Jul 4, 2008

At 9 months pregnant and on Maternity leave

I'm already at my 9 months and believe it or not, I feel relieved and at the same time anticipating the pain of labor. Finally I will be able to wear my sexy clothes again after giving birth to my baby. I will also be able to get my hair done and also to be able to use beauty products again. I'm anticipating my baby girl and I hope everything will go well during labor. I pray everyday that everything will be fine for the both of us.

Starting monday I will have my Maternity leave, meaning I will be in our home until September taking care of my toddler and soon my baby girl. I hope my friends will still visit my blog even if it is still not updated until then. I'll miss you all..Take care and hope you will pray for me and my baby.


Renee said...

I certainly wish you all of the best. Remember there is always an epidural for the pain. I know that it is not for everyone but I would never ever consider giving birth again without it.

posh_post said...

hi ann! wow! sana everything will go well. do share pictures of your baby ha. :)

as for me, well, hoping pa din. sana meron na ding good news soon. i hope. and i pray.

good day! :)

RoseLLe said...

have a safe delivery and enjoy your new baby...God bless!

Collect and Connect

posh_post said...

hi ann!

i know that you are now probably enjoying your newborn baby. i just wanna share to you that i am pregnant, too. :)

take care! hope to see you blogging again soon!

Catherine said...

Do you have any worry during this time? I always imagine what is the feeling at 9-month pregnant. Mine have 4.5 months to go. I admit I am bit nervous in certain way. It is my first time pregnant! Btw, wish you will have another beautiful baby soon and take care!

joeyandaleethea.com said...

Congratulations on your baby girl!!!

My baby girl arrived 8 weeks ago, and I also have a toddler, Joey is 27mos.


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