Mar 22, 2010

Having a great time at Pearl Farm Davao

waiting for the boat
our cottage
my favorite place in th resort....pool
facing the beach

Last Saturday we had a company summer outing at Pearl Farm Davao.  I nearly missed it because a night before my daughter had a fever and it did persist in the morning.  Anyway last year I did not attend our company outing because my daughter also got sick and was hospitalized but this year I still decided to join.  Before I went to Davao that day I have instructed her nanny to check her temperature from time to time and let her take in paracetamol every five hours.  To ensure that she will give her paracetamol at the right time I've jot down in the calendar on the wall what time she will intake the medicine.  I've also called her when we got there.  We traveled early in the morning because we were instructed by our colleagues that we have to get there before 7:30 am and travel time was a minimum of one and a half hours.  We got there on time and I was so relieved that there was a free brewed flowing coffee and sandwich waiting for us there because I was so hungry.  We skipped breakfast that day to arrive early.  We had a great time that day and I swim in the pool the whole day.

resting and taking a picture of myself on the hammock....

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