Oct 21, 2009

We moved

Finally our housing loan mortgage was approved and we have finally decided to move into my family boarding house. The unit that we took needs major improvement because apparently the former owner of the foreclosed unit has destroyed the house. The house was totally ruined with no ceiling and partitions as well as plumbing and electrical wiring. So since we still don’t have the resources to build our dream house we decided to move to my family’s boarding house because we could not afford to rent an entire house like we use to since the monthly amortization of our housing loan has already started.

My family has been adjusting to this situation because as of this moment we are sharing the house with my parent’s boarders unlike before where we have rented an entire house for ourselves. Right now we are occupying three rooms, one for my family, one for the housemaid and one entirely for our stuffs. We are sharing the living room, the kitchen and the comfort room with the boarders. If our other loans will be paid that would be about 4 years from now, we are planning to build our dream house by acquiring another loan.

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