Mar 27, 2010

How to be a better mind reader

Recently I’ve read in the newspaper column about a letter from a wife, she was asking for advice about her problem with her husband.  She was complaining that her husband comes home without saying a word to her.  Her mind would churn out to a lot of possibilities, whether she has said something wrong, or something happened at work. She would ask herself if something happen between him and his family or friends. She wanted to ask him but she just doesn’t have the nerve to ask her husband.  She will just look for clues, in his posture and tone of voice.  She just wanted to read his mind and she was asking the columnist how to become a better mind reader.

The columnist who was a doctor told her to don’t ever guess.  When you are in doubt you just simply ask.  I think she was right in saying this that is because when you are misread by someone close to you it would create distance.  I think couples should at all times be open to each other.  The doctor also told her to give time.  The best way to learn about someone is to spend more time with them.  Focus on the other person not yourself. Often times, we tend to look for what is in stake for us. This need makes us unable to see what are the other person’s needs and desires.  Lastly all you have to do is ask.  Say in words what you feel. Chances are your husband will do the same.  After all, being expressive could be contagious.  When you are in doubt, simply ask.  

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