Aug 3, 2009

Goodbye to former President Aquino

Sadly Former President Corazon Aquino pass away last Saturday Aug 1, 2009, but I think people had expected this to happen with stage 4 colon cancer only a miracle can make her live. No matter what she still lives not with us but within our hearts and she will be remembered forever because of the important role she took in giving back democracy to our country. She was he first woman president and the only one who run against the dictator President Marcos. She was also not a political person but a woman who runs for presidency for noble reasons and not for political agenda like most politicians. She was just a humble housewife who took the place of her slain senator husband to run against Pres. Marcos. Her courage should be a candle that burns every Filipino’s heart to be noble and patriotic to our country. I hope we could learn from her and hope that we will vote for the next president who has the same noble reasons, I hope a president who runs not for his or her own gain but for the country.

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