Jan 22, 2010

The meaning of my tooth dream


In my previous post I have this tooth dream and the following month I realized that the meaning of that dream slowly unfolds. I've just found out that my sister has also a similar dream with mine and we talked about it.  We have experienced in the past having a dream about our teeth falling off and we found out months after that our grandpa died of old age and complications.  Last month we found out that my sister's father-in-law died of old age and complications too.  I've told my office mate about my dream and she had interpreted it to me. She said that someone will die but not one of my direct family and the person who will die is very far from our place because we will travel to visit the dead.  I've told her that in my dream we were enjoying a place that had so many clear fresh water but right then and there my toothaches and I open my mouth and extracted my tooth.

My Sister and her family traveled to visit her dead Father-in-Law last month and she said that even if they came to visit their dead it was a pleasurable experience because it was Christmas and the burial also became their family reunion.

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