Mar 28, 2010

Do you have any reoccurring dream?

I had so many reoccurring dreams and all of them have to do with being late for work.  I think that is my greatest fear ever.  I don’t like to be late and just thinking that I have to wake up an hour late from the usual would really torment me.  Imagine yourself sleeping peacefully and when you wake up you found out that you are and hour late.  I have this reoccurring dream and in my dream I would really think of something viable reason to tell my boss why I did not go to work.  I think this dream only signify that I needed my job and without it I would feel lost.  I think I could not imagine myself just being a plain housewife and wait for my husband and my children to come home.  I think my experience has taught me not to rely on someone.  I never really want to feel helpless, to rely on someone to give you money without making your own.  I think having a job or having your own source of income will give empowerment to you.

It feels so good to decide for your own when you don’t have to ask your husband to buy you something.  I think it is also in my nature to do something with my life because when you are married you just can’t rely on someone to get things done because it can be so depressing. You just feel your heart hurt because of your failed expectations.  Do you ever experience telling your husband to make some shelves so that you can arrange your things and how it feels to wait for the work to get done?  To lessen my failed expectations I just have to make it myself.  That is what it feels like to be a working mom.  I have to get out there in the rat race to get something done with our life.  It is so tiring to complain to your spouse and tell him his shortcomings because like him you are also capable to do something to improve your life.

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