Mar 17, 2010

A Wedding Invitation

Today one of our co-workers has given us an invitation for his wedding. Weddings are really one of the memorable events of a couple and it is best to make the experience as wonderful as ever. I also remembered my wedding well nearly five years ago and I made all the preparations. I am six month pregnant that time and I want the wedding to be the most wonderful event of my life but I don’t want to spend a big amount of money on it considering that we are expecting our first baby during that time. Looking back I don’t have any regrets because I’ve made sure that every thing looks extravagant but we spent less for it. I’ve had us made a specialized cheap invitations. I have personally purchased the special scented paper, ribbon and envelope to be used so that we would only pay for the print and design. The wedding entourage gowns were provided by my aunt who was a dressmaker.

My wedding dress was a gift from my mom although I personally pick the design. The church fee was also a gift from my relatives and I have thanked them well during our wedding that time. The wedding tokens were also a gift from one of my aunt and I was very grateful during that time because our relatives made our wedding as blissful and inexpensive as ever. The rest of our needs such as videos, pictures, cakes, flowers and wedding venue was a wedding package from one of our best hotel in the city and I can truly say that it is affordable and worth every penny.

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