Jan 25, 2010

Meet me halfway

I love listening to this song by black eyed peas because I know that it is really a requirement in maintaining a relationship.  Making a relationship work means doing your part in nurturing the relationship but it also means to wait patiently for your partner to do the same. Relationship that is one sided never really work because it takes two to make up a loving relationship.  I always notice that if one partner is violent towards one partner it can always end up violently and messy.  I always notice when couple have violent fights in our neighborhood because it really destroys the peace in the area but it's kind of difficult to decide whether to interfere with it.  One particular thing that we have done was that during the next day we approached the wife because I know her and ask her if she was alright and verify if her husband has in someway hurt her physically.  She told us that her husband did not lay a hand on her but we told her to tell us if he hurt her physically.

I think it is our moral obligation to do something to this kind of relationship because it is a known fact that wife beating does exist.  

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