Sep 10, 2008

Back to work

Hello friends it has been two months already and I’m back. So much has happened to me in the months that I’m on maternity leave. I have given birth on the 14th day of July at 10:00 am to a beautiful baby girl who has a striking resemblance to my husband.

Last Monday I went to work and it was my first time to wear our new company uniform and thank God it fits me well. Like my first child I have not gained so much weight so my colleagues kept telling me that I look like I have never been pregnant. My lady co-worker even told me that I looked good like I was still single.

As soon as I’ve given birth to my baby girl I have used beauty products again to remove discolorations on my skin and finally I have my hair done. It feels good to see my old self again. Every woman likes to look and feel beautiful and I’m not an exception. I like to use beauty creams on my face especially a product that can make my skin whiter, fairer and younger. I have to face it that I’m not getting any younger so as much as possible I want to protect my skin from harmful rays to prevent wrinkles. Also moisturizer is really beneficial in preserving the youthful glow of our skin as well as SPF.

When I was pregnant I have avoided beauty products because I know for a fact that it can be harmful to my child. Beauty products in the Philippines are all loaded with whitening ingredients because that is what most women and man want. These products include whitening soaps, toners, moisturizers and lotions. I mean even underarm deodorants have whitening properties. So when I was pregnant I only use a mild soap and mild deodorants. I don’t even use make up or face powder the only thing I put on my face is a lipstick.

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