Mar 1, 2010

Earthquake in Chile

The newspapers cover for today is the horrifying after effect of the earthquake in Chile.  A picture of the collapsed building in Concepcion is in the cover clearly states the destructive effect of the earthquake.  Well, earthquake is not new to the Philippines because like Chile we are located within the ring of fire.  I can still remember when the greatest earth quake hit the Philippines way back in 1990. It was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Luzon.  I was just in 6th grade that time and even if it was far from our home town I could see in TV and newspapers the fatalities of the earthquake that killed so many people and destroyed many buildings and concrete roads.  I hope and pray it could not happen in our country again.  Last week we experience earthquake here in Mindanao but it was just mild and I think it was the same time the earthquake hit Chile, still I was relieved that there was no Tsunami in Davao Oriental because my Grandma resides there.  Earlier Philvocs reported that Davao Oriental is one of the areas where there will be a possible tsunami.

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