Sep 23, 2008

Having my baby girl

There is a period of adjustment in our life as a family when my baby girl arrives. First of all my first born doesn’t understand why he is not the center of attention anymore and the first day that I have arrived from the hospital he doesn’t want to go near his baby sister. At night he doesn’t want to sleep with us and insist on sleeping with his grandmother this go on for one week. It is also a challenging role for me because I have to make time for the both of them. During the first month almost all my attention was on the baby and my toddler has a hard time adjusting to this new situation because he was accustomed to being the only one. There were times where he cries in his sleep and I was not available to comfort and hug him because I was busy feeding his little sister. He just cries and calls mama to no avail. I’m just so relieved that at least now he has already adjusted to our present condition and now he kisses and loves his baby sister.

I have come to realize that the more you have kids the more your attention and time is divided to cater to their needs. I suppose that is what a woman’s purpose is to give love provide comfort and take care of her children and husband. Having all of them, my husband, my son and my daughter makes me happy and content. I just smile just thinking of them and even feel energized everyday. I also realized that having a family especially having children has given me a purpose and direction in life. When I was single I did not have a goal and I feel like I was just floating with no direction and purpose. Life is so unfulfilling if you live only for your self but when you live it for others it becomes meaningful and gives you purpose. To my understanding it also explains why congregation of different sects of religion survives to this day. It is a human condition to belong somewhere, to be needed and loved.

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Joy said...

Congrats !!!

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