May 27, 2008

Common problems in pregnancy at 7th month

I’m already 31 weeks pregnant and I felt so much discomfort at this stage. My movement is already limited and my varicose veins are very painful especially when I stand up from a lying position at night and in the morning upon waking up. My varicose veins are at its worst condition during this pregnancy that my doctor opted for a cesarean section because there are also visible veins on my perineum. My first baby is delivered naturally and I had a quick healing recovery. I know that cesarean operation is a different story in terms of recovery because the wound is deeper and it will also leave an ugly scar. Anyway I have no choice but to accept it, it is an exchange for having my baby girl. Also I have to think about what’s best and safer for me.

At this stage I also noticed I easily get tired and out of breath especially when I climb the stairs to our office. My leg cramps also got worse especially at night when I stretch them. Also I can already felt the weight of my baby because of my backache and the pressure whenever she moved inside my wound. I can now easily see and feel her movement inside me. I have difficulty in my movements during this stage especially when I took care of my toddler because he is very active and playful I can’t seem to catch up anymore. It is also not easy to bathe and feed him the way I used to because my bulging tummy gets in the way. When I bathe him I squat and cautiously maintain my balance and also it’s harder to put him on my lap when I feed him because he would lean on my belly. Anyway I trained him to sit on the chair at meal time so that it will be much easier for the both of us.


Tot's Mom said...

I do hope everything goes well for you. Do take care and hope you don't feel too stressed up. :)
Anyway, I have put up the Love Q for this week already and have asked others to link you up. Hope you can join in again.


Just happened to stumble across your blog in an attempt to push back having to get up and do my housework...

Anyway, just wanted to say that you do not have to have a C-section just because of varicose veins on your perineum. I had the same problem with my 4th pregnancy, but had no problems during the delivery at all. This is also what many other moms said in online forums on this subject. It all just depends on how "cut happy" your doc is, and these days a lot of them are.

I did buy a special support belt (I can't remember the name, but it was not the V2, which I found very weak in comparison), which helped on days that I had to be on my feet a lot.

I am now pregnant with #5 and have not yet developed the same problem. Maybe it's worse when you are pregnant with a girl because the first 3 were boys and I never had a problem, but I did have it pretty bad with the girl. We don't know what this one is, though.

Best wishes!

Catherine said...

Although I'm first time pregnant now and only 13weeks, but I understand the difficulties we faced. Don't worry about Cesarean and its wound. I read from the book that nowadays the operation is very advanced. If the doctor gives a smart cut, the mark will be hardly visible. Anyway, I wish you here to give birth a beautiful and healthy baby soon!

RoseLLe said...

it's getting nearer...just be safe for you and your baby. blessings!



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