cebutrip tours for a guided tour inclusive with transportation.  We went there last April 13 and decided to have the guided tour the next day.  We went to Magellans Shrine, Lapu lapu monument, Alegre guitar factory, Taoist Temple, Cebu Heritage Monument, YapSandiego Ancestral’ House, Magellan’s cross and Basilica Minore del Sto Nino.

On the first day that we arrived in Cebu we went to Ayala Mall

Our spacious room in Cebu Business Hotel, We stayed there for three days and two nights for only 1,900 pesos all in, with our choice of breakfast for two persons. The room also has aircon, cable TV and Hot Shower. There is also free wifi but with a weak signal. It was a cozy place to sleep although I notice that it was rather nosy (music) the first night we were there, cause it is a Saturday and there was some kind of an event there.

In the Hotel lobby while we wait for our day tour in the Queen of the South, Cebu City

At Alegre Guitar factory, where I buy souvenirs.  The quality guitars here are handmade and exported globally

At Magellan Shrine, our guide said that this is the spot where Ferdinand Magellan died

At Lapu lapu monument, in honor of the first Filipino Hero
 We had our free lunch in Joven's Grill, It was a buffet eat all you can lunch.  I ate a raw octopus that was seasoned with vinegar and coconut milk.  I really regretted doing so 'cause I developed an itchy skin allergy that lasted for a month.

We went to Taoist Temple, our guide told us that the original monks here were Chinese and they modeled this from the great wall of china.  The landscape was really picturesque.

This is the Yap Sandiego Ancestral House, believed to be the oldest house still standing in Cebu City and estimated to be three hundred years old. This is the bedroom and it really gives me the creeps, it's like a scene from a horror film but it never stops me from striking a pose.

It was really a sunny day during our visit to Basilica Minore del Sto Nino. (Sto Nino Church) There were so many people attending mass there (It was Sunday) and so many foreigners as well. Inside the church is the oldest black Sto Nino ( a replica of the baby Jesus) believed to be miraculous. As a Catholic I also prayed there and pay my respects to baby Jesus.  At the back there is a store full of statue and images of Sto Nino, of course, I bought two statues for my mother and me.  The Catholic church was first built in 1565 as you can see in the picture below.

This is a picture of Ferdinand Magellan's Cross, He brought this with him during his expedition to the Philippines.  The real cross was encased in an outer cross to preserve it. In the past the faithful Catholics believed that the wood from the cross is miraculous and chip a bit from the cross to bring it with them. 

It was really fun in Cebu and I intend to go there again in the future.  I think the cab/taxis there are much safer than in Manila City.

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