Jan 26, 2010

Making pooping time fun


Well, I’ve got to agree that pooping really is kind of boring that is why we pass this time reading magazines or books.  Right now there is another way to make it more interesting like practicing your golfing skills with potty putter.  I think it’s another cool way to spend the day aside from daydreaming while passing a deuce.  I can still remember way back when I was in my elementary years and my aunt comes to our house to use the toilet she would always bring with her comics to read.  Comics are a kind of magazine with full illustrations of stories of drama and all sorts of genre.  It really takes time to read each novel because of the word to be continued at the end of each story.  In other words you have to buy every issue to really know the ending of each story which takes many months to really end.  Anyway not many men would really enjoy reading that kind of mushy stuff so it is good to know there is another fun alternative like the putty putter.  I hope they could also think of something fun for kids to do while pooping.  Well, Women already enjoy reading magazines while in the toilet so I think it is already okay

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