Mar 22, 2010

Getting a credit card

I think it would be nice to have this card but I'm just afraid that if I do, I might end up just like my mother, having a lot of debts. I think compulsive buying is really hard to avoid especially if you are like me who likes to go to the mall.  I really do like to go to malls with my son especially on weekends because he likes to play there.  He likes to play in the playground and play station with race car games.  I can just imagine myself roaming around the mall with the license to shop and with a credit line at hand.  I think it would be wise for me not to get one instead I just have to save and buy something when I have money to spend.  I think having a credit card involves so much discipline because if you don't watch what you spend, you might end up having a lot of debts. Anyway there are also advantages of credit cards that is, if you have enough discipline to spend wisely.  One important advantage is that if you have a buy and sell business, you can use credit card as a means to purchase your initial capital.  The next one is that if you have an emergency to buy or pay something and you don't have cash at the moment it would really come handy.              

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